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  1. Hi Rich, I'm fine...thanks for asking...and hope you are, too. This piece appears to me to be from the period, though as it was photographed with the pin in the 'closed' position, we can't see the inscription on the reverse of the blade and therefore can't tell which of the three issue periods it represents. Cheers, Br. James
  2. I agree. Br. James
  3. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Hermann Göring received every medal, decoration, badge and award that was possible to receive during his lifetime. But he also seems to have maintained a self-impression that he was a SOLDIER, a MILITARY FIGURE in history, rather than a political figure. Looking back over the countless photos of Göring, it is the military uniform that seems to capture his self-image, and unlike other general officers or national figures who wore a uniform, Göring does not seem to have ever worn the Golden Party Badge that he was entitled to wear on either a uniform or on civilian dress. After all, he held NSDAP Membership Number 23, and that entitled him to the GPB -- one of the very highest political awards that anyone could hold. And even at the annual Putsch Memorial events in Munich on 8/9 November each year, when Göring occasionally wore a version of the NSDAP Political Leader's uniform among those who held the Blood Order, he chose to wear his Pour le Mérite and his Iron Cross 1st Class of 1914, but not the GPB. So, simply by extension, it seems logical to me that Göring would not choose to wear any of the three degrees of NSDAP Long Service Decorations on his ribbon bar, since political awards appear not to fit in with his own view of his public stature. Just my opinion, of course. Br. James
  4. I agree -- a nice piece. Bronze Grade badge. Sorry that I can't tell which issue this example represents with the pin in this position. The pin needs to be photographed 'open' in order to see what the inscription tells us, and that relates to the issue of this piece. Cheers, Br. James
  5. Br. James

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Warmest best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with artifacts from all of our collecting interests! Cheers, Br. James
  6. Unfinished badge planchets are wonderful things! Br. James
  7. Pg. Kurt Schultz Dwelling place: Fröbersgrün Identified in the membership list from the 1933 publication from Gau Thüringen bearing the following section title: Aufstellung der Pgg., die anläßlich des Gautages (Juni 1933) in Erfurt des Ehrenzeichen (silbernen Gautages Adler) erhielten – List of the Party Members that received the Honor Badges (Silver Gau Day Eagles) in Erfurt in June, 1933 – also providing the recipient’s name, NSDAP Membership Number, the city of residence, and the Silver Eagle Number 905. Pg. Schultz' listing also appeared in the 1937 edition of the Gau Thüringen list, as well, with no changes. Hope this is helpful. Br. James
  8. Hi Nicolas, In the first place, I believe that there were actually over ten million NSDAP Membership Books produced, plus many more Membership Cards and earlier versions of the familiar little red hard-bound book, back to the early days of the DAP. As far as they're being "so expensive," that of course is relative for each collector, but since each book is the official record of a Member of the Nazi Party and contained quite detailed information about that person, including a photograph, address, occupation, often an original signature of NSDAP Treasurer Reichsleiter Franz Xaver Schwarz (and in the earliest editions, Hitler's signature, too), a record of the member's dues payment history for the period covered by the book, plus any special contributions made toward the Reichsparteitage and any other organizations or events during those years. In total, this is quite a substantial amount of personal information about the life of one specific individual which you can hold in your hand. And, if you consider the cost of a medal or an award document or an original letter wherein the name of the recipient of that particular award or letter is known and substantiated, the selling price of that piece of history is normally MUCH higher than if that information is unknown. Take for example the Golden Party Badge: a GPB bearing the number of a known individual normally sells for at least twice the amount of a similar example that is unattributed, even if that known example is in poorer condition than the anonymous example. And if the original holder of that GPB was a well-known individual, the price can easily go up much higher than that. I hope these thoughts are helpful to you. Cheers, Br. James
  9. Correction: the first edition of the DAL was dated 1.10.34, not 10.10.34 as I stated in my previous note. "Act in haste and repent at leisure!" Br. James
  10. Hi David, Max Ederer is indeed an interesting character. He is listed in the first edition of the SS-Dienstsaltersliste dated 10.10.34 but not in any of the following issues of the DAL. That first DAL issue only included rudimentary information about each person, so from the 1934 issue we see Ederer's name, his posting [sS-Standarte 34, headquartered in Munich], his NSDAP Membership Number [3986 -- he held the Golden Party Badge], his SS Membership Number [423] and the dates he was promoted within the SS officer corps [to SS-Sturmführer on 9.11.32 and to SS-Obersturmführer on 9.11.33]. While I note that he eventually held the rank of SS-Hauptsturmführer, his name is not listed in the DAL published on 1.7.35, which indicates that he ceased to be an SS member at some point before that date. Since we know that Max Ederer served in the Munich SA when he participated in the Putsch in 1923, he apparently transferred to the SS when that organization began its ascension within the Party's status in the late 1920s; and since we see that he was functioning as an Ortsgruppenleiter in early 1940, it may be that he left the SS for a more upwardly-mobile career in the Political Leader structure. Since one had to pay dues to each organization that one belonged to, Ederer may not have been able to afford to maintain membership in the SA, the SS and the NSDAP all at the same time, even though higher-up PLs seemed to be able to keep their membership at least in the SA or the SS while also being an active Political Leader. Perhaps, for Max Ederer, being entitled to wear the Blood Order and the Golden Party Badge on his PL uniform was all the status he needed?! An interesting study! Br. James
  11. Br. James

