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  1. Unusual Entry in Soldbuch

    Found re: the training ground. The Truppenübungsplatz Gruppe is located near the place Gruppe (pl. Grupa) about 20 km northeast of the city Schwetz (pl: Swiecie) in West Prussia in today's Poland . Today the training area is Poligon Grupa and is used by the Polish army . History The Truppenübungsplatz Gruppe was formed on January 30, 1900 from areas of communities Flötenau (partially), the Gutsbezirk Groß Sibsau (partially), the Gutsbezirk Ober Group, the Gutsbezirk Upper Sartowitz and Gutsbezirk Rohlau (partially). After the First World War , the area, which was in the area of the so-called Polish Corridor , fell to Poland and was used by the Polish Army . The German invasion of Poland led to the battle in the Tucheler Heide , with heavy fighting between German and Polish units in the area of the military training area. From 1939 to 1945 , the German Wehrmacht used the training area group and stationed there the following units and departments: Landesschützen-Bataillon 397 Landesschützen-Bataillon 470 Kraftfahr-Ersatz-Abteilung 6 Kraftfahr-Ersatz-Abteilung 26 In 1945, the site was conquered by the Red Army. From 1945, the Polish army used the military training area under the name Poligon Grupa.
  2. Unusual Entry in Soldbuch

    eine Paar Orthopaedische Schuhe /Ian
  3. Eric-Jan Bakker

    I will never forget Eric-Jan, he was by far the best friend I had in the collecting community, we had our depths of knowledge in paperwork and would regularly chat over something obscure, try to identify signatures, talk about the latest piece of crap that someone was selling as original lol. He will be remembered, as a kind, warm hearted dear friend and I will miss our chats....well I already do. We last spoke on the phone in September, he was weak but sounded better after a short while and even laughed. Here he is with Kapitänleutnant (a.D.) Alfred Eick RKT, as you know EJ was passionate about U-Boats! R.I.P Eric-Jan and thanks for being my friend.
  4. Eric-Jan Bakker

    It is with great sadness I have to announce the passing of our good friend Eric-Jan Bakker. Profile: http://www.historicalwarmilitariaforum.com/profile/2-eric-jb/ Sleep well my friend, until we meet again Your friend Ian
  5. One year on..... Today we commemorate Battle of Britain Day remembering the brave RAF servicemen and women for all that they did 77 years ago on the ground and in the air. Just a few changes......
  6. Still searching through info at the moment.......I have found his photo!!!!! This is Oberleutnat Otto Heide which was also in the "missing" folder..... Firstly the Sturmabazeichen awarded 20.4.1944 whilst serving with 8 Schwadron, Kavallerie Regiment Nord. Signed by Oberstleutnant u. Regiments Kommandeur Karl Walrad Prinz zu Salm-Horstmar RKT. (With photo) Secondly Wound Badge in Black awarded 6.12.1944 for a wound received on 8.3.1944, now with 8 Schwadron, Kavallerie Regiment 5. Signed by Rittemister u. Abteilungs Kommandeur Herbert Bullinger RKT. (With photo) Stellenbeszetzung des Kavallerie Regiment 5 "Feldmarschall von Mackensen" 15.2.1945. Post war documents relating to awards, promotion and PoW captivity. Lastly......Otto Heide I need to read through the diary to see what other info I can find on him. /Ian
  7. I have to thank Kev for this as I had lost it for 12 years........I bought a Truppenausweis 25 years ago for little money and was thinking of selling it at one time. I moved house in 2005 and never saw it again until recently......Kev was talking about a SS Pz. Soldbuch which used to be mine 20 years ago and I had photocopies of it still somewhere.....anyway.....didn't find the photocopies but I did find a folder with a few documents in and this Truppenausweis!!! Relieved to have found it after all this time. Anyone who knows me well will know that I collect Cavalry units, in particular 1 Kavallerie Brigade/Division, later 24 Panzer Division. At the time I was not aware what units this guy belonged to, but came across his name in charge of Veterinär Kompanie 40, 1 Kavallerie Brigade/Division.....of course I thought I must have sold it as couldn't find it anywhere.....you can imagine how pleased I was when I found it!!! Veterinär Dr Hans-Joachim Just was a member of I Abteilung, Kavallerie Regiment 17 on 13.1.1939 when this Truppenausweis was issued. It is signed by Oberstleutnant Rudolf Freiherr von Waldenfels as Abteilung Kommandeur, he would finish the war as a Generalleutnant and Eichenaubträger. Confirmation of officers from the Rangliste of 1.1.1939 with Just highlighted. Confirmation as Kompanie Chef, Veterinär Kompanie 40 from 1940. A few years ago I bought an Archive of photos and manuscripts for Kavallerie Ersatz Abteilung 8, Aufklärungs Abteilung 18, Reiter Regiment 21 and Kavallerie Regiment Nord/5 "Feldmarschall von Mackensen". And to my disbelief I found a photo of him in a group and confirmation from officer lists. Here are the names of those in the photo: Kavallerie Regiment 5 "Feldmarschall von Mackensen" in Dad, Hungary 23.2.1945. 1. Rittmeister Joachim Epping 2. ? 3. Generalleutnant Rudolf Holste EL (Kdr. 4 Kavallerie Division) 4. Major Wilhelm Graf von der Schulenburg 5. Stabsveterinär Dr. Hans Joachim Just 6. Oberstleutnant i.G. Max Schwerdtfeger 7. Leutnant Eckhardt Brandes 8. Oberzahlmeister Karl Uske 9. Leutnant Clemens Prinz von Croy Incidentally the other group that was in the folder was also an Officer with Kavallerie Regiment Nord, later Kavallerie Regiment 5 "Feldmarschall von Mackensen".....he is also listed and need to check if there is a photo of him! /Ian
  8. N.J.G.1 soldbuch

    I remember this Soldbuch.....the seller originally had his EK II citation and Bordschützen/Funkerschein as well but sold them off seperately.... /Ian
  9. Nice Soldbuch! As Kev mentions they do not seem to be on anyone's "must have" lists, however I do like them! Nice if they have both Flak and Ground Combat Badge as you know they have been in action against air and ground targets. I think I have two that have lists of aircraft shot down.....one Luftwaffe Flak the other Heer.....oh and a Stalingrad Officers's Wehrpaß.....lol just remembered another one....I have a few then....will post in a separate thread.
  10. Interesting pilots license entry

    Page 1 of the pilots license and a few pages from the Wehrpaß. In total he had 153 combat missions, the Spange in Gold is not mentioned (110 missions), however I bought this as an EK II holder. When it arrived pages 37-52 were stuck together on the edges....a bonus when I found the EK I entry!
  11. Picked this up last year, pilots license and Wehrpaß to a pilot going through fighter pilot training then after completion changed to Stuka pilot. Entry enables him to tow a Glider DFS 230 with a Ju 87. Signature is that of Hauptmann Heinz Weitzel: As Oberleutnant u. Staffelkapitän I./Stuka-Geschwader 3 08.02.1943 Ehrenpokal 17.05.1943 Deutsches Kreuz in Gold I know this was done but never seen the entry in a pilots license. /Ian
  12. Here's some info on the unit from Lexikon der Wehrmacht: http://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Gliederungen/Polizei-Schutzenregimenter/PSR31.htm /Ian
  13. RAC/25D Service & Pay Book

    The bit above the tank will be the RAC red/yellow arm of service colours.....as can be seen here.....I believe this blouse belongs to Ade Stevenson.
  14. E-Mail Notifications

    I mentioned this to Kevin last night.....I have not received any email notifications since Friday....not noticed if it has been longer as I was on holiday