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  1. This is a well known period pattern made by the Frey Company in Pforzheim. Usually this ring have clear visible marks inside. "835" (content), "F*" (Frey Company) and a latin writen "Ln" in a half circle. This one Looks like a cast and aged fake to me
  2. Odal


    Known postwar fantasy ring
  3. Yes, a cast fake of a period existing pattern. Period ones are die struck from brass and silver plated. Rather rare ring to find in original, but a lot of fakes are around.
  4. Odal

    brass inkwell

    this runes on the "feet" are different, without doubt for me no professionel period word - sorry!
  5. Odal

    brass inkwell

    closeups of the frontside engravings possible? item looks old to me, but the engravings??? as you told SS and roses!!!
  6. Hey comrade - look around in the web and search Bruckmann silver. I am sure you will find a very lot of very "highend" made items by Bruckmann. This cup here isn`t the usual high quality craftmanship/artwork of the Bruckmann company - sorry - i would let my fingers for sure off. Apropos - i live in Heilbronn/Germany where the Bruckmann company was
  7. Got this yesterday for 2 beers from an older comrade of the shooting club. Cardboard, about 65 x 80 cm, in still good condition. Enjoy:
  8. Hi Pat! Thanks for kind words. Untill getting this one i too have never seen one of these boxes. While researching about this box i found in the web an other one. But it had the engraving "Zugspitzflug 1935". It was sold by a honest german auctions house.
  9. Mainly i am a collector of german wwII period rings. These days i baught a nice ring and together with the ring i baught the box it was stored about the years. It is cast iron, blackened and made by the still existing Lauchhammer company. After some researching i found that these boxes were the awarded price for the second winners (a group of pilots from Stuttgart) of the german flight 1935. Enjoy
  10. Hm, i agree. But nevertheless it seems this are good period items and from all found sources there is a very high possibility they belonged to von Krosigk. I think more researching is nearly not possible. Too bad is this are not my items and still more too bad is i havn`t enaugh money for hobby to buy and honour them in future. Thanks all here for a lot and professionel help!!!!!
  11. Much thanks again! But still corious how this items could be dug without finding a grave, bones and and and ......
  12. Now some more informations. Items are ground dug in 2005 in the Kuldiga region. Near the former central headquater of the Kurland-Armee. Maybe this helps a little more.
  13. Wow! Thanks friends - i think its more than worth to do some researching in this direktion.
  14. Hi! Here a better pic of the ribbon bar: