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  1. I can't say I have seen such a letter either. The soldier isn't mentioned in the Volksbund Database.
  2. Latest item to arrive is this Soldbuch to a member of Sanitäts-Kompanie 500 which was part of Panzerkorps Großdeutschland. The earliest date in the SB that relates to this unit is 1st September 1944 which means he was part of the Korps when it was formed. He was issued a number of rifles during his brief service, the last one being dated for February 1945 so he would of been present during the heavy fighting at Kohlholz and on the Oder Front and as he isn't listed in Volksbund and there isn't any Lazarett entries he could of been with the Korps until the end, including the Battle of Bautzen when Pz.Korps GD recaptured Bautzen and the surrounding area and inflicted heavy losses on the Polish 2nd Army in April 1945. The photo on the inside cover is an oddity in that it is a replacement photo as seen by the eagles in the top left of the photo being at completely different angles (and a second set of staple holes when viewing the front cover) and yet the signature on the photo matches that on page 2 and even runs off the photo and on to the inside cover and the the stamps are for 'San.Ers...' and his shoulder boards have a dark Waffenfarbe so I would say that it has been taken from another file and affixed in to the SB although why it hasn't been counter-stamped I've no idea.
  3. Thanks for the reply Justin (and apologies for the late reply). Would there of been a period handbook of cap tallies such as an 'official use only' example, or a manufacturers catalogue or sales board like you see for awards that could shed light?
  4. Soldbuch Battleship Tirpitz

    Another nice example and the first I have seen for a sailor killed on the ship. A very good book on the many attempts by the British to sink the Tirpitz is 'Target Tirpitz' by Patrick Bishop. Can be found very cheaply on Amazon and worth picking up.
  5. An interesting story from an aspect not often covered when the evacuation is covered, those evacuated by U-Boat. And an interesting looking Soldbuch - nice signature for the U-Boat Badge from an Oakleaves winner.
  6. Not a unit I have heard of before. Here is an account of the fighting around Tebourba as seen by one of the British units fighting there: http://www.queensroyalsurreys.org.uk/ww2/algiera_to_tunis/algiers_tunis004.html And it mentions the fighting on the 3rd December: On 3rd December a particularly strong enemy attack was made with armour and infantry on Point 186 where A Company (Captain RAN Andrews) had been withstanding repeated attacks of increasing pressure for several days. In spite of stubborn and gallant resistance, the enemy succeeded in establishing themselves on the feature. This hill was the key to the Tebourba position. Colonel Wilberforce ordered an immediate counter-attack with Band C Companies. Medium gunners supported this attack which was launched with great gallantry. The two companies went right up the feature but were driven back on the summit by very heavy fire. Lieut E R Cecil led his platoon with conspicuous courage right to the crest when he himself was killed and his platoon sergeant wounded. Two company commanders, Captain Andrews and Major T A Buchanan, B Company, were wounded. With Point 186 lost the Tebourba positions,could no longer be held. To make matters worse, enemy armour had bypassed 2 Hampshires, cutting the Chouigi road and also the main road to Medjez behind 1 Surreys. The Brigade Commander, Brigadier E E E Cass, CBE.,DSO., now gave orders for 1 Surreys to withdraw. Lt Col Wilberforce ordered each company to thin out and retire to a location some miles back along the Medjez road.
  7. Ahhh, so it was you that got the Turmflak Soldbuch. It's a nice addition and not a unit you see very often. It's strange to think that the young Gerhard Friedrich would of known all of those men in the DRK Missing lists whereas to us they are just faces and/or names in a book. Few, if anyone, could of done the Soldbuch justice in the way that you have. Thanks for posting.
  8. It could be anywhere and nowhere to be honest. In the latter case it could of been destroyed during the last days of the War by an eager individual or a bombing raid. But also it could be that it is sitting in an archive somewhere, be that in Russia or even in BA-MA. I wonder how Deutsche-Dienstelle got his promotion details? Alternatively it could be 'out there' somewhere sitting in someone's private collection. If you go to www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de and select the option for the division in the Heer section and then scroll to the bottom the archive files are listed for the division which will at least cut down the cost in trying to locate them if you decide to go down that route but a lot of KTB were lost during the war through a fire at the archive.
  9. Considering she was laid down in 1936 was there ever any plans to issue a Bismarck cap tally?
  10. Collection of JustinG

    Great to see. I like the aged appearance of the Emden cap tally, it adds a lot of character to it.
  11. Nice Soldbuch to an Obergefreiter who served in Werfer units during WW-2, firstly with Nebelwerfer-Abt 2 and then s.Werfer-Abt 3 (the former was used to form the latter.) Soldbuch is full of entries, including some showing post-war payments (not uncommon). He won the Assault Badge, Eastern Front Medal, EK II and Black Wound Badge. Soldbuch cover has had the swastika scratched off but all pages are present. Price: €230 Asking price includes shipping. Payment via Paypal ( +4%) or Bank Transfer.
  12. I like it. It just shows that you don't have to have a Soldbuch issued in 1939 for it to be packed with entries. If you check the Lexikon site, on the page for 212.Inf.Division they have a link for July 1944 that shows the location of the division just a day before the issue of the second Sturm and Nahkampftage.
  13. I would imagine the other citations are out there somewhere but who knows if they will ever show up. Unfortunately the citations don't come with the large folders.
  14. Soldbuch Battleship Tirpitz

    Operation Tungsten (the air raid he was injured by) saw the loss of 4 aircraft - 3 Barracuda bombers and 1 Hellcat escort) - with 9 aircrew killed. The raid actually took place just a day after repairs were completed following the midget submarine attack the previous September. After that submarine attack Tirpitz was no longer a credible fighting force so her only use was to keep British heavy naval forces in Europe when really they were desperately needed in South-East Asia and the Pacific.