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  1. Thoughts/opinions on this HJ buckle. Thanks in advance
  2. Grimlin13

    My WWI photo

    I posted this at another forum and got a translation, plus a search on the names. It is to Jakob Renoth of Bischofwiesen . Says," Best Greetings, Thanks for the letter, hope to see you soon"... and signed, Josef. A Joseph Renoth of Bischofswiesen was found on the casualty list. I was told cases of misspelled names are not unusual. Joesph (Josef) Renoth was a soldier in the Bavarian Reserve Infanterie Regiment 18. Was listed as slightly wounded August/September 1916 but died October 2, 1916. Jakob Renoth from Bischofswiesen was slightly wounded in October 1918.
  3. Grimlin13

    My WWI photo

    I collect mainly WWII German Militaria. Badges, awards, blades, photos, etc.. A few WWI German items have found their way into my collection as well. Just received this photo, it is my first WWI German photo. I did some internet researching on WWI German uniforms and guessed they are Bavarians, then a WWI German collector took a look and agreed with me. Nothing going on in this photo, just a group pic. I do think that the soldat in the front row, first on the right end has a look about him and seems rather uninterested in the whole affair.
  4. Grimlin13

    My WWI photo

    My scanner quit working but here is a photo I took with a camera. I am a retired surveillance supervisor and had/have a facial recognition thing built in. It could just be me but, one of the soldats in this photo looks familiar. I posted this on a couple of other forums and I just do not think any one really looks at it all that close. The location and I believe the date are right if it is who I think it is. This photo came out of an old private collection in Germany, was sold only as a WWI photo , nothing special. There were numerous other photos in the collection but, this one is the only one to catch my eye.
  5. This is my first Imperial medal bar. I figured I would bring this thread back instead of making a new post. The ekII has a maker mark on the ring , but I can not see what it is without doing possible damage to the ribbon.
  6. Grimlin13

    unknown bayonet

    Not a British 1907. It is a Czech VZ24 or Czech VZ23, the inverted blade and angled pommel where it meets with grips tells that. The VZ23 had a blade length of 9.75 (248mm) and the VZ23 long, had a blade length of 15.75 (400mm).The VZ24 had a blade length of 11.75 (298mm). The VZ23 copied the earlier Austrian M1895 bayonets inverted style blade. VZ24 bayonets were manufactured from the 1920s to 1950. I enclosed pic of a Brit 1907 and VZ24 for comparison.
  7. I picked this picture up a few weeks ago. The name Reinhold written above one of the men in the picture and a location with date written on the back (France 1942) caught my attention. Did a search on the name Reinhold in the Luftwaffe. Three names came up. Reinhold Hoffmann , Reinhold Knacke and Reinhold Eckardt . I do not think it is Hoffmann, he was based on the Eastern front at the beginning of 1942 and stayed there until 1944. I do not think it is Knacke because his hair was darker and his face shorter than the Reinhold in the picture. So that leaves Eckardt. I looked at a few pictures of Eckardt comparing hair line, the way it is parted with the front combed back , face length and ear shape with the Reinhold in my picture. They look like a match to me. I would like some opinions, thoughts, expertise from those who would know. Thanks for any help.
  8. I agree about the Narvik shield. I could only find four pics of Eckardt, the one already posted and three more. Sadly neither of the other ones show much of the left upper arm area where the shield would be. Although on one you would think you would be able to see the edge of the shield, but maybe it is farther back on the sleeve. As far as my "research", I went to www.luftwaffe.cz and www.findagrave.com Not much at either one. A pic or two and short bio. The luftwaffe site does have a list of kills with locations and dates. I have added two pics of Eckardt that I found. The fourth was a straight on shot ,not showing the upper arms at all.
  9. Found this up in a local shop. Aluminum, multi-piece construction. Has hints of paint in recesses on front with a little more left on reverse. No makers mark. To much smoke in the air from forest fires to take pictures outside but, the color is not too far off with the light I had to use. Any opinions or comments on this buckle would be welcome. Thanks in advance.
  10. Grimlin13

