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  1. I was fortunate enough to acquire this single mounted EK2 to add to my collection. All that is left to do is ascertain the maker.
  2. This is my Tamiya R/C Tiger in Kursk camo colours. I modeled it on Das Reich Tiger S01 during the Battle of Kursk after I found a pic of it on line. S01 survived Kursk but was abandoned and destroyed during the retreat in Poland in 1944. Upgrades include metal tracks and gear reduction.
  3. Bernie Brule

    1/16th scale figures

    Just came across this thread. Fantastic models Scott.
  4. Since you are a blood relative, you are entitled to all of the information that the Berlin Document Center has on him. It may take a long time but it could be worth it.
  5. Over the years I have owned some pretty awesome helmets if I do say so myself. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare cancer. My life changed in a heartbeat. I did a lot of thinking and there were some things that I wanted to do and buy that I could not afford without selling a lot of my collection. I have no regrets. And just to insure that I didn't, I kept a small collection of nice mostly common stuff. I kept about a dozen daggers and this exceptional Q64 M35 DD Heer Big Foot, Lot number 192.
  6. Bernie Brule

    World's largest iron cross

    A friend of mine made this display cross for me.
  7. Been collecting these for a couple of years.
  8. Been collecting these for about 2 years.
  9. Bernie Brule

    Single mounted EK2's

    Just found this thread Scott, These are beauties. I always enjoy seeing the single mount EK2s.
  10. Bernie Brule

    EK2 & Hindenburg frackspange

    Hi Scott, The medals are reversed because this bar is designed to be worn at an angle on the lapel thus positioning the cross as the highest award.
  11. Just picked up this nice frackspange with rare cross by an unknown maker which also makes the "straight 9" cross. Interesting to note that the cross is mounted backwards.
  12. Bernie Brule

    My 1914 EK2 collection

    Fantastic collection of EKs Scott!!
  13. Bernie Brule

    KM Collection - Display

    Hey John, That is some choice KM stuff. Bernie
  14. I collect single mount EKs and I normally don't buy other single mounts. But this mount was so nice that I just couldn't resist.
  15. Bernie Brule

    Cased Godet EKI

    I never get tired of hearing that. There are no markings on the case.