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  1. Landed this one and looks great to me
  2. As many know the dates 1926-1932 and on undated were known to exist. How about my best find this year a 1924 which means a 1925 must also exist This is the only one I know of in the world and came directly from a large shb find in a nearby german town from me
  3. Chris Clark

    Stahlhelmbund enjoy 1918 double badge set

    Sorry can you move to correct forum I didn't notice the one below for fricorps until now
  4. After 7 years of securing the deal my holy grail has arrived A type 1 and type 2 boxed to same recipient
  5. hey gaston hi hope you well first i have seen aswell a porcelain one what a great item anyway of finding out who the maker was ? i did a little aearch and if a m came up with http://www.oldandsold.com/pottery/germany12.shtml if w this http://www.oldandsold.com/pottery/germany19.shtml try page 18 not 19 for the w