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  1. Another nice Italian theatre example. I can't say I've read much on the fighting in Italy although I recently finished reading Italy's Sorrow by James Holland.
  2. A very nice and well used Soldbuch.
  3. Kevin H


    I'm not sure he was ever banned, I just thought he was laying low until the dust settled after his disgraceful grave digging programme. Just like Pawel Novak, he is one that will seemingly never truely disappear. And some people will never learn when it comes to him.
  4. Kevin H

    50's film stuff

    Do these old films still get shown regularly on German tv like The Great Escape or Dambusters are on UK tv?
  5. Kevin H


    That's good to know. Hopefully they will do something.
  6. Kevin H

    V 1 Buzz Bomb x3

    I have my doubts as to what the writing is describing. The writing says it is the same V-1 and yet to take a photo of it in level flight and then to be in position when it impacted, probably, miles later the cameraman must of been a very fast runner and good at judging where it would fall when it hasn't even tipped over into it's final dive - not to mention a lucky one to be that close to an impact with nothing shielding them from the blast. If these were processed in the war I'd say that they were mass produced and either sold as propaganda postcards to the German public in the last months of the War or sold to the Allied troops by Belgian civilians.
  7. This Soldbuch started out as just a run of the mill Sicherungs-Btl type Soldbuch with no awards. But in the hands of someone, not only did the Soldbuch have an Anti-Partisan-Badge added, with a vefy well done stamp and signature, but a faked citation was also made to go with it with a faked signature of Odilo Globocnik. Please note that the two dealers shown in the images were not involved in this swindle as far as we know. AWARDS PAGE - BEFORE AWARDS PAGE - AFTER
  8. It has been a while since this thread was updated so here is my latest item. Wehrpass and Flugbouch to a Fliegerschutzen in 7./KG-3 who was killed on the very first day of the 1940 Western Campaign on what was his very first operational flight. He was flying in a Dornier-17 when it was shot down by French fighters on 10th May. He and one other crewman were killed while two others, including the pilot, baled out and were captured. The memorial card is signed by Knights Cross winner Ernst-Wilhelm Ihrig.
  9. Kevin H

    Cottage industry

    Unfortunately it is the great divide that separates the collectors who wish to preserve history and the more unethical sellers who couldn't care less.
  10. Kevin H

    Cottage industry

    I do have the images saved in my file to update the fake section on this forum so I'll get round to it in the next few days.
  11. I think magazines like this are a very underrated collecting theme. So many different types of magazines produced but all with one underlying aim and that was to brainwash and hammer home the core themes of the regime.
  12. Kevin H

    Cottage industry

    If it wasn't for the previous images (that were stored by one of our members here) you could be easily fooled by the entry in the Soldbuch, although you'd might want to question why does a holder of the APB have no other awards. But that stamp is very well done and signatures are now being well practised. There does seem to be a whole load of fake citations coming out of Germany, mainly for SS & GD but also a few others, whereby you have to be really careful before taking the plunge. So far ink seems to be a little give away on the citation signatures but that'll change eventually as the fakers evolve.
  13. Once a year (or sometimes twice) I head to Prague and while this tends to be just a convenient meeting up point before a few of us head elsewhere for a few days (Poland, Germany or Austria), at least one day is spent seeking out spots with relevance to WW-2. Some of these spots are well known and fairly easy to find (the Anthropoid related crypt or Gestapo HQ for example) while others are off the tourist trails and probably rarely visited. One location that fits the latter description of being rarely visited is the Kobylisy shooting range, or execution grounds to use its other name. The Metro station at Kobylisy is actually the closest one to the spot where Reinhard Heydrich was assassinated so people who use that station leave it and head there but if they headed in a different direction the execution ground is just a 15-20 minute walk away, and very easy to find. Originally the shooting ranges date back to the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire being set up in 1889 and after the fall of that empire they were subsequently used by the Czechoslovakian Army before the war. In bygone years it used to be located outside the city but now it is within the city limits and is now hidden away and overlooked by Soviet built apartment blocks. The Germans decided to use the shooting ranges as an execution ground and as such over 550 people were murdered there - the youngest name found on the memorial plates was just 15 and the last execution took place on 7th May 1945. According to some literature, there used to be a stables on the ground and this would be where those awaiting their turn were kept before being marched out to be shot. The stables is no longer there but the location still resembles a shooting range with one end open and high banks on the other three sides to stop the bullets and ricochets. At the far end of the range is a black & white memorial mosaic which represents bodies. You can see that area in the distance in the image above and below. On one of the ranges a tree now grows but on the other there is a memorial statue and a large cross. Facing the statue is a long memorial panel listing the names of those who were executed on the grounds. Among the many names listed are such people as Alois Elias who was the Czechoslovakian Prime Minister and was the only European Premier executed in this way in WW-2. Another name is Lt-Colonel Josef Masin who was one of the 'Three Kings' resistance group. Also listed is Bishop Gorazd and the Church officials who took responsibility for hiding the SOE agents in the crypt of the Cathedral in Prague (see my previous thread from 2017 - Operation Anthropoid - Prague ) and who were executed on 4th September 1942. On one occasion five members of one family were executed and again, these are linked to the death of Heydrich. As I am sure you know, one of the reprisals for Heydrich's killing was the total destruction of the village of Lidice. The Germans didn't just wipe the village out in terms of destroying the buildings but they also made every effort to kill all the occupants. Those not present at the village when it was destroyed were hunted down and one family that had been arrested before the destruction of Lidice were executed at Kobylisy and in total 26 people from Lidice who hadn't been there on the day were located and executed at the shooting range. As mentioned, it is a site that is tucked out of the way but one that is fairly easy to find with just a minimum of prior planning and I would say that it is worth going to see.
  14. Kevin H

    Stalingrad wounded?

    Looks like it and a serious wound as well - entered the hospital system on 16th November 1942 and came out in May 1944. Would of thought he would of received the Silver Wound Badge at least. I'm not home until the middle of next week so don't have access to my files so don't know where in the Stalingrad region Inf.Rgt 212 were in early November but it should be easy to find out.
  15. Kevin H

    Bit iffy?

    I think it is probably ok but to be 100% you would need to see more entries as there might be stamps that can confirm or contradict entries.