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  1. Please delete - member's thread has been moved in to this section.
  2. Please delete - member's thread has been moved in to this section.
  3. I'm not too sure we have many in this section with in depth knowledge of EKM's. Try the Heer, Kriegsmarine section which is just above this one on the main page. Hopefully you'll get your answers there.
  4. Kevin H

    Crashed BF 110

    What are the chances, however small, that there are two crash sites in the same vicinity, not necessarily from the same night but one German night fighter and one British bomber or a Mosquito intruder? Looking in the Nachtjagd book mentioned before there is no mention of NJG-6 being involved on the 28/29th January 1944 night raid but in the pilot listing it does mention Gunselmann as being killed on 29th January 1944 when his aircraft crashed near Celle and it confirms his unit as 11/NJG-6. In the book it does mention however that on the 29th January 1944 the night fighters of NJG-6 (although no mention of IV Gruppe) were vectored on to a daylight raid of the 8th Air Force that were attacking Frankfurt and lost 6 Me-110's. The 6th loss was a possible collision with a friendly aircraft while two P-38 Lightnings also collided and came down near Laudert.
  5. Thanks for the response and again I apologise for the delay in replying - life just gets in the way sometimes. It is intriguing to think that there just might be such a thing as a Bismarck tally out there somewhere either in a prototype form, a non-issued set stashed away in a place long forgotten or not to be revealed or one that got no further than a design on paper.
  6. And today it is Confronting Case Blue for £6.99 (plus shipping).
  7. The Tigers In Combat III book has now been reduced to just £9.99 plus shipping. That's an absolute bargain as the book is big.
  8. Kevin H

    A special plane in the end

    Another great item from your collection. Just like the transport guys, the reconnaissance aircrews don't get anywhere near as much coverage as the bomber & fighter crews even when they sometimes flew the same aircraft type and that is a pity. What were the citations you were able to get? Did he fly over Cholm during the siege there from January to May 1942? If so it is interesting to think that he could of been one of the pilots who took the photos that appear in the book Besieged.
  9. Kevin H

    Crashed BF 110

    You mention taking 34 losses in January 1944 but just 2 months later Bomber Command suffered their heaviest losses in the war for a single raid when they lost 96 aircraft on the raid on Nuremberg with a further 10 aircraft being written off when they got back to the UK, so 106 aircraft lost in total. In that number the RAF lost 545 airmen which surpasses the 449 fighter pilots lost in the whole of the Battle of Britain. The RAF losses for 27/28th January 1944 are covered in Volume 1 of Nachtjagd War Diaries - it does mention a collision between a Bf-110G-4 (G9+ML) of Oberleutnant Baake (who was the Staffelkapitän of 3./NJG-1) and a Lancaster (DS710) of 408 Squadron. The collision happened to the southwest of Aachen with both aircraft crashing at the Urftalsperre near Gemünd. Baake survived unscathed but his Bordfunker (Uffz Heinz Waldbauer) was killed. The Lancaster crew were all killed and are buried at the Rheinberg War Cemetery. Lancaster II DS710 EQ-A of 408 Squadron took off at 1747 from RAF Linton-on-Ouse Squadron Leader C W Smith DFC FCAF Flying Officer H R Wilson RCAF Sgt M F R Sorton Flying Officer D McD Sim (possible misprint) RCAF Flying Officer J D Teskey RCAF Flying Officer T K Canning RCAF Flight Sgt C W Frauts RCAF Pilot Officer J G Bennett RCAF.
  10. Latest offering is for a two volume history of a Waffen-SS division - both volumes for a combined cost of £24.99 (plus shipping): THE HISTORY OF THE GALICIAN DIVISION OF THE WAFFEN SS Volume One: On the Eastern Front: April 1943 to July 1944 & Volume Two: Stalin’s Nemesis Galician Division Book Link
  11. That is a pity but doesn't surprise me although I would of thought the best way to maximise the profit would of been to split the citations from the rest. I saw this for sale on Historical-Media a while back.
  12. From a prolific seller of faked paperwork on M321: KvK II & I Kl + Schwertern Name: Zblewsky Unit: Abwehr
  13. Hermann Diederichs was killed at Stalingrad although the date given for his death is the general one used when the actual date of his death is unknown but was after the pocket was formed or when they are listed as missing - 01-01-1943.
  14. Kevin H

    Crashed BF 110

    Interesting to see that the parts are still just laying there. There must be so many similar sites across the whole of Europe with the relics on the surface or just below it.
  15. Panzer Assault Badge Name: Tulpin (See here for the EK II - Tulpin EK II Citation) Unit: SS-Pz.Gren.Rgt 5 "Totenkopf"