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  1. Hi Kasper, Whether the helmet is an original NSKK (or other) example i couldn't tell you as i've only ever owned one NSKK helmet before. But i can tell you that the insignia doesn't belong on it for two reasons, the first is the way it's been attached with screws, as usually you wouldn't see any rivet or screw heads or any other signs of the way it's been attached. And secondly (& most importantly), It's an: NSKK Verkehrserziehungsdienst Armabzeichen (NSKK Traffic Education Service Arm Badge). They were worn on the upper right sleeve of either the NSKK service tunic or greatcoat and were awarded after 6 months service. Also the 3 holes were for sewing them to the clothing and unfortunately not for screws like on your helmet (hopefully they've not damaged the insignia). You don't come across this insignia that often and the ones that i've seen have usually retailed for anywhere between $200-$400 (very rough estimate!). So even if the helmet is a repro and providing the insignia is original then you've still done well for your $200, and if the helmet is good then you've got yourself a great buy mate ??. Hope this helps.