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  1. Do you have the details of the rest of Wittenbrink's crew when his aircraft was lost Alberto?
  2. Here is one to an officer dated for February 1945 and signed by General der Infanterie Busse. The EK recipient is listed in the Volksbund as being missing in action at the Seelow Heights.
  3. Great looking set with an abundance of research potential. Nice signature of future General der Gebirgstruppe Ludwig Kübler (RK in 1939) on the 1934 Wachtmesiter promotion citation. He would be executed for war crimes in 1947.
  4. Nice example. The signatures on page 21 are those of Joachim Grape and Alfred Veith. Grape didn't win any high end awards but Veith won the DKiG while with KG-55 (prior to time with KG-4) and the RK while with KG-5 in October 1944. So for a Soldbuch of a flyer with 16 missions you have at least 2 DKiG winners and a Ritterkreuzträger!
  5. Welcome to the forum Polux. Great selection of EK II citations, with the Narvik one especially standing out for me. You just don't tend to see many Norway 1940 related citations apart from ones for the Narvikschild.
  6. He certainly looks tired judging by the photo in the Soldbuch!
  7. The latest discount is for all 4 volumes of Air War Market Garden by Martin Bowman for just £20 (including UK shipping): Air War Market Garden
  8. The thing with collecting Third Reich items is that the scope for collecting is huge and does tend to fit any budget depending on what you wish to collect. Not only do you have the full blown medals but you also have the miniature stick-pin versions which are much cheaper and still good display pieces, or you could concentrate on period magazines or newspapers that relate to the German forces with magazines such as Der Adler or Die Kriegsmarine (and of course 'Signal') being very cheaply priced. The fakes are out there in every collecting field, be it German TR, British or US Civil War so gaining knowledge is the importatnt thing. And if you do start collecting, you will get burned and buy a fake. It happens to every one but the thing is to not let it put you off collecting. Try and treat it as just a hobby, after all you can't eat an Iron Cross or pay your rent/bills with a Third Reich Postcard!
  9. Nicely filled in Soldbuch. There are SB issued in 1939 with less entries than this one. As you say, we have no real way of knowing how he escaped from Stalingrad - on leave, sent on a course, injuries/sickness etc - but either way this is still a great example.
  10. The difference this time is that as I used to own it I knew that the DKiS entry wasn't actually entered in to the Wehrpass! So from 1945 to 2014 it went unaltered, just for someone to add the entry in to it within the last 3 years. The point is, if I hadn't of been a previous owner I would never of been able to say for sure when that award was entered and no way of proving if it was a genuine entry or not. This scan shows the page from when I previously owned it. When it gets here I will be gently erasing the DKiS entry to return it back to the original state.
  11. A few years ago I owned a Wehrpass to a Generalvetinär who won the DKiS in January 1945. Then about 3 years ago I used it to trade for something else and have always regretted letting it go as such ranks for that arm of service are rarely, if ever, seen. So when it recently came back on the market at an online auction last month I thought that I would take the plunge and get it back and thankfully this week I won it. Now as we can see, the DKiS is mentioned right there on the awards page. We all own, or have seen, entries penciled in on various WP pages with them being unsigned or unstamped. I dare say that a lot of the times it was due to the clerk penciling in the award for it to be added in pen at a later date and it became forgotten.
  12. According to Martin Block Panzerjagd-Verbande S was used to form Panzer-Jagd-Brigade 'Schneider' on 16th April 1945. Heeres-Panzerjagd-Verbande S also consisted of members from Ers.Brigade GD which might point to it being used around Cottbus and Berlin but that is just an educated guess.
  13. He certainly saw service in a lot of different Kompanien in 4 years of service. You can see the direct lineage between his two main units as II/Inf.Rgt 59 was used to help form Schützen-Rgt 112 on 1st November 1940. The signature on page 1 is that of Walter Holst who finished his career as Leiter WMA (Wehrmeldeamt) Braunschweig with the rank of Oberst. And the signature on page 22 is of Dr Eggert but I have not been able to find any further information on him. I dare say he saw out his service in the WBK organisation.
  14. Latest discounted offers include Donald Caldwell's LUFTWAFFE OVER GERMANY Defence of the Reich for just £10 (£20 if you get it on Amazon) which is a very good book. LUFTWAFFE OVER GERMANY Defence of the Reich Also discounted is ARRIVAL OF EAGLES Luftwaffe Landings in Britain 1939-1945 by Andy Saunders and is listed for £6. ARRIVAL OF EAGLES Luftwaffe Landings in Britain 1939-1945
  15. It has been revealed in the latest edition of Britain At War that the Tiger Exhibition will run for 2 years.