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  1. Another GD item, this being a Wehrpass for a soldier who served in 10./Inf.Rgt GD. He joined GD two months before the drive to capture Moscow in 1941 but that winter campaign was also the last campaign he saw action in as he was killed in the early months of 1942. During the push to Moscow he won the EK II in November 1941 for actions during the fighting for Tula. He was also posthumously awarded the Ost Medal.
  2. Kevin H

    26 Pz Div Traditions Abz

    There certainly does seem to be an increase of people coming in to the hobby just for the money, or collectors becoming purely dealers once they make a few £££.
  3. Kevin H

    26 Pz Div Traditions Abz

    As long as you were happy to pay it then its no drama. The drama belongs to the previous owner and the potential trouble maker, and it is something that happens more often than you think.
  4. Kevin H

    26 Pz Div Traditions Abz

    Nice little set and with a desirable citation. Just out of curiosity, how big is the Traditionsabzeichen citation? I have always thought it was a small size but it looks like a normal A5 size from the size of the stamp.I would imagine that the addition of the Nahkampftage list would really appeal to the collector of the Italian theater.
  5. The Feldpost number on the small travel document is for Luftwaffe-Jäger-Regiment 34 so it looks like he was transferred over from the Luftwaffe to the Heer late in the war. The Jäger-Rgt was formed in the West in 1943 (part of Luftwaffe-Feld-Division 17) and was destroyed in September 1944 fighting against the British & Canadians. He was transferred to the Heer and ended up in Hungary with 711.Infanterie-Division.
  6. The Soldbuch is fine, Gangl's signature is in the SB on numerous pages so it isn't half of one SB and half of another. Just curious as to why a unit he joined in 1944 is listed on page 4 but one that he served in before that is listed later in the book on page 17 when it should be the other way round.
  7. Aye, I have just seen the dates on page 15 for the big gun units which begs the question if he was (and he certainly was) with the Eisenbahn Artillerie units in 1943 why are they listed on page 17 when Werfer-Rgt 83 is listed before them on page 4 and yet the dates for Werfer-Rgt 83 on page 3 and 15 shows that he went to it afterwards? The signature you can see throughout the Soldbuch, including for the award entries is that of Josef Gangl who won the DKiG in March 1945. And the signature at the top of page 15 is that of Hauptmann Römer who as a Major commanded Eisenbahn-Artillerie-Abt 640 (I have never been able to find out his forename.)
  8. Very nice example. Not sure if the railway artillery units would still of had their big gusns by the time he joined them as he was still with Werfer-Rgt 83 until at least January 1945, but interesting none the less. Here is 'Bruno' of Batterie (E) 692 after being captured: https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/germany/railway_gun/la-coucourde-france-27-cm-schneider-bruno-1944/
  9. It is fairly common, and it is also common for the medical unit to put down a different unit for the man.
  10. Please delete - member's thread has been moved in to this section.
  11. Please delete - member's thread has been moved in to this section.
  12. I'm not too sure we have many in this section with in depth knowledge of EKM's. Try the Heer, Kriegsmarine section which is just above this one on the main page. Hopefully you'll get your answers there.
  13. Kevin H

    Crashed BF 110

    What are the chances, however small, that there are two crash sites in the same vicinity, not necessarily from the same night but one German night fighter and one British bomber or a Mosquito intruder? Looking in the Nachtjagd book mentioned before there is no mention of NJG-6 being involved on the 28/29th January 1944 night raid but in the pilot listing it does mention Gunselmann as being killed on 29th January 1944 when his aircraft crashed near Celle and it confirms his unit as 11/NJG-6. In the book it does mention however that on the 29th January 1944 the night fighters of NJG-6 (although no mention of IV Gruppe) were vectored on to a daylight raid of the 8th Air Force that were attacking Frankfurt and lost 6 Me-110's. The 6th loss was a possible collision with a friendly aircraft while two P-38 Lightnings also collided and came down near Laudert.
  14. Thanks for the response and again I apologise for the delay in replying - life just gets in the way sometimes. It is intriguing to think that there just might be such a thing as a Bismarck tally out there somewhere either in a prototype form, a non-issued set stashed away in a place long forgotten or not to be revealed or one that got no further than a design on paper.
  15. In this section we have had an assortment of threads from the ID's of the well known to late war units. One that we haven't had is a thread showing the ID's of those men who served in the more obscure units of the Wehrmacht, those men & units that do not get a mention in books and unit histories but who still served. So if you have one to such a person, be they in a shelf stacking unit or a puddle pirate, let's see what obscurities are out there This example is for a man who served in an example of an obscure unit. No power diving in a Stuka or polishing the 15" gun barrels of the Tirpitz for this serving soldier. He served in a railway kitchen unit, Eisenbahnkuchenwagen-Abt 2, serving up slop in a railway carriage. No awards for him, not even a KvK II Kl for being generous with his ladle.
  16. And today it is Confronting Case Blue for £6.99 (plus shipping).
  17. The UK based book seller Naval & Military Press tends to offer big discounts on books on a fairly regular basis. With that in mind it might be a good idea to use this thread for all their offers as and when they appear. The discount runs tend to be for a limited number of books. First up is the latest offer. It is a limited discount run on 2 volumes of the book: ZHITOMIR-BERDICHEV . GERMAN OPERATIONS WEST OF KIEV JANUARY 10th - 31st 1944 For both volumes (total pages 612) the total cost (within the UK and including postage) is just £16.84. The two volumes are Volume 2 and the additional Map Book. ZHITOMIR-BERDICHEV
  18. The Tigers In Combat III book has now been reduced to just £9.99 plus shipping. That's an absolute bargain as the book is big.
  19. Kevin H

