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  1. Home from work so as I said here are some other Wiking Panzer Rgt. photos to add First up is Willi Hein's Adj. SS-Untersturmfuhrer Jabs. Next is a Panther Crew relaxing An NCO with numbered panzer badge Next is a Panther Commander in leather jacket Last is an EM in one peice cammo Enjoy Tim
  2. Bart. The officer with RK is Willi Hein and the officer to his right is his adj.Jabs, I can't remember his first name at the moment. I have a portrait of him I'll post later. Tim
  3. Very nice Wiking Panzer Rgt. photos you have posted. I was planning on posting a few myself but I was called into work on an emergency. If I have time later I'll join you with other Wiking Pz Rgt. photos. Do you have any other SS Panzer officers photos you'd care to post? Also FBB, do you want the couple GD photos I have? Send me your email address. Tim
  4. FBB: Very nice Police officer photo! I love it! As for police photos of mine, I like this one the most. Jaunty cap and shortened tunic. This is my first post so be kind! I collect SS panzer related photos as my main area of interest and if theirs anyone out there with the same interests please feel free to contact me to discuss this topic. Thanks all Tim Willemsen