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  1. Thanks for the kind words about this set! I have searched a few years for this "IMME" badge with Juncker parts and was lucky enough, to find one this year. All the best Joe
  2. Hello Hans, thanks for spotting! I think it is an shiny bronce finish.....have an similar Deschler bronce grade too in the collection. Could be the same shiny finish imo, but only in parts to see. KR Joe
  3. Thanks guys, but not an Type B badge Sebastien. It is an type G in Toms book. Eagle and wreath are Juncker J2 parts, but put together from "IMME" and became an typical IMME finish too. Set-up also IMME. KR Joe
  4. My latest Nahkampfspange addition. A Deschler ccc in good condition. Regards Joe
  5. Hi guys, could add this nice set into my para badge collection this year. For me as an variant collector, a special badge. Regards Joe
  6. Atomic

    Paratrooper Badge

    Yes both are very poor fakes.
  7. Atomic

    close combat badges

    I would say,the easiest way to spot those two clasps as copys,is the wrong eagle design.It is not the eagle design of the "Gablonzer" ccc`s.It is a fantasy design,that we can find also with other maker marks on fakes.
  8. Atomic

    close combat badges

    Pics are very bad for sure.But all details what i can see on both clasp`s are looking bad . Joe
  9. Hi Mathijs, i can only agree with Hans and Sebastien.A super early Deumer badge.Really a special one! Joachim
  10. Yes i meant with "Moritz Hausch" the possible maker of the TDB.Sorry for that mistake! Here a pic of the holder.
  11. Hi Bart, a photograph of "Hausch" or from the holder of the TDB??
  12. Atomic

    CCC in Bronze

    The holy grale of Nahkampfspangen.Very hard to find for sure.It´s a beauty clasp. Joachim
  13. Hello Hans, it`s always hard to say for 100% sure,what the maker was of this unmarked badges.I am self careful with a to fast adding to a maker.The only prove it is,that this type was found in paper bags of Moritz Hausch what i know. All other makers of the TDB are unknown for this time what i know.A german collector and expert for this badges is working on a book about this badges.I hope it come in the next time on the marked.
  14. It´s my only TDB in my collection and i want it show here.It´s attributed to Moritz Hausch.The holder fought in the 2.Waffen SS Division "Das Reich" in the Zug of Claudius Rupp. Regards Joachim
  15. Atomic

    CCC in bronze

    Regarding your question about the vaulted.The most ccc`s are vaulted.They was so produced.For example the clasp`s who are added to "Deschler" are not vaulted! Joachim