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    Third Reich and areas of German Imperial. I like to collect HJ badges by the maker and just about everything else.

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  1. then get it as a repo and be lucky,you never know.Just look up what a repo is worth first .
  2. Petesav

    ID bayonet?

    Must agree with Mark . Does look typical of the Lebel with that big brass handle. Regards Pete
  3. Petesav

    What world war 2 main army uniform was best?

    It was for sure not British .I joined in 1986 and they were still wearing WOOL shirts.Now you may say ,oh nice and warm.These were so rough that you had to shave the inside of them.when yo went running you had to tape your nipples up so they would not bleed. So British (NO) not for me but the cut of a Third reich uniform is something else. Best regards Pete
  4. Petesav

    london attacked

    Well we knew it would not be long. So far 2 members of the public killed one policeman and thankfully the murdering Muslim terrorist. WHEN WILL EUROPE WAKE THE HELL UP .They wont deport any ,just properly let another 10,000 in for the hell of it.. Just had enough,ime not racist my wife is Asian I just do not get it ???????????? WHY
  5. Petesav

    Happy Birthday Wishes

    Ah thanks for the correction. That appears on several I believe.the RCT was one.Regards Pete
  6. Petesav

    Happy Birthday Wishes

    The middle script of that cap badge .Dosent that translate from Latin to English as ( Shame to him or them who thinks ill of it ) ????????????.. Sit in front of a wood burner crack a bottle of that whiskey .a little water or a tiny piece of ice sip away .Happy days. Best regards Pete
  7. Now that is a nice cabinet there sir. It is nice to see Ikea has at least 1 nice item in the store ..Wow a grand cross DAO I think I have just had an accident . Nice to see another DAO collector among us. Don't supose you are also an avid Red cross and Social welfare collector too. regards Pete
  8. Petesav

    HB militaria.de

    Hi there guys. The above dealer in Germany. Does he reply to others or is it just me he doesn't. I have been trying to purchase an item. I do not speak German so have been sending messages to him in English. Is he on holiday or something ????? is anyone in regular contact with him. Regards Pete
  9. Petesav

    E medals Real or Fake?

    They were also selling ,or rather (sold) several high end red cross and social awards that were fake about 4 in all . I didn't bother to tell them.I did that somewhere else and got bared from the site.So will not be making that mistake again. If you are after an EK go to WAF of GCA there are always good original there for sale.Or centurion militaria he has got a cased one with the carton for sale.It is mint and 100% original. I can assure you of that as it is mine oh yer Regards Pete
  10. Petesav

    R.I.P Gordon Kaye

    Such a shame. That man always made me laugh. RIP mate
  11. That big thing in the box is that for survey equipment,, if so outstanding Sir. Best regards Pete
  12. Petesav

    New Display for my bars....

    Hi Nicolas . good idea to get them out of the sun.It will fade them in no time. Loving that trio with matching ribbon bar ...very nice
  13. Petesav

    from humble beginnings

    wow thanks Gents .Has been a long road to get here . I like you like it. I wish to take this one step further and do something good at the same time. All my best Pete
  14. Petesav

    Your most prized purchase of 2016

    Martin. Ha ha ha you thought you had finished collecting awards .You of all people should know this hobby is like a packet of pringles (once you pop you cant stop ) All the best bud good to see you still about. Thanks to all the guys that have posted I have seen some things I never had. that Welsh set of colours just beautiful workmanship at its best .Both of them. Best regards Pete
  15. Well it seems so far ago now nearly 40 years I had the bug ,there were many old boys about from WW1 as I got older I managed to talk more out of the old soilders.Proberly because I would lisiten.I could not get enough.I was always so happy when the piano tuner would arrive .We were not well off just had a big front room and me dad got it for free. He had been gassed and had lost his sight lovley man .He liked to tell a yarn so I was transfixed. As I was with the WW2 guys ,as I always attended Remembrance day I guess I was (as you may say) a face.People would always be giving me stuff. Sometimes my dad would go and make it safe. got given a small pack once with a messtin in it and inside that were 2 grenades wrapped up.My dad was a Navy explosives guy so no big one .By the time I was 15 I had heaps of the stuff from WW1 WW2 I gave it to a museum before I went into the army with no intention of ever seeing home again.To cut a long story short I kept a Hitler Youth knife until I got married and was asked to get rid of it. Funny thing I started to get interested again and guess what.The next thing I brought was that very knife after about 10 years.Then I was hooked again spent a small fortune on various items to finally focus on Red cross Social welfare ,plus a few Eagle orders. I intend to start with the Red Cross but first here is the Collection Of Red Cross and Social welfare so far.My best regards Pete