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  1. Here is one you don't see too often.
  2. I could not agree more with all of the above. Perhaps a reason my interest has been on the decline. I find myself now looking at a certain forum merely to check out the arguing and one-upmanship that goes on. Kind of pathetic on my part when I think about it. Have a nice weekend. S7
  3. Perhaps my eyes were deceiving me. The color of the metal is not the same and there are no overheating marks on the reverse.
  4. I don't have an Osang but I would say this....Yes those with beveled (sp) outer edge are in fact post-war copies. That being said and agreed to would not include Osang without a beveled(sp) outer edge then? Did Osang manufacture TR Frauenschaft badge or this maker totally a copy? The reason I ask this is I have seen an Osang that does not exhibit the shoddy pin attachment soldering work (ie the burn marks of overheating that they show) I would love to see if this example is beveled (sp) Take a look on GMIC at Don Scowens' example and you can clearly see it shows traits of an original to its reverse. Good Sunday to all of you. Saber7
  5. Hi Mr. JoTo This is a nice example. Would you happen to know what the criteria was for earning this award? I have wondered about this for a while. I'll put up my example to compare. Mine is well worn. Not as nice as yours. Thank You
  6. Saber7

    Lotta Svärd membership badge

    Finnish collection badge. ara skyldighet vilja. Honor Duty Will and solidarity with Nordic peoples.
  7. Saber7

    Lotta Svärd membership badge

  8. Saber7

    Lotta Svärd membership badge

    Here is my example to compare along with a general course star. Numbers do not match but not sure if relevant or not. Good Day to all.
  9. Nice work. I see some are translucent and some opaque. What makers do you have there? Well done.
  10. Saber7

    Jeep barn find

    Mr. Rossi Nice ride I must say. And a small block to get you thru any predicament. How often do you use it? I notice collector plates on it which is why I ask. We here can use collector/historic plated vehicles only on weekends. Again nice ride. Did you do the restore yourself? All the best Robert
  11. More Blut und Boden to show?
  12. Gents You may like to see these two 25 and 40 year badges. They are both made by the same manufacturer. However I have forgotten their name to attach to their logo. I have scanned a closeup of the logo. Maybe someone can refresh my memory if possible. Wouldn't a reference book of logos be a great help!
  13. Well I found out the logo is for Hoffstatter.
  14. I'm just noticing how the hook that holds the needle are not the same and the eagles are not the same as well. More food for thought. Both are marked exactly with the same logo.
  15. Saber7

    Is it just me?

    Never mind my post Eric-Jan. No offense intended toward you whatsoever. I never intend to offend anyone. Maybe I stay out of the Inn then.
  16. Saber7

    Is it just me?

    Eric-Jan Since I was only able to bear just a few pages about the uniform and conclude this. Many in thread actually need psychiatric help and or leave the hobby as it is clear to me that most if not all of them seem like they are not having any fun. Those such people would do best to find something else to occupy their time. IMHO And Happy New Year to all.
  17. Gents I know little about Soviet Badges and Awards so I was hoping someone would be able to offer advice as to the time period of this pieces issuance. Thank You and Happy 2016! Robert
  18. Saber7

    Any members collecting Rad items?

    Do you mean these?
  19. I hope he came to your house last night!
  20. Like this one. Maybe we should start a thread on sympathy pins and badges? Good Day
  21. This has become quite a thread I must say. Here is one I was lucky enough to add at a reasonable price no less. Schanes/Wein I for one have a fondness for the ray like red enameling of many of the Austrian party and sympathizer pins.
  22. Dave This is my thought as well but it would be so nice to be able to ID the maker. Would you know if the RZM list has been updated recently? My list is 18 years old and it lists19, 26, 69,91, 131, 132, 133, 134, 135, 144, 145, 154,171, and 179 as unknown. Perhaps these makers lost their license to produce? Only conjecture on my part.
  23. Here is an interesting one I just received today. Smaller than the standard Party Pin which I put next to. What do you folks think? And lets not forget that maker 26 is not on my RZM maker list. Does one assume it is counterfeit because it is not on the list or...something else?
  24. I'll go thru mine and list my numbers and see which ones we miss. Thank You