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  1. Hi Bart! Thank you very much, youˋre welcome. 👍 Best Regards Martin
  2. Here is my KVK2 Godet to compare with. Best Regards Martin
  3. Hey! This is probably one of the most unusual KVK1 I will get in my collection, it's a Godet (21, L/50) cross that is marked L/52. I have never seen a KVK1 with Godet design before and not just that it is also marked L/52 for C.F Zimmermann. Hope you like it! Best Regards Martin
  4. Hi Bart! Sorry, I can not say anything about the maker, but it looks like an original cross. 👍 Best Regards Martin
  5. Hi! Here are some older and better pictures on the cross. Best Regards Martin
  6. Hello JustinG! Thank you very much, you´re welcome. Took some pictures of them together. Best Regards Martin
  7. New incoming Souval zinc without sword. Regard Martin
  8. Hi Wolfgang! Thank you very much for your answer. 👍 I have around 20 pcs with pin back and 4 pcs with screw back and about 40 second class KVK. Best Regard Martin
  9. Hi! Took some pictures on my Souval cross, hope you like it. Best Regards Martin