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  1. BorisH

    999 Penal Battalion

    I've been looking out for penal battalion Wehrpasses / Soldbuchs, managed to buy a couple. The ones I have and see are all for the staff members, I'm beginning to wonder, did the offending soldiers have Wehrpasses /Soldbuchs ? as they were stripped of most things, did their paper work also get taken from them ? during the period they were working their punishment off. Anyone have any ideas ? Regards
  2. BorisH

    The First One

    WP & SB of a soldier, spent the war with Gebirgs-Träger Battaillion 55, first part in 2.Kompany, second part in 4.Kompany, finished war 1945 Norwayi. Awarded Ostmedaillie, KVK with swords, qualified for Lappland shield. What I found out Gebirgs-Träger-Btl. 55, 56, 57 were all transport units (mules) under 20th Geb. Armee in Finland & Norway. All end the war in Norway with 56 being converted to an infantry unit Heeres-Gebirgsjäger Btl. "Allgäu". Btl 55 was split between two locations by May 1945, 3 & 4 kompanies were at a garrison called Skjold (not far from Bardufoss airfield) whilst the bulk of the unit was at a place called Velta between Bardufoss and Setermoen, North of Narvik. In total the unit numbered 485 men and 125 mules/horses May 1945
  3. Thanks for the simplifying the thread Kevin, not a easy thread, lot of posts, not all to do with Feldstrafgefangenen Abteilung - but I found what I was looking for - appreciate the help.
  4. Looking at the Feldstrafgefangenen section in the Ordnungstruppe - there are four links to different units, tried all four different links, but all lead to the same thread ! quite a long one, slightly puzzled, surely its not intentionally been setup so ? or has the computer programme a gremlin ?
  5. Thanks Gentlemen for your help
  6. Hello, I picked up this pair of binoculars from a flea-market stand last weekend and thought at first, military WW2 then noticing some markings - IV.18 think they may well be military from the WW1 period, although they are well marked, I'm having problems finding enough information to correctly date and place these. I think they are military and are marked IV.18 which I take to be the date April 1918. Could members confirm if they are military and the marking is the date stamp. Any information appreciated.