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  1. Bob Coleman

    Sword ID/Authentication help

    You have a genuine Edo period sword. More can be determined with the removal of the handle. There is a tapered pin that can be driven out. If the tang is signed, the kanji are read vertical with the top being towards the point.
  2. Nice period original piece.
  3. A very interesting story regarding this flag. Thank you for showing it. Complete units such as this are seldom seen.
  4. A very nice period original Gautag badge.
  5. Members of SS armored units wore standard SS rank collar tabs. A rare photo of non regulation wear of the Heer form totenkopf can be found but usage by the SS was very rare.
  6. These first appeared in the late 1960's As stated a total fantasy piece. It is a total 4th Reich imaginary panograph.
  7. They certainly existed in period but genuine examples are very few. With a branch colored SS schirmutze, it is always best to start with the opinion it is a fake and let the item prove it's originality.
  8. An interesting display with a focus on a specific area of the Battle of Berlin
  9. Bob Coleman

    Unusual U-Boat badge

    Very similar to the badge I owned except for the vertical pins. Thanks for posting yours.
  10. Bob Coleman

    Unusual U-Boat badge

    Hans- Thanks for the reply. The back of the badge had two vertical pins and no catch of any form. That is why I always thought it was intended to be mounted to a plate as a form of sew on insignia possibly worn on a tropical or white uniform. Another possibility was attachment to a leather jacket. The piece had never been used and was like the day made. Possibly, it was a special order. It was a real oddity.
  11. Bob Coleman

    Unusual U-Boat badge

    Sorry guys. We are talking about years ago and we did not photograph things back then. If I had them, I would have included them. Just hoping the description might mean something to someone. It was period genuine a it was a direct vet purchase with many other items he had.
  12. I am wondering if anyone can answer my question about an odd U-Boat badge I picked up in a vet group in 1981. Sorry no picture so I can only describe it. In lieu of the standard vertical mounting pin and clasp, it had two horizontal prongs for mounting to something. I always wondered if it was meant to be mounted to a plate for a sew on insignia. I thought about the piece recently and my old curiosity came back. Has anyone ever seen one of these? It was definnitely period original.
  13. Bob Coleman


    Good luck on obraining a refund. If the seller refuses, post his name here so others can avoid the individual.
  14. Bob Coleman


    I do not care for any of these items. The RZM embossing on the leather pouch is much larger than embossings I have seen on genuine period items. The walking stick is a fantasy item and the tray is old with later added engraving. The seller is someone to avoid and try and obtain a refund. It is always safer to post items for opinion before purchasing.