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  1. Hi Douglas! Thanks for your reply. Oops, it was many variants. I have a cross that is marked "2" or "Z", What is your opinion on this cross can it be a Juncker cross? Best Regards Martin
  2. Hi Douglas! Thanks so much for your reply, I will look for the marking when I get the cross. Best Regards Martin
  3. Hi! A new incoming altered core I think. Best Regards Martin
  4. Hi Douglas! Thank you! 👍 How many variations of Juncker EK2 are there? With kind regards Martin
  5. Hi! In my opinion, this is a postwar cross unfortunately, the color of the iron core is very rough and the "frosting" on the frame is silver coloured.
  6. Hi! Hope you enjoy this very charming cross. Best Regards Martin
  7. Hi! Am I right in thinking that this is a maker 23 cross with their "own" core? Best Regards Martin
  8. Hi Hans! Thank you! That was my thought too, I may examine it more closely when I received it. Best Regards Martin