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  1. What a beauties!!! Thanks for showing! Cheers, Hubert
  2. I'd rather say much more than 2.5k USD for a genuine Juncker 100 GAB. More common JFS 75 GABs are offered for around 5k USD...
  3. Bubba_Z

    Mine sweeper badge

    I agree. Nice RK zincer! This is so called 'level 7' variation, where levels indicate the location of maker's mark. Here is mine of the same type. Cheers, Hubert
  4. Bubba_Z

    Authentic? U-Boot bagde

    Agreed, very bad cast fake. Cheers, Hubert
  5. I hope one of my Auxiliary Cruisers also fits in this great thread. It is Japanese made, sterling silver variant :) Cheers, Hubert
  6. I thought you've stopped adding new HK badges to your great collection recently? ;) I know, I could not help getting it as well, no matter what! ;) This is just fantasctic find Martin! Cheers, Hubert
  7. Bubba_Z

    cased uboat clasp

    Here are few pics of the u-boat clasp cartons (bronze and silver) that I have in my data base. Cheers, Hubert
  8. Bubba_Z

    cased uboat clasp

    Hi Justin, As far as I know this is the only type of box that was used. It is not certain if the clasps were packed by Gablonz maker who really made them or by Schwerin who only marketed them. All in all clasps were sent in such carton boxes to the KM but as other KM awards in most cases were presented loose. Cheers, Hubert
  9. Bubba_Z

    cased uboat clasp

    Great clasp Pete! Here is my U-boat clasp in bronze. It is hand vaulted by the owner. During the vaulting process a maker's mark was hammered almost flat. Despite that the clasp is in great condition. I bought it from a seller who strip sold at Kassel show a huge grouping from Kapt.-Leutn. Ing. who served on u-boats. I also enclose the rest of the items I got from that grouping. Cheers, Hubert
  10. Very nice Jim! Cheers, Hubert
  11. Hi Dave, As Martin already said you have very nice zinc Schwerin CAB! Here are my two Schwerin CABs for comparison, one in tombak and the other in zinc. Zincer is copper plated variant hence such nice finish on it. Cheers, Hubert
  12. Hi Guys, For KM awards I use Leuchtturm boxes. Last picture was taken several years before ;) Cheers, Hubert
  13. Bubba_Z

    2 Uboats

    Hi Rich, Both very nice zincers. L/13 marked Meybauer and unmarked Deumer. Pity that Meybauer is missing the catch since it is one of the hardest to find makers of u-boat badges. Cheers, Hubert
  14. Hi Wolfgang, Out of all u-boat makers only tombak Deumers and Hymmens lack a propellor on the the submarine, and they both share similiar art-deco design. Here is my tombak Hymmen for comparison. Cheers, Hubert
  15. Here is original tombak Deumer u-boat from my collection for comparison, although a different hardware variant. Cheers, Hubert
  16. Original L/11 mark looks like this.
  17. Hi Guys, This Deumer u-boat is a known fake unfortunately. Original tombak Deumers are always unmarked. There are many things wrong here including the maker's mark, base metal, finish, margins. I enclose few other examples of that fake. they are sometimes found marked 800 on the reverse. Cheers, Hubert
  18. Hi Guys, Recently I've been very lucky to add to my collection a beautiful and extremely rare Japanese made Auxiliary Cruiser badge, silver sterling variant. It came in a small grouping which included among other things the enclosed letter. Can anybody try to decipher and translate it into English please? I wonder if there is really any connection between the badge and the letter? Thanks in advance! Hubert
  19. Hi Norm, Thanks for the comparisons. I agree that it was rather a reverse die where the maker's mark was ground off. Cheers, Hubert
  20. Here is RSS I used to have but the catch was repaired so I decided to part with it and look for unmessed one. Except of the catch the conditio was very nice. Cheers, Hubert
  21. In previous post, except Schwerins there were FOs, unmarked S&L and Rettenmeier. Here is RS that I got quite recently. Cheers, Hubert
  22. Here are some other Fleet badges that I have. Cheers, Hubert
  23. and here is his zinc brother ;) Cheers, Hubert
  24. Hi John, Another awesome addition to your marvelous KM collection! This is very nice Schwerin HSF from later tombak production. Great catch! Here is mine of exactly the same type. This particular badge was uesed by Gordon Wiliamson in his book 'War Badges of the Kriegsmarine' and is pictured on the book cover and on page 196. Cheers, Hubert