    SA - Sportabzeichen

    Hi Hans, I agree: a very nice Bronze Grade 2nd Issue SA Sport Badge, made for private purchase. Congrats on a fine addition to your collection! Br. James
  12. Thanks, Erich; I did chime in on this request over at WAF, where I said that NSDAP Membership number 50931 is not currently on my list. Sorry to say that, but there it is! Cheers, my friends, Br. James
  13. Yes, a beautiful piece in excellent condition. Sorry that NSDAP #99597 is not currently ID'd on my list. Br. James
  14. A very nice artifact, Hans; thanks for sharing it. Unusual is the fact that this book has been issued to a person who joined the NSDAP in 1937 and therefore did not have his original membership book long enough to have completed the annual dues-stamp pages before requiring a new book. Perhaps his original book had been lost or damaged and could not be continued as it then was. Also unusual is the absence of the member's photo, which was normally inserted by the Treasurer's Office prior to its being seal-embossed and issued to him. Many thanks for sharing this. Br. James
  15. My sentiment as well! Fröhliche Weihnachten, Br. James
  16. Br. James

    1923 Gau abzeichen

    I won't even consider betting against you, Jim, as I know myself only too well! And from the vantage point of 50+ years in this hobby, I can tell you from personal experience that you are correct: "...collecting is an illness..." and dare I say, for most of us it is 'terminal!!' Happy Thanksgiving, my friend, Br. James
  17. Br. James

    1923 Gau abzeichen

    An excellent addition to any collection, Jim...congrats! I've had an example of the '23 version for several years but haven't yet found a '25 to my liking -- but it seems natural to want to own the pair?! Br. James
  18. Indeed a fine collection of Deschler products! Br. James
  19. Yes, a great photo, Erich! A large formal staircase swept up from the lobby of the Brown House to the second floor, which featured the dramatic 60x150' Party Senate Chamber with a huge conference table in the center, surrounded by sixty red leather chairs with hand-stitched eagles and swastikas on the backs. The entrance to the Senate Chamber was flanked by large bronze tablets bearing the names of the sixteen “martyrs of the Putsch;” fresh wreaths of cut evergreens honored these dead heroes of the movement, and a larger-than-life bust of Dietrich Eckart by noted Munich sculptor Ferdinand Liebermann kept watch there. It's always good to see interior shots of the BH! Br. James
  20. Me too, Erich...ME TOO! Br. James
  21. Two beauties, Phil...I'm sure you wish they were cased! Cheers, Br. James
  22. Thanks for showing the reverses. Both look fine to me; the large Deschler appears to have had its pin re-attached at some point, though it looks like the same pin and plate were used; and the Fuess-marked badge's pin catch looks like it's had some work done. Both situations are not to be concerned about and I give the matched set the thumbs-up. But I also concur with Erich's concern about the validity of the case; perhaps you have some provenance that may establish the originality of the case with the set? Sorry to say that NSDAP #67394 remains unidentified on my GPB list. Best regards, Br. James
  23. Hi Steiner, The obverse of both badges look good to me, but no opinion will be final until the reverses are shown. I look forward to seeing those. Thanks, my friend, Br. James
  24. Br. James

    Three Little Stickpins

    Hi Monnie, Three nice pieces! Thanks for sharing them with us. You can usually find stickpins as a separate category on the websites of a number of the larger dealers in our hobby, FYI. Cheers, Br. James