    Heer Buckle

    Found out this buckle was made by Wilhelm Schroder & Co. I was told it is a rare and sought after buckle.
  11. My daughter`s boyfriend calls me, says he found a knife at a sale for $10.00 and asks the best way to sharpen it. I know he goes to yard and estate sales, sometimes finding valuable items. I tell him to do nothing to the knife until I see it. When he gets to my house he has a big knife hanging on his belt, he had been wearing it most of the day. I ask him to take it off and let me see it. Not being a collector of U.S. Militaria, I didn`t know what it was but, I knew it was something. The quality of the knife said that. I did a little research and found out it is a Western G46-8. G46 is the model number and 8 is the length of blade. There was a 4 inch and a 6 inch G46 model as well. The G46-8 was only issued to the military. The ones with Western Pat`d. stamped on the blade are of the earliest G46-8`s made, around 1940. No one could tell me the exact year, but all agreed that it was at the beginning of WWII or right before the U.S. got involved. This knife is a fair example compared to a few others I viewed. The blue is mostly there, only missing where someone put a file to it. The handle is leather and in excellent condition. The scabbard is the original leather scabbard that was issued with it and is in great shape. It`s a dark maroon brown color which is hard to see in the pics. The sad part is, I don`t think the blade had been sharpened until right before I got to see it for the first time. There were still little slivers of metal stuck to the blade edge where "someone" had just been filing on it. I have it in my possession now and am trying to talk a trade or buy it out right from the kid. I told him what it is and that it should be put up, not thrown at trees. Grimlin13
  12. Greetings All, Here`s a little pocket knife that I got in trade.I have not been able to locate any information on it or find a photo of one like it. The handle is, what I believe, to be made of bakelite.The blade has Solingen marked on the tang and that is the only mark any where. Both blades are in mint shape and have the factory edges.The handles are slightly yellowed with age, which is hard to see in the photos. Any information or comments on this little knife will be greatly appreciated. Kindly, Monnie
  13. Thanks for response Nick. Guess there are two Mark Carters at AHF that are from Tn. Are both dealers in militaria? Grimlin13
  14. Mark , I see that you are quick to call things fake. I have done a little research on you and find that you have been called down on your opinions at AHF, to which you don`t respond or defend your opinions. I think you have a hidden agenda and there for, your opinion to me is worthless. Also the threads you refer to ( as far as the ones that come up ) all seem to be about the fake brass pen knives. You also didn`t seem too knowledgeable about the "Sous Marin Perle" pin. You were so fast to call it a fake and be rude to the woman seeking information about it. I see you have kept up your rudeness here. Good day to you sir and expect no further responses from me. Grimlin13
  15. Greetings All, I hope the New Year is starting well you. I have been trying to find out more about this little knife but no luck. I figured I would bring it back up here to get more views on it. Thank you for looking. Monnie
  16. I don`t like the pin on this one. What do you think? Happy New Year to you all! Monnie
  17. Grimlin13

    Opinions on ring

    Thank you for your valued opinion Odal. Guess I had better stick with collecting Third Reich bayonets, badges, medals, and other militaria of the such. I have much better luck with those items. I was going to post this ring on the War Relics forum before I got your opinion. I know you are there also, so you saved me a little time. Best to you, Monnie
  18. Opinions on this ring. No halmarks inside band but , it appears there may have been an inscription. Maybe the name, Mayer. I will try to get a better picture on inside of band where the possible inscription is when time permits. Thanks for looking. Grimlin13
  19. How about this one? Good or bad? This one seems ok to me. It is slightly vaulted. Does that affect the overall condition? Thank you for your time and help in advance. Monnie
  20. Thank you for your reply. I know very little about EK 1`s but, I knew it wasn`t right. Just needed another`s view on it. The person who is selling this has several EK 1`s. He said he thought this one was bad. He had come across a small box with the EK 1`s in it at an estate sale.The others all seem ok, but I will ask opinions here first if I decide to purchase one. Again thank you for your response. Monnie
  21. Grimlin13

    Parteiabzeichen collection

    Greetings Dave, The enamel on your new addition is stunning! I like it. Thank you for sharing it with us. Best to you, Monnie
  22. Grimlin13

    G,Day From Australia

    Hello and welcome to the forum. It`s a great place to learn and share Grimlin13.
  23. Grimlin13

    Hello from Connecticut

    Hello and welcome to the forum. You`ll find this one of the best, if not the best forum of it`s kind. Full of information and has very knowledgable memebers. A bunch of great guys all around. Hope that you stay and learn. Looking forward to seeing your collection.
  24. Grimlin13

    Parteiabzeichen collection

    This has become quite the thread. Very nice collections all of you. I need to repost my party pins here. Kind of put them where they belong. Keep those pins coming and happy hunting all. Monnie
  25. In 1943,Mundlos produced bayonets part of the year and cleaning kits the other part, making the ab 43 s84/98III a little less common. Here`s a matching ab 43 that is in very good condition with matching serial numbers. Blade retains most of its blue as does the scabbard. Blade has never been sharpened and the scabbard has only one small dent. The rg34 is also an ab 43. It`s in fair shape with alot of the original paint remaining. All of the contents are present but not marked. I also have a leather frog for the bayonet that is marked 43 KVZ. Didn`t want to put too many photos here so, photos of it later. Thanks for looking, Monnie