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  1. Mag pouch and .45 clips. Shots to follow.
  2. Dani R.

    Medic pouch

    Medic pouch and contents - Carlisle dressing. Shots to follow.
  3. Dani R.

    Usmc Ka-Bar

    Pal & U.S.M.C marked. Rarer red spacer type. Shots to follow.
  4. Should be with me a little time soon. Dealer pics posted - detail is bad. My thanks to JustinG for your comments. Will get some more detailed shots up just as soon as I have the clasp. Dani
  5. Dani R.

    M1 Bayonets

    Seems like your not having much luck with bayonets Steve Post some more on the hat when you can.
  6. Apologies in advance for the pics guy's... Unmarked clasp Any thoughts on maker much appreciated. Kind regards Dani
  7. Dani R.


    While I was away for a short time new strap arrived for the M40. Have fixed it to the helmet and it looks okay I guess - not even sure if I have it on the right way round yet. I'll get some pics up tomorrow and hopefully I'll find out Regards Dani
  8. Dani R.

    M1 Bayonets

    A genuine UC - Utica Cutlery manufactured M1 Garand bayonet. Only question that springs to mind is whether or not it is a bayonet manufactured from Utica's re-run of 1953. Or WW2 issue. Ask the dealer to look underneath the metal area at the scabbard throat, right below where the belt clips are. If it is marked with VP, more than likely it's a 53' bayonet. Good luck Dani
  9. Dani R.


    My thanks Timothy. The cover is old. Also has that distinct old smell to it, and is surprisingly thin I'm guessing with age. I managed to find a new/old strap for it which is on it's way. When it arrives, i'll fix it up and post some more pics when I can. Dani
  10. Camo cover, I have no idea on. Came with the helmet. Owners name ''Dinse'' stitched to the liner. Hoping to find a good dated chinstrap for it if I can. Regards Dani
  11. The State/Service awarded medals I think would be a great collectable. WW1 Victory medals too are collectable in their own right. The numbers you mention I'm sure may only relate to the sequence in number of awarded medals. Example: 1 through 100,000 Be good to find a particular Service medal and documentation together concerning the recipient. Best of luck, Brian Dani
  12. Always look forward to more. Thanks for bringing these Bayda Dani
  13. Brian If you can clarify the WW1 medals your researching it may help a little. In my experience this would not be an easy task unless the particular medal in question was impressed with the soldiers name.
  14. Dani R.

    R.I.P. Jan Arne S

    So very sad to read this. Rest In Peace Brother Dani
  15. Added paperwork and photographs always seem to bring these old awards to life. A great look into the past. Nice set Jim Regards Dani