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    Steve Irwin lives....!!!!
  2. Bit late replying! Thanks everyone!
  3. Beautiful badge, the only solid tombak one that was made, here's my example. Regards, Ned.
  4. Big Ned

    General Assault Badge.

    Hi Wolf, Here's my '75' for comparison, the number in the box is the only difference. Regards, Ned.
  5. Hi Jonno. These have become increasingly difficult to come by of late, I've been looking for the equivalent badge in silver for two years now and haven't had a sniff of one yet. The badge is a very early one and scarce too so as such it's pretty desirable. Regards, Ned.
  6. Thanks very much Hans! Of course I'd be more than happy for you to use it for the database!
  7. Hi Guys, Here's a badge I've had for a couple of years now, it's a Hymmen & Co. hollow tombak/buntmetall Panzerkampf Abzeichen in bronze from very early on during the badge's introduction. Whilst the design is rather unique in it's naive style, with a weird looking eagles head, basic looking 'saw cut' breast feathers and the drooping tank barrel, other aspects are finely done, much better than in other makers badges such as the superbly detailed track links and return rollers, and the unusual incised grass pattern that gives a nice 3D effect. The only slight defect is that the catch became cracked, not snapped, at some point during the past so was re soldered to strengthen it. This certainly appears to be period done and is of no real consequence to the badge's integrity. Take note of the hairline flaw from the 10 o'clock position on the oaks that travels at a 30 odd degree angle all the way to the drivers vision port. This is seen to some extent or another on all the early tombak/buntmetall badges and even continued into the hollow zinc and final type solid zinc badges made by this company that shows that the same obverse die was used throughout the entire production period although the reverse dies changed overtime as the design evovled. The badge also came with an original cardboard box and tissue paper that was a nice little bonus. Regards, Ned
  8. Thanks for the kind words guys, I am very pleased with it. Here's a few detail pic's showing the various poInts that folks like to see including the often found flaws on the bayonet handle and central stem of the acorn leaf below it.
  9. Thought I would show my latest addition of a rather rare Grade IV GAB by JFS. The finish is probably as good as you'll get, and it took me nearly 12 months of saving up and networking between other collectors and dealers to get it. I hope you enjoy it! Regards, Ned.
  10. I would be delighted Janos! Thanks for the kind words, and please, carry on! Regards, Ned.
  11. Here's my very nice early Deumer PAB in bronze. I don't think it was ever worn as it retains 100% of the dark chocolate wash over the tombak, and the pin and catch show no signs of wear or scratches. I hope you like it as much as I do. Regards, Ned.
  12. Hi Guys, Here's a pretty rare pairing of both bronze and silver PAB's by Orth of Vienna that I was fortunate enough to pick up from a couple of different sources last year. Sorry the pic's aren't the best, i'm trying to get to grips with a new camera. Regards,Ned.
  13. Thanks for the confirmation and kind words chaps, I was worried it may be too good to be true. Regards, Ned.
  14. Hi Guys, New here, and thought I might kick off with my FCL Hollow Zinc PAB in Bronze. I've had this a while but not posted it elsewhere, it was a woodwork find from the mid west of America last summer. I trust it's a good one as I didn't pay a lot for it? Regards, Ned.