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  1. Thanks for your comment John! Adler
  2. Thank you very much guys! Adler
  3. Thank you sir! Adler
  4. It’s been a long time since I bought a bayonet, especially a S98/05nA (Seitengewehr model 1898/1905 neuer Art). Here in Belgium they are rather common but most of the time they are in not so good condition. This one was found with the frog and Wurtemberg NCO trodl. It has a double makers stamps, all acceptance stamps but no year stamp or crowned letter to indicate the state. As often seen with bayonets that resided in old collections, there’s a little hole in the frog. These guys just nailed them to the wall because there was still enough of those things out there… The blade is still in almost mint condition, exept it has been sharpened in a very crude way… but it’s super sharp for a bayonet! During the war the bayonets were mostly sharpened, certainly in a combat zone. It’s a pitty though that the grinder didn’t take more care for that. All in all, I thought this is still a nice bayonet and it would fit nicely with my Wurtenberg NCO’s equipment… Adler
  5. Thanks for your great comments genlemen! Adler
  6. Here's another update on the bunker... I always wanted to have a nice shelf for my German camo helmets, well I finally installed one... It even looks better to have other helmets on shelves too... Thanks to Pierre, I could add another grabenpanzer to the collection. It's a size 2, model 1 with the slits on the side to attach a strap to fasten the grabenpanzer to the body. The maker mark is the diamond shape, but this is stamped in ink, nut punched in the metal. A rare bird it is... For some reason, some things come in pairs... you find nothing for a while and then everything pops up at the same time. Only a few days after purchasing the grabenpanzer, I managed to buy the Garde du Corps kuras from the same officer as I already have the helmet from... How many times can something like this happen in a life time??? Guess I'll have to go low profile now ... Adler
  7. Thanks for you comments guys! The funny look adds some character to it imo... Adler
  8. Thanks for your comments guys! Pete, I'm affraid I have to do the dusting myself... And at the time the children still were at hom, the bunker was much smaller... and it's locked very well also, never had problems with the kids... Adler
  9. A few weeks ago I had some time to move things arround and hang up my welcome sign. I also could dress up a few mannequins. In the WW1 US section there's a new guy arround, but I'm also working on a late WW2 German guy. I still need some things like belt, gasmask, some straps, shovel,... But already the guy begins to look nice in my humble opinion... Enjoy the pictures... Adler
  10. Adler

    M16/17 Camo

    Sorry to be the bringer of bad news... the paint is absolutely not original, I even have my doubts about the helmet... Adler
  11. Adler

    A Few Stirnpanzers

    Thanks for your nice comments guys! Adler
  12. What can I say? I just can’t control myself when I see a stirnpanzer… Adler