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  1. Tristan

    DKiG - 20

    Thanks guys...I bought this about 40 years ago, and is one of the few awards I still retain as I moved on to daggers, then to visors, then tunics, then Allach and now swords (not all at the same time, you understand!). However, I do still kick myself as the seller also had a boxed DKiS, and I chose the Gold version as I couldn't afford the £500 for the two!!!
  2. Tristan

    DKiG - 20

    Reverse....sorry for quality...'134' in box on reverse.
  3. Tristan

    DKiG - 20

    That is a beauty! I have an Otto Klein (134) which I hope you like.
  4. Thanks very much...here's the reverse (Allach, and Heinrich & Co. Selb Bavaria Germany),plus a couple of DAF Award plates that may be of interest.
  5. Here are a couple of recent pick-ups: * An Allach polizei plate *A Heer 'Victor's' plate. Nice examples of different styles of eagle.
  6. Tristan

    Allach Thread

    Steve...Nice display! Here is a recent addition...3 down 2 to go!
  7. ...but here is a much better addition - up to three of the five!
  8. Apologies...there is a small, faint square imprinted on the back which I cannot make out, plus underneath the stamped number '2023' and a written inked number which appears to be '119/m27'
  9. A small terracota bust of the Bamberger Reiter, plus post-card of the 1938 Day of German Art (post-marked 10th July 1938).
  10. Tristan

    Allach Thread

    Hi Gerome...At last I managed to pick up an example of the Nymphenburg Pasing vase. Here it is with my other vases.
  11. Like the NSB ones! Here is a small Horst Wessel plaque I used to have.