    A special plane in the end

    Another great item from your collection. Just like the transport guys, the reconnaissance aircrews don't get anywhere near as much coverage as the bomber & fighter crews even when they sometimes flew the same aircraft type and that is a pity. What were the citations you were able to get? Did he fly over Cholm during the siege there from January to May 1942? If so it is interesting to think that he could of been one of the pilots who took the photos that appear in the book Besieged.
  20. Kevin H

    Crashed BF 110

    You mention taking 34 losses in January 1944 but just 2 months later Bomber Command suffered their heaviest losses in the war for a single raid when they lost 96 aircraft on the raid on Nuremberg with a further 10 aircraft being written off when they got back to the UK, so 106 aircraft lost in total. In that number the RAF lost 545 airmen which surpasses the 449 fighter pilots lost in the whole of the Battle of Britain. The RAF losses for 27/28th January 1944 are covered in Volume 1 of Nachtjagd War Diaries - it does mention a collision between a Bf-110G-4 (G9+ML) of Oberleutnant Baake (who was the Staffelkapitän of 3./NJG-1) and a Lancaster (DS710) of 408 Squadron. The collision happened to the southwest of Aachen with both aircraft crashing at the Urftalsperre near Gemünd. Baake survived unscathed but his Bordfunker (Uffz Heinz Waldbauer) was killed. The Lancaster crew were all killed and are buried at the Rheinberg War Cemetery. Lancaster II DS710 EQ-A of 408 Squadron took off at 1747 from RAF Linton-on-Ouse Squadron Leader C W Smith DFC FCAF Flying Officer H R Wilson RCAF Sgt M F R Sorton Flying Officer D McD Sim (possible misprint) RCAF Flying Officer J D Teskey RCAF Flying Officer T K Canning RCAF Flight Sgt C W Frauts RCAF Pilot Officer J G Bennett RCAF.
  21. Latest offering is for a two volume history of a Waffen-SS division - both volumes for a combined cost of £24.99 (plus shipping): THE HISTORY OF THE GALICIAN DIVISION OF THE WAFFEN SS Volume One: On the Eastern Front: April 1943 to July 1944 & Volume Two: Stalin’s Nemesis Galician Division Book Link
  22. Here is a grouping that I bought last year to a member of Pz.Jäg.Abt 92 of the 20 Panzer Division. Otto Freitag joined 20 PD upon its forming in October 1940 and remained with Pz.Jäger.Abt 92 for the rest of the war during which it fought entirely on the Eastern front, primarily with Heeresgruppe Mitte but towards the final year of the war it was moved to various fronts in attempts to shore up the German defences. Not only did he stay with Pz.Jäger.Abt 92 but he also remainded with 2 Kompanie throughout. 20 PD participated in the major battles of encirclement in the summe rof 1941 and was also involved in the drive towards Moscow, before the Soviet counter-offensive drove them back.
  23. That is a pity but doesn't surprise me although I would of thought the best way to maximise the profit would of been to split the citations from the rest. I saw this for sale on Historical-Media a while back.
  24. From a prolific seller of faked paperwork on M321: KvK II & I Kl + Schwertern Name: Zblewsky Unit: Abwehr
  25. KvK I Kl mit Schwertern (See Item #2 below for another item for this name) Name: Daxkobler Unit: Das Reich / Reich