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  1. Hi Douglas! Thank you very much for the information, very interesting. Best Regards Martin
  2. Very very nice pictures. Best Regards Martin
  3. Hey Bart! Thank you, you are welcome. W&L crosses are often well preserved. Bestr Regards Martin
  4. Hi Wolfgang! Thank you! I collect both marked and unmarked crosses. Here they are side by side. Best Regards Martin
  5. Hi Hans! My thought too. It seems that W&L has two different core types. Here's my marked cross that has a different core type. Best Regards Martin
  6. Hello Friends! Does anybody know which maker it is who made this cross? Best Regards Martin
  7. Hello friends! Here are some pictures of my S&L RK post war cross, know that many people call these fake but I would rather call them reproductions and they have their place in history. This is mounted to be worn. Hope you like it! Best Regards Martin
  8. Really nice cross! Best Regards Martin
  9. Hi Justin! The crosses are not marked it's package which is marked. The blob is probably from the soldering process. Best Regards Martin
  10. You're welcome Bart thanks so much. Best Regards Martin
  11. Hi Pierce! Thank you very much. Best Regards Martin