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  1. I originally bought his Soldbuch and some years later found his Wehrpaß....I have just rechecked the date of his transfer in the Wehrpaß and it was 18.8.1939, three days after the above incident. So he was a replacement for the lost crews from the Gruppe.....prior to that he was 2/Sturzkampf Geschwader 77. /Ian
  2. Typical photo taken in Italy.....Bordschützen and a member of the "Grazer Gruppe", I/Sturzkampf Geschwader 76, later Transport Geschwader 1
  3. LOL....I knew there was something else I wanted to add before posting it Dr. jur. Lothar Rendulic 26.12.1941 Deutsches Kreuz in Gold - Generalmajor u. Kommandeur 52 Infanterie Division 06.03.1942 Ritterkreuz - Generalleutnant u. Kommandeur 52 Infanterie Division 15.08.1943 Eichenlaub - General der Infanterie u. Kommandierender General XXXV Armee Korps 18.01.1945 Schwertern - Generaloberst u. Oberbefehlshaber 20 Gebirgs Armee
  4. Variant EK I document printed by General Kommando XIII Armee Korps to Leutnant Heinrich Hellthaler, later Hauptmann u. Kompanie Chef with Georgisches Infanterie Bataillon 823 on the Channel Islands.
  5. No I do not have any Polux.....you have them all!!! Of course I have some entered in Soldbuch
  6. Another, an Observer with KG26......prior he was in the Kriegsmarine (see Tarnausweis), however no idea what cruiser/battleship he was on.
  7. Another from one of my favourite units.....11 (Stug) Schw./Pz.Rgt. 24.....he wears all awards except PAB 25
  8. This is a particular favourite as the award page is missing from the Soldbuch but your can clearly see his awards...Iron Cross 2nd (September 1942 Stalingrad) and 1st class (14.9.1943 Italy), Sudetenland Medal ribbon, Wound Badge in Black, General Assault Badge, Army Flak Badge. I have his photo album where dates are mentioned against certain photos.....
  9. Here's an unusual one in that it is an EK I to a submariner awarded at sea. The award was made 16.4.1945 and an entry was made in the Kriegstagebuch. It was signed by Kapitänleutnant und Kommandant Heinrich-Andreas Schroeteler. Normally such awards were made on return to port!!! U-1023 made one war patrol and left Bergen on 25.3.1945, surrendering on 10.5.1945 at Weymouth. During this patrol of 47 she sank/damaged two ships: 23.4.1945: At 15.35 hours U-1023 fired a spread of two LUT torpedoes at the convoy TBC-135 (British 7,345t) off St. Ives in the Bristol Channel and heard one detonation and sinking noises. In fact, the Riverton was damaged and beached in St. Ives Bay. She was towed to Swansea in August 1945, repaired and returned to service. 7.5.1945: At 21.45 hours HNoMS NYMS-382 (Norwegian 335t) (Lt Trygve Sjøvold) was hit by a Gnat from U-1023 and sank within two minutes off Lyme Bay. The commander and 21 crew members were lost. Ten injured survivors were picked up by HNoMS NYMS-379 and HNoMS NYMS-381 of the 3th Minesweeping Unit stationed in Cherbourg, to which the minesweeper also belonged. Kapitänleutnant Schroeteler was awarded the Ritterkreuz on 2.5.1945. Also a letter dated 17.11.1986 from Horst Bredow of the U-Boot Archiv, stating "Now to your question concerning the award of the EK I to you.When I met the then commander of U-1023 Captain Captain Schroeteler at a meeting of former submariners last month, he confirmed the entry to me". /Ian
  10. Interestingly his name was either incorrectly written or incorrectly read as he is recorded under the wrong name: Johannes Wittenbruck could not be recovered during our transformation work. The planned transfer to the Sammelfriedhof in Potylicz / Potelitsch was unfortunately not possible. His name is recorded in the memorial book of the cemetery. Nachname: Wittenbruck Vorname: Johannes Dienstgrad: Unteroffizier Geburtsdatum: 21.11.1922 Geburtsort: Gütersloh Todes-/Vermisstendatum: 23.05.1944 Todes-/Vermisstenort: Bhnf. Kasatin bei Kaminbrod /Ian
  11. He, his crew or even the action is not mentioned in the KG 4 book. /Ian
  12. Just to fill in those that are missing... Page 22 Fliegerschützen Abzeichen, page 23 leave 3 and 4 - Oblt.u.Stafu. (11 Staffel) Hans Bading. MiA 9.8.1944 as Stafu. 6/K.G. 4. DKiG 19.1.1942 with I/K.G. 4. /Ian
  13. He would have received his U-Boat badge on his second or third patrol....after a quick look the only boat that I can see that fits arriving in port just before 6.9.1941 (usually awarded first if not second day back in port!) from 7 U-Flotte is U-101. Arrived Lorient 4.9.1941. This would be 9th war patrol of U-101 under Kapitänleutnant Fritz Frauenheim. So if we step back he was probably on the 8th patrol 28.5.41-4.7.41 and even 7th 24.3.41-2.5.41. He was probably still on the boat for the 10th patrol 11.10.41-16.11.41 then the boat became a training boat. From 1.3.42 with 26 U-Flotte. http://www.uboat.net/boats/patrols/u101.html His EK II was after the first patrol of U-381. /Ian
  14. I have seen this in 11 or so Soldbuch or Wehrpaß I have owned and passed on in the past.....even the addition of camo SB cover and even photos!!! When this has been on a forum I have pointed it out!!! I do know one person that was doing this as well!!!!! He has changed so will remain nameless..... Incidentally I don't like that DK entry anyway so would have been suspicious if it had come my way. However as you say Kevin, if you had not seen it previously you would not know when it was added.....an unfortunate aspect of collecting Werhpässe as the award entries are generally not signed or stamped. Just goes to show that the seller didn't know either! Perhaps you can get some money knocked off? /Ian
  15. Yes it was.....they were going to split the uniform and paperwork up as originally I thought it wasn't his uniform as in the Soldbuch he was only a Feldwebel. He was hospitalised with tuberculosis December 1943 and the only entries in the Soldbuch after that date are on the hospital and leave pages. However it came with a promotion document to Oberfeldwebel whilst in hospital and you can see the award loops match with the photo.....different when you have it in hand! So of course I could not let it be split so made them an offer....the cap was crushed somewhat and dirty so gave it a quick brush and restored the broken cap stiffener....well put it back in place! Very happy with the group