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  1. Nice Soldbuch! As Kev mentions they do not seem to be on anyone's "must have" lists, however I do like them! Nice if they have both Flak and Ground Combat Badge as you know they have been in action against air and ground targets. I think I have two that have lists of aircraft shot down.....one Luftwaffe Flak the other Heer.....oh and a Stalingrad Officers's Wehrpaß.....lol just remembered another one....I have a few then....will post in a separate thread.
  2. Page 1 of the pilots license and a few pages from the Wehrpaß. In total he had 153 combat missions, the Spange in Gold is not mentioned (110 missions), however I bought this as an EK II holder. When it arrived pages 37-52 were stuck together on the edges....a bonus when I found the EK I entry!
  3. Picked this up last year, pilots license and Wehrpaß to a pilot going through fighter pilot training then after completion changed to Stuka pilot. Entry enables him to tow a Glider DFS 230 with a Ju 87. Signature is that of Hauptmann Heinz Weitzel: As Oberleutnant u. Staffelkapitän I./Stuka-Geschwader 3 08.02.1943 Ehrenpokal 17.05.1943 Deutsches Kreuz in Gold I know this was done but never seen the entry in a pilots license. /Ian
  4. Here's some info on the unit from Lexikon der Wehrmacht: http://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Gliederungen/Polizei-Schutzenregimenter/PSR31.htm /Ian
  5. The bit above the tank will be the RAC red/yellow arm of service colours.....as can be seen here.....I believe this blouse belongs to Ade Stevenson.
  6. I mentioned this to Kevin last night.....I have not received any email notifications since Friday....not noticed if it has been longer as I was on holiday
  7. Excellent group!!! It is nice to see another group to SS Pol.Schtz.Rgt. 31. This is all I have at the moment as I cut and pasted three pages to one for a thread some years ago. Two actions are the same as yours with one additional: 1) 24.5. - 30.6.43 "Unternehmen Cottbus" Bandenbekämpfung um Lepel / I./Pol. Schtz. Rgt. 31 2) 22.7. - 7.8.43 "Unternehmen Hermann" Bandenkämpfung westl. Minsk / I./Pol. Schtz. Rgt. 31 3) 2.9. - 10.9.43 Bandenkampf im Nali Bockawald / I./Pol.Schtz.Rgt. 31 - Unternehmen gegen die Brigade Tschekalow ( Chkalov Brigade in Naliboki Forest ) Operation Cottbus was an anti-partisan operation during the occupation of Belarus starting May 1943 for 6 weeks. Numerous villages were depopulated and burned as part of the operation. The officially communicated result of the operation was that about 9,800 people had been killed. Operation Hermann was an anti-partisan operation which purpose was to, as much as possible, reduce the number of partisans in the area between somewhat east of Lida and west of Minsk during second half of July 1943, to early August 1943. Operation Hermann took place after the mass murders of most of the Jews in the area, but it must have had a terrible effect on those who had fled to the forests. Naliboki forest (see the film Defiance with Daniel Craig!) was completely burned down by the Germans in August/September 1943, as part of a massive anti-partisan action code-named Operation Hermann. The remaining inhabitants were taken to Germany for forced labour. /Ian
  8. I originally bought his Soldbuch and some years later found his Wehrpaß....I have just rechecked the date of his transfer in the Wehrpaß and it was 18.8.1939, three days after the above incident. So he was a replacement for the lost crews from the Gruppe.....prior to that he was 2/Sturzkampf Geschwader 77. /Ian
  9. Typical photo taken in Italy.....Bordschützen and a member of the "Grazer Gruppe", I/Sturzkampf Geschwader 76, later Transport Geschwader 1
  10. LOL....I knew there was something else I wanted to add before posting it Dr. jur. Lothar Rendulic 26.12.1941 Deutsches Kreuz in Gold - Generalmajor u. Kommandeur 52 Infanterie Division 06.03.1942 Ritterkreuz - Generalleutnant u. Kommandeur 52 Infanterie Division 15.08.1943 Eichenlaub - General der Infanterie u. Kommandierender General XXXV Armee Korps 18.01.1945 Schwertern - Generaloberst u. Oberbefehlshaber 20 Gebirgs Armee
  11. Variant EK I document printed by General Kommando XIII Armee Korps to Leutnant Heinrich Hellthaler, later Hauptmann u. Kompanie Chef with Georgisches Infanterie Bataillon 823 on the Channel Islands.
  12. No I do not have any Polux.....you have them all!!! Of course I have some entered in Soldbuch
  13. Another, an Observer with KG26......prior he was in the Kriegsmarine (see Tarnausweis), however no idea what cruiser/battleship he was on.
  14. Another from one of my favourite units.....11 (Stug) Schw./Pz.Rgt. 24.....he wears all awards except PAB 25