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    Führerhauptquartier "Wehrwolf"
  1. Martinski

    Heinrich Hoffman Photograph

    Hello! Very nice find. I am specialized in the research of FHQu "Wehrwolf" (near Winniza / Ukraine). For my research I also do studies of various elements of FHQu "Wolfsschanze" (which is noted by the Hoffmann-administration as "Wolfschanze" with ONE -s-...). A picture of the same building was published in the book "Wolfsschanze - Hitlers Machtzentrale im Zweiten Weltkrieg" (by Neumärker - Conrad - Woywodt) on page 59 as Hitlers staffcar enters Sperrkreis I. A scan of the pic as attached. In the archives of the NKVD I found a picture of the main entrance to FHQu "Wehrwolf" (at the crossroad of the main road Shitomir - Berditschew - Winniza) and the purpose build road leading to the artificial forest (in the background) where FHQu "Wehrwolf" was located. Check the same style and type of roof as for the small building in your picture. The foundations of this guard house can still be seen today. I already went 15 times for longer visits to the site. I am preparing a very detailed book (planned end of 2016) about FHQu "Wehrwolf". There is already a mini-book (as Visitors Tour Guide) available in English and in Russian. Kind regards - Martin
  2. Martinski

    BROSOW, Siegfried

    Hi Peter, thanks for the input. I study these relations between OKW / OKH for my book about the FHQu "Wehrwolf". Because the OKW (headed by GFM Wilhelm Keitel) was situated in the FHQu (Sperrkreis 1) and the OKH (then headed by Gen. Franz Halder / Kurt Zeitzler) was situated in the town of Winniza, I try to research and analyse their mutual relations. Your document is in my opinion correctly signed, as from 19. December 1941 on, Adolf Hitler was de facto "Der Oberbefehlshaber des Heeres". I guess he let these document sign by GFM Wilhelm Keitel who was always next to him in the different FHQu's. So I guess that your document (if signed on 9. Oktober 1942 - this was done in FHQu "Wehrwolf" in Strishawka) bears the same signatures (GFM W. Keitel) as shown on the BROSOW document!? Does the signature also shows the abbreviation or words "i.A." (im Auftrag) or a similar abbrev. ? Kind regards - Martin
  3. Martinski

    BROSOW, Siegfried

    Hi Bart! If the document by the HQu OKH was drawn BEFORE 1. Oktober 1942; the possibility of a "KEITEL" signatures was great. General Bodewin Claus Eduard Keitel (the brother of GFM Wilhelm Keitel - Chef OKW) was until 1. Oktober 1942 Chef of the "Heerespersonalamt" (HPA) at the HQu of the OKH. Due to the intrigues of Generalmajor Rudolf SCHMUNDT (Chefadjutant der Wehrmacht beim Führer), General Bodewin Keitel was released from his duty on 1. Oktober 1942 and was sent home to "recover his health". From this date, Generalmajor Rudolf SCHMUNDTtook over this responsability; so he had greater impact on the nomination of higher ranking personnel in the Wehrmacht. Generalmajor Rudolf SCHMUNDT was always located in the FHQu's and near Hitler. SCHMUNDT died at 1. Oktober 1944 as the result of the bomb attack on 20. July 1944 by von Stauffenberg. Cynically, exactly two years after he started this duty as Chef des Heerespersonalamtes. Schmundt was succeded by Generalleutnant Wilhelm Burgdorf. So - again - the KEITEL signature on a such document, drawn by the OKH staff is highly unusual and suspected! Martin
  4. Hi! Found already the exact spot where the von Manstein pictures were taken in Winniza. Will repeat them during my next Tour of Duty on the Eastern Front in mid- April 2013! Will post them here. The pics were taken on 25. December 1943 - all seem to be jolly and in a good mood! Exactly three days later, during the Lagebesprechung in FHQu "Wolfschanze", Hitler took the decision to move H.Gr. Süd (GFM von Manstein) further West (the HQ's of H.Gr. Süd will be established in Proskurow on 6. January 1944). Hitler also ordered to destroy his former FHQu "Wehrwolf" totally. This was executed as von Manstein HQ's moved out from there. This will be discussed in great detail in my book about FHQu "Wehrwolf" (to be published Summer 2013). Martin
  5. Ok Bart! Worked well! Many thanks for the cooperation - will try to identify the exact spot where these pics were taken! Thanks again! Martin
  6. Martinski

