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  1. I'm sorry, I have not been here for a long time. Once again in a language that is understandable to everyone This is the first form of oak leaves, not the second, although the oak blocks are marked "900 21". Unusual, but rare. Frendly greetings Jack
  2. Cześć chłopaki Jest to pierwsza forma zrębów dębowych, nie druga, chociaż dębowe bloki oznaczone są "900 21". Niezwykłe, ale rzadkie. Frendly pozdrowienia Jacek
  3. E-Maus

    R.I.P. Jan Arne S

    This is very sad ... Jacek
  4. E-Maus

    Doctor bag

    You're right , it's the same item KR Jacek
  5. Hi Richard I also do not see a problem with it. My for comparison KR Jacek
  6. The question as to the authenticity of the document in the first posts is still valid greets Jacek
  7. Uff ... waste of time , the end of it. I'ts not a signature of Kruger. Excuse me , I could earlier see exactly Jacek ps: This is an original signature
  8. Hi I wanted to ask because I have no knowledge of the documents. What is your opinion ? Whether it is the signature of Walter Kruger ? . Thank you for your time. KR Jacek
  9. E-Maus

    What represents your Avatar?

    Mine this is my favorite Alu Assmann PB double signed "A" and "DRGM" on the wreath Regards Jacek
  10. Hi Rik Here you are. Thank you for your time Oberfeldwebel Heinrich Schulte awarded 30.05.1941 greets Jacek
  11. Thank you Hans , very appreciated KR Jacek
  12. Colleague from te Polish forum rightly drew my attention that te same hinge , pin and cath Deumer used te in EKI KVKI . Deumer has also these typical sword grips . But is it enough ? KR Jacek
  13. Hi guys I wanted to ask where did the conviction that this S.C. may be manufacturing by Deumer ?. By searching the avaiable literature and DB in other forums I have not met such a set-up not only in S.C. but in any Deumer badge / except maybe EK I Iron Cross Clasp, but in only hinge is soldered in this manner , while the pin and cath are already other /. KR Jacek ps: This is not my cross , I have no other pictures
  14. I forgot to add that little bit strange connection with his person , but unsearchable are the judgments of God Jacek