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  1. Bart and Hans thank you so much. 🙂 Best Regards Martin
  2. Hi guys! Here are pictures of my S&L 935 cross with brass core, hope you like it. Best Regards Martin
  3. No worries. 👍 Best Regards Martin
  4. Hi Hans! Thank you very much for the reply. Do not know if I misunderstand you, but this is an S&L B-type cross. Best Regards Martin
  5. Hello again! Hope you like this cross better now with these new images, now it looks more like in real life. Maybe I posted this thread in the wrong section of the Forum? Best Regards Martin
  6. Hello Hans! Thank you so much for your help, I appreciate it. Bestr Regards Martin
  7. Hello Friends! Is this a so-called full Juncker cross? Best Regards Martin
  8. Hi Douglas! Thank you very much for the information, very interesting. Best Regards Martin
  9. Hey Bart! Thank you, you are welcome. W&L crosses are often well preserved. Bestr Regards Martin
  10. Hi Wolfgang! Thank you! I collect both marked and unmarked crosses. Here they are side by side. Best Regards Martin