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  1. Kevin H

    Crashed BF 110

    You mention taking 34 losses in January 1944 but just 2 months later Bomber Command suffered their heaviest losses in the war for a single raid when they lost 96 aircraft on the raid on Nuremberg with a further 10 aircraft being written off when they got back to the UK, so 106 aircraft lost in total. In that number the RAF lost 545 airmen which surpasses the 449 fighter pilots lost in the whole of the Battle of Britain. The RAF losses for 27/28th January 1944 are covered in Volume 1 of Nachtjagd War Diaries - it does mention a collision between a Bf-110G-4 (G9+ML) of Oberleutnant Baake (who was the Staffelkapitän of 3./NJG-1) and a Lancaster (DS710) of 408 Squadron. The collision happened to the southwest of Aachen with both aircraft crashing at the Urftalsperre near Gemünd. Baake survived unscathed but his Bordfunker (Uffz Heinz Waldbauer) was killed. The Lancaster crew were all killed and are buried at the Rheinberg War Cemetery. Lancaster II DS710 EQ-A of 408 Squadron took off at 1747 from RAF Linton-on-Ouse Squadron Leader C W Smith DFC FCAF Flying Officer H R Wilson RCAF Sgt M F R Sorton Flying Officer D McD Sim (possible misprint) RCAF Flying Officer J D Teskey RCAF Flying Officer T K Canning RCAF Flight Sgt C W Frauts RCAF Pilot Officer J G Bennett RCAF.
  2. Latest offering is for a two volume history of a Waffen-SS division - both volumes for a combined cost of £24.99 (plus shipping): THE HISTORY OF THE GALICIAN DIVISION OF THE WAFFEN SS Volume One: On the Eastern Front: April 1943 to July 1944 & Volume Two: Stalin’s Nemesis Galician Division Book Link
  3. That is a pity but doesn't surprise me although I would of thought the best way to maximise the profit would of been to split the citations from the rest. I saw this for sale on Historical-Media a while back.
  4. From a prolific seller of faked paperwork on M321: KvK II & I Kl + Schwertern Name: Zblewsky Unit: Abwehr
  5. Hermann Diederichs was killed at Stalingrad although the date given for his death is the general one used when the actual date of his death is unknown but was after the pocket was formed or when they are listed as missing - 01-01-1943.
  6. Kevin H

    Crashed BF 110

    Interesting to see that the parts are still just laying there. There must be so many similar sites across the whole of Europe with the relics on the surface or just below it.
  7. Panzer Assault Badge Name: Tulpin (See here for the EK II - Tulpin EK II Citation) Unit: SS-Pz.Gren.Rgt 5 "Totenkopf"
  8. Name: Pöhler Unit: Georg Thiele
  9. Name: Klaus Dembroski Unit: Transportstaffel II.Fliegerkorps
  10. EK II Name: Tulpin (See here for the PAB - Tulpin Panzer Assault Badge) Unit: SS-T.Pz.Gren.Rgt. "Th.Eicke"
  11. The latest offer is an absolute bargain - 5 books for just £54.89. The books in the bundle are the following: Tigers In Combat III Confronting Case Blue Honoring Those They Led Panzers & Allied Armour in Yugoslavia in WW-2 Uniforms of the German Soldier The published price for all 5 books is £254.89 so there is a massive saving of £200. As an example, Tigers in Combat III has a cheapest price on Amazon of £32 and Honoring Those They Led is listed for £24. https://www.naval-military-press.com/product/a-real-5-bundle-of-five-tittles-covering-the-military-history-of-germany-in-uniformsdecorations-eastern-front-campaigns-and-armoured-military-vehicles/
  12. Kevin H

    New Upcoming War Movies

    I finally got to see Journey's End last night and it is a good film. It is set in the days leading up to the German Spring Offensive and centers around a small group of officers who lead C Company from the mentally struggling senior officers to the straight out of training newcomer (played by Asa Butterfield who was the Commandants son in The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas). The German offensive is expected any day and the film builds up the tension and the psychological torment experienced by the officers including when a raid is ordered in broad daylight. For anyone expecting big battle scenes this is not that type of film but it is worth a watch.
  13. NARA holds the KTB for both 1.Sicherungs-Division (although some parts are only available from BA-MA) and also nearly the complete KTB for 13.VP-Flottille. It does say in the write-up that KTB for individual VP-Booten (those that still exist) are incorporated in to the relevant Flottillen KTB so you might be able to unearth lots of details for V-1306, including why she was grounded. It looks like the KTB for 13.VP-Flot. is covered in 11 Rolls, and NARA charges $130 for each Roll regardless of whether there are 4 pages in it or 2,004. These files are in the NARA T-1022 series.
  14. Could well be the marking for MTB 434. I have looked in the book Hitler's Forgotten Flottillas and there is no mention of any actions for late June/early July 1943. I dare say it was one of the many nightly clashes between British coastal forces and the German coastal convoys, or possibly a strafing attack from an aircraft. The book does mention 13.VP-Flottille for mid-March 1943 when they were escorting two cargo ships from Rotterdam which were attacked and sunk by MTB's.
  15. Nice citations. Do you know if he was still on V-1306 in 1944? On the 9th July MTB 434 of the Royal Navy was sunk in a battle with five Vorpostenbooten and V-1306 was one of them.