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  1. Received this in the post yesterday which I was given for free in thanks for helping someone with identifying some signatures. It has seen better days but it is to a member of Pz.Nachr.Abt 86 of 24.Pz.Division and the date of 22nd October 1942 puts it in the time frame for the heavy fighting around the Barrikady & Tractor Factories in Stalingrad. His name also appears on Verleihungsliste Nr 2 from 24.Pz.Division listing those to be awarded the EK I & II with Pz.Nachr.Abt 86 having 82 soldiers winning the EK I & II. The soldier in question is still reported as Missing at Stalingrad, one of over 103,000 German troops still listed as Missing from that batle. The citation is signed by Arno von Lenski (DKiG) who was captured at Stalingrad and then while in captivity he joined the Soviet supported National Committee For A Free Germany. Post war he served as a Generalmajor in the East German Army.
  2. It is very nice but in this day and age you have to assume that the medals have been added - and the Sturmabzeichen, Ost Medaille & KvK II Kl citations (not to mention the RK citation) are missing so it has more than likely been split up.
  3. Good to see your entries guys. Keep them coming.
  4. An interesting item with an intriguing end. I wonder if he was one of those who died in Allied captivity from the poor conditions in some of the camps or possibly killed clearing minefields?
  5. This soldier was serving in Pz.Fus.Rgt GD when he was also killed in Latvia in 1944. He was posthumously awarded the Ehrenblattspange. This is the photo of his wartime grave marker. And this is the current grave marker at Saldus, a grave he shares with 3 unknown soldiers.
  6. The first soldier served with Pz.Art.Rgt Grossdeutschland and was acting as a Forward Observer when he was killed by Soviet artillery fire in Latvia in 1944. This is the photo of his original grave marker that would of been sent to his family. And this is the present day marker at Saldus with his name at the top.
  7. Very recently a collector friend was out in Latvia and working in the vicinity of the war cemetery at Saldus. As I have two items to soldiers in Pz.Gren.Division Grossdeutschland who are buried there he was kind enough to get me photos of their current grave markers. What makes those two items all the more interesting in regards to their current graves is that I also have photos of their original grave markers. So I thought that I would start a thread (and in line with Bart's thread on Sandweiler) so if anyone has an item to a KIA serviceman (of any nation) and they also have their current grave marker please share the two.
  8. I've never seen images of the 272.VGD one but the items from the Halbe Hoard come on the market all the time, including in the same Ratisbon's auction as that box. And there are images of the Halbe Hoard before the items were split up.
  9. It certainly wouldn't be the first time such a hoard has been found and considering all the paperwork belongs to that unit I can believe it is ok. You have the Halbe Hoard as one example and the one for a Kp in 272.VGD that eventually spawned the Douglas Nash book Victory Was Beyond Their Grasp. This would appeal to two types of people. The first would be the one who sees the reaserch and historical details/potential in getting such a large documented set for a specific Kp with the sort of detail you never normally see for what is a hard to trace unit. And the second person is the one who sees the opportunity of making money by splitting it all up and selling off the pieces bit by bit. So in the coming months, if you start seeing a few WP from this unit appearing on the market you will know the second type of person got it.
  10. Here is the latest addition to my GD collection which I managed to trade for. The set consists of the Soldbuch and 4 citations for a soldier who served in Heeres-Flakartillerie-Abteilung GD. Interestingly he was awarded the Black Wound Badge on 19th May 1945 which is entered in the SB. In total he was awarded the Ostmedaille, EK II, Sturmabzeichen, Heeres-Flak-Abzeichen, EK I and the Black Wound Badge. Of those awards the citations for the latter two are missing although I doubt one was even awarded for the Wound Badge. I have included the citation for the Flak Badge here.
  11. A very professionally done presentation. I like the graphics used on the charts. It just shows the level of detail you can put in to a properly researched item. Thanks for showing.
  12. These are an interesting collecting area, from all countries. Not sure the aircrews would of been too pleased to range over enemy territory while throwing out bits of paper but it shows the importance that the countries placed on this form of psychological warfare.
  13. Latest offer is a deal in anyones book - a 3 volume illustrated history of 303 [Polish] Squadron for just £19.99 (plus postage). The actual publisher (Wing Leader) also has this 3 volume set on a discounted sale but they are charging £60 for the set so you can save £40 for the set of books. From the sales ad: A superbly illustrated series of three books illustrating 303 Squadron, one of the most famous fighter squadrons in history. With nearly 200 pages per volume, packed full of original wartime photos, fact boxes and biographies. A great modern squadron history. Published at £75 we have the full three volume set at an unrepeatable £19.99 Much has been written about the success of 303 Squadron in the Battle of Britain, but the entire history of the unit deserves description, not just those few glorious months of 1940. During the Battle of Britain, 303 Squadron was an elite unit in the most exact sense of the term, being formed almost entirely of well-trained and combat-experienced pilots and ground crews. 303 Squadron Book Set
  14. For those not in the know, the UK publisher Wing leader has been producing some very interesting books, both single editions and in multiple volumes. In the latter category fit both the Luftwaffe Crash Archives that cover all Luftwaffe aircraft that have crashed on British soil in WW-2. That series currently stands at 10 volumes and I believe No 11 will be the last which will see the set cover the whole 1939-45 period. Also in a multi-set series is the Battle of Britain Combat Archive which covers the battle on a daily basis providing reports and artwork showing the tactics etc. No 5 has just been released and along with that release is the news that they will also publish a similar book but one that will cover the air fighting over the Dunkirk area of operations, spanning 21st May - 2nd June 1940. It is due for release in July (which times nicely with the release of the Christopher Nolan film of the battle) and will run to 192 pages. No price has been mentioned but as the editions of the Crash Archive & BoB Combat Archive sell for £20 (pre-order) & £25 (after release) I would imagine the price will be similar. They are releasing more details next week when they will feature it on the website ( Wing Leader ). (The image comes from the promotional email)
  15. I don't know my armour enough to know the details I'm afraid but there are two on either side so possibly some sort of air filter perhaps? The second photo is one I took the last time I was there a few years ago.