    AH in Saporrskje 43

    Hi! These pictures are form AH's visit to the HQ's of H.Gr. Süd on 10. March 1943. AH came from the site of the FHQu "Wehrwolf" in Strishawka (near Winniza) and returned the same day to his quarters.in Strishawka. On the same evening (10. March 1943) GFM Erwin Rommel came to visit the Führer in FHQu "Wehrwolf". Rommel arrived by plane in Winniza, coming back from his visit to the Duce in Rome. So - these pictures (which can be found in the archives) are from 10. March '43 and not taken in the Summer. AH went to Saporoshe on 8.th September 1943 - his very last visit to the Eastern Front. Martin
  7. Hello! My name is Martin, became recently member of the Historical War Militaria Forum. On 10. November 2012 you posted some wonderful pictures of GFM Erich von Manstein, taken in the Winniza area. I am preparing a very detailed book (in fact three publications: Tour Guide - Book - Photoalbum) about the FHQu "Wehrwolf" in Strishawka (near Winniza / Ukraine). I spent already several weeks onsite, took thousands of pictures and studied the history of the FHQu in every detail. As GFM von Manstein took his HQ's of H.Gr. Süd in the premises of the former FHQu from early October 1943 until 6.January 1944 (moved to Proskurow), your pictures are VERY interesting for my studies. Unfortunately I cannot open them on the HWM Forum; can only view them as small thumbnails... As I know the entire site and surroundings (incl. the town of Winniza) very well; I am interested to study your pics in detail in order to know (and eventually to repeat the pics in the style "After the Battle") their exact location. Is it please possible to email me your pics (please do include your logo; I am ONLY interested in the study of the background clues) in a reasonable format? Or repost them here so I could view them again in a normal way!? Could I eventually publish one or two of them in my book (planned this Summer 2013)? I will lend you FULL CREDIT for it, incl. a free copy of my book. As you make use of an avatar showing the "GD" cyphers and making use of the abbreviation "FBB" - I also suppose that you're interested / collecting in the FBB. This is also interesting for my research as I study the FBB in 1942 / early 43 (Oberst Thomas / Oberst Streve). Could we please also correspond on this matter? Many thanks, looking forward. Martin M. Bogaert (Flanders / Belgium)
  8. Martinski

    BROSOW, Siegfried

    Bart! I have some doubts about this "paperwork"! Especially the document 739_01.jpg (DKiG signed 8. September 1943). The document shows the signature of GFM KEITEL with the notice: Oberkommando des Heeres and abbreviated: Hqu OKH). BUT GFM Keitel was OKW and NOT OKH. If the document is right, it should bear the signature of General Kurt ZEITZLER, Chief of Staff of the OKH from 24.September 1942. So - the signature of GFM KEITEL on an OKH document seems very unusal... what you think? Another thing: according to his personal file & Mark C. Yerger's book "German Cross" - Vol.1 - page 124, the Eastern Front Medal was awarded 3. November 1942. The document here states: 1. June 1944... a bit late? Martin
  9. hallo Gaston! Many thanks for your effort! Interesting reading. Will go through your scans and let you know if I could use some of the pictures. As agreed, if I can use some material of your collection, I'll give you full credit for this. For the time being, I modeled the complete Sperrkreis 1 of FHQu "Wehrwolf" exactly to its original standards and looks from Summer 1942. As I puzzled Hitler's main office together out of a lot of different photos (of different sources), I now finished the interior of this office, including furniture, lamps, doors, concrete bomb shelter etc. Unique! Very useful for my Tour Guide too! Again - many thanks for your kind cooperation! Martin
  10. Hello Gaston! Many thanks for your offer! Yes - I'm planning to release three publications: - a "Tour Guide" for the on-site visitor ( equals a mini-book) - is ready now on PDF, has to be printed yet; - the book as a very detailed history & description; - a kind of "coffee-table" photobook with mainly pictures and a bit of text. I spent now 10 tours of duty (each tour min 1 week) on the spot in Strishawka (10 km N of Winniza / Ukraine) - took all necessary archeological measurements of the foundations we discovered; tons of pictures, descriptions, discoveries etc. Also went to the site of the OKL HQ's in Kalinowka, the HQ's of the RFSS & AA in Guiva (S of Shitomir) and of course the town of Winniza itself = the site of the OKH HQ's in 1942. I know that in some OT-Frontarbeiter were pictures published of the building of the wooden log houses and barracks (on various spots on the Eastern Front). All pics will be welcome and you will be also fully credited for the evt. scans / copies you could provide. Looking forward! Many thanks - Martin
  11. Hallo Gaston! As an historian & researcher on Hitler's HQ's FHQu "Wehrwolf" (in Strishawka near Winniza / Ukraine), I am very interested in these magazines (OT - Frontarbeiter). I am looking for good scans of pictures published in the OT - Frontarbeiter, mainly from January till July 1942. Especially views from the construction of wooden log houses (Baracken) and concrete bunkers at the Eastern Front. Could you please help me with this? How is your collection of these magazines going? Greetings - Martin