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  1. Micro Jo

    Eric-Jan Bakker

    My condolences to the family.
  2. Thanks Jim. The can opener will not dissapoint I know what that feels like as well, finishing a book cover to cover in an hour, non the wiser than before. I did ask the publishers to put each alternate page upside down - just to make the reading expirience more physical - but they said no - just like that.
  3. Dave, i would say that my book goes further than any book ever writen to date - on attachments - and that it explains them, and the fables surrounding them - in every detail. Who made them and how they were used before, throughout and after WW2. In fact my book is the only book to date that puts the attachment in it`s correct place, i.e: Made by an attachment maker, and not made at all by the maker, or even soldered on, by the maker. You say that i "do not go far enough.." could you tell me what i have missed or forgotten, then i`ll tell you what page it`s on
  4. Santa Klaus has come & gone, so a belated Ho Ho Ho and a sock full of coal to you as well
  5. Gentlemen. A few of the posters here seem a bit upset that Klaus Butschek has recieved (numerous) bad reviews at the HJ forum. The reason(s) for this are simple. Firstly, YES, the folks at the HJ-Research forum really do, know what they are doing.(Or maybe a member here could point me to a thread on the HJ forum where wrong info is stated? or where it is clear that they dont know what they are doing?) Secondly, fact is fact, regardless of personal opinion. And the plain facts are, that fakes have been found on Butscheks site, more than once. There was the case of a Gold wound badge that was sold without a case, yet appeared WITH a case on his site later, with no mention that the case was not original to the badge. Then there was the more recent case, read about that at WAF, where a HJ uniform, that was bought of eBay with no effects, miraculously turns up in Butscheks hands with added insignia! There have been other incidents as well. Yes, i too have dealt with Butschek, and everything said about them/him here is true. Very nice to converse with, very efficient service, well packed, postage is also OK, prices have shot through the roof but that has nothing to do with a dealer’s reputation. BUT, the fact remains that Butschek DO list fakes, and they DO list humped up items. (Plural, not singular) So where does this leave us? Are we just to gang up on people like Haas, Snyder, Germania Intl..etc... And not say a word about Dealers who, the majority believe are "The best" ? If you want to stay fair, and really want to help people with this thread, then there should surely be no problem mentioning any name when it comes to exposing fakes. I will leave you with some food for thought. Do these "dealers" interact with collectors on the forums? Do they share their time and try and help? OR... do they simply use the forums for their own advertising & sales - financial gain-? Yes, i have heard it, seen it, and done it myself before. Dealer XYZ is such a nice chap, after he was alerted to a fake on his recent update, he "did the right thing" and removed it! Really? The right thing would be to interact with the community, find out why it is a fake, and find out how to not make beginners mistakes in the future. Getreu dem motto: Education über alles. (yes, i just made that up) That would be the right thing, not to just repeatedly threaten a forum because your name is mentioned in a bad light, brought on by your own actions for listing modern fakes as genuine.
  6. How about adding Thomas Wittmann to this list. A dealer that every new collector MUST be aware of. Wittmann Militaria They continually list humped up, and outright fantasy daggers and knives as original, at exorbitant prices! Their best sellers are: • The Fantasy HJ Olympics knife (They list them for around $1800-2000 each) • The Fantasy DJ knives (They list them for around $1600.- each) • The Fantasy BDM knives • The Fantasy Reichsparteitage souvenir/knives (They list them for around $1500 each) What makes this dealer detrimental to the hobby is that they are prepared to completely alter history in order to sell their bad wares. Over the past few years we have seen Wittmann Militaria add some really horrible fakes to their site, accompanied by an invented story to legitimize the item. If they were not already on the bottom of the list, then they are surely sinking down to the same level as other dealers who used to be OK, like BECK MILITARIA, HOUSE OF HISTORY... and who see no Problem with filling their site with fakes and fantasy items. What makes matters worse is that they are not prepared to enter into any form of debate on their wares at all. They have long since placed themselves at the top of the food table, and see no problem offering collectors their, sometimes very twisted, idea of history. Advice to any new collectors thinking of buying from them. Post an image of the item you want on a forum first, just to see if the offered item indeed has anything to do with WW2, or reality!
  7. Lol, yes, even an older member than you but had no time to post since i joined because of other commitments. Now that those commintments are more or less out of the way, i can start on other things. Like the green NSKK badges , the Reichs Luftschutz, Danziger Luftschutz, German-American Friendship, German-British friendship, Volksbund Deutscher in Ungarn.... the list goes on & on & on. There is no doubt that there was a badge and an Urkunde, that is documented. But only "a badge" is referred to, and not with mention to any seperate distinction / color or klasse. The few Deschler variants of these, are in red. The "supposed" first one in enamel, attributed to Deschler, is also in red. If there were green deschler badges known, which to my knowledge there are not - yet - that would be something else. But the only other badges are marked M1/35, which if you have studied small badges, will realize straight away that something is not right based soley on that number. There are also other colors known for sure, from orange to black, yet all of these either carry the M1/35 number, or no number. There are no Mickey Mouse colorful badges marked M1/52. (Until someone reads this and grabs a pot of paint) The M1/35 set of Red and Green, brand spankers mate, brand spankers, never seen the inside of a truck in their lives
  8. Hello Gaston. (Yes, i have a tendency to pop up in the strangest places ) You say "controversial"? I was under the impression that most folk thought they were good? Basically all i have ever seen on forums are people saying they are fine, and original. I really thought that this was another one-man battle, but glad to hear that "out there", there are a few others who smell a fish too. Yes, i am looking forward to the outcome as well. Parrot vs. Proof? Of course a lengthy discussion|article as to why the M1/35 marked badges cant, IMO, be real, will follow sometime, but for now, the thread stands as it is... & we wait.
  9. Micro Jo

    Who's there?

    Thx for the invite Bart, and good luck with the "new" forum, Jo
  10. Just copy and paste I dont see why anyone would have a problem with that, after all, everyone that commented on that Forum or added anything of value is probably on here now. You dont know what happened? Raymond jumped ship, myslef as well as another 2 wanted to take it over, Raymond felt though that he would rather SELL IT, and the amount he wanted was high!! So that was his choice, sell it and make money, or let it carry on without anyone running it. You see whats happened to it. Most went back to WAF or to the Ailsby Forum Stirnpanzer. A shame because there was some great info on there.