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    Eric-Jan Bakker

    My condolences. R.I.P.
  2. Good evenind! I have this small document group on Kapitän Walter Bechstädt. Unfortunately I was unable to find out what ship was under his command. Maybe anyone can help with it? Thanks in advance. 1) His BB doc signed by Karl Otto Kaufmann 2) His KVK2 doc signed by Erich Förste 3)His KVK1 doc
  3. Thanks! By the way, Heinz von Davidson ancestors were from Scotland. He also had a brother, who also was a naval officier, DKiG winner and zerstorer commander. http://www.clandavidson.org.uk/Pheon%20index/CRev12Europe.pdf
  4. 3) And the most interesting - his Soldbuch! His award list is just outstandind - he had 5 spanges and 3 qualification badges!!!! http://en.ww2awards.com/person/50373#top
  5. 2)His Marine regata fuehrerschein. Both in Beobachterschein and in fuehrerschein there is mistake in his name - Heinrich instead of Heinz
  6. Also I want to show some Heinz von Davidson documents 1)Beobachterschein - he was in Bordfliegerstaffel 1./196
  7. Hello gentlmen! Thank you for the great thread Eric! I have much to add. First - U281 indienststellung small photo group 27.02.1943. Each photo has such stamp on the reverse side.