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  1. Hello. I got this helm, is it refrubrished since you can see "police" peeking through the front?
  2. Hello, just wanted to check this item. I was comparing mine to the others and i see no problems. Has the smell, does not glow under UV...

    Who's there?

    Hello. Leonardo from Croatia. I am mainly interested in Heer awards and eqipment, but im slowly going to LW too. Interested in metal detecting and finding old war wreck vehicles. Love cars, especialy MB W108 . Finished school for automechatronic and now schooling for an electro engineer. Im not too old, 18. Hope ill have a good time on the forum.
  4. I cant say anything really. I would bet on field LW repaint.
  5. Same colour for real. Camera cant catch the tone so it looks green. So you say it could be lufty?
  6. Well i dont know. I ve seen paint like this on WAF that is battleship grey. But what colour is it then?
  7. What do you think, is this battleship camo? Singned, has all straps, cleaning cloth... and i think it has a remain of the owners fingerprint. What do you think about that one? Its a really nice set.

    My small collection

    Thank you. They are not to find but im still going to school thats the problem

    My small collection

    M17 helmet pictures and some random stuff like my dads balcan war eqipment etc.

    My small collection

    Ive been collecting germany for about 2 years. I had more items then now (mostly eqipment like empty gas mask cannisters) that i sold because they are easy to find again.
  11. Hello this helmet was found in a village where the 7 SS division Prinz Eugen was stationed! This helmet could have interesting history. Only bad thing is its missing its liner and has the ugly silver paint. How could i remove it?
  12. I like the finger extension on the mag.

    Meybauer Minesweeper

    I think its a little too big for the KvK2, isnt it?