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  1. Eickhorn

    Soviet WWII groups

    1st group: 180th riflemen regiment of 60th riflemen Guard Division Pavlogradskiy Krasnoznamennuy senior sergeant, chief of a 120mm mortar crew. Order of Patriotic war 2nd class, number: 521.852, awarded in May 1945 for the combats on January 1945 near the river Vistula, where sergeant Feshenko and his team killed 32 enemy soldiers, 1 mortar team, 1 HMG's team and 1 antitank gun team. -Order of Glory 3th class, number: 454.534, awarded in May 1945 for the combats on April 1945 near the river Oder, where the sergeant Feshenko and his team killed 6 HMG's teams and 50 enemy soldiers. -Medal of Valour, number 658.466, awarded in 1943 for the combats on the Hortiza island where sergeant Feshenko resist with valour the enemy attacks and near the right shore of the river Dnper where he combated with the infantry in the 1st line and killed 3 enemy soldiers with his machine gun and grenades. All information comes from the copies of the Russian Military Archive that I have with the group (of course, there is much more information, but this is why each order or medal were awarded.
  2. Hi! As a owner of a militaria business, I have the good luck to have in my hands several interesting items (and the bad luck to can't keep all in my own collection.... ), but I want to share with you few soviet groups that are very interesting, I hope they are also interesting for more members who collect other countries or period militaria.
  3. That's truth! in live as in our hobby we must learn something new each day and never is enough! I have few soviet groups for sale, I will start a topic for show you them, these are really interesting. Best regards. Victor
  4. Hi Peter, yes, all your medals are the 1st variation, awarded during the war or short after it. it's easy to know, just check the ring, if it's round and soldered (2 pieces, medal+ring) is the 1st var. 2nd and 3th variations have the ring as part of the medal (1 piece). Best regards! Victor
  5. if you want more info, just ask us! I'm collecting and selling soviet medals for a lot of years.. Best regards!
  6. Hi Peter, Good gift! (and from a girlfriend, much better!). Soviet orders are really nice ones, most made in silver or gold, I will post some of them in other post these days, so take a look Best regards
  7. Hi Eric, Medals of 1st var, were awarded during the war and in few years later, after that, were awarded the 2nd and 3th vars, as you can see on the award document of the Defense of Stalingrad medal in 1983. Best regards. Victor
  8. Do you collect also orders?
  9. Hi! this is a spanish manufacture order, the breast star looks made in silver by a jeweler, I think 40's-50's production. The only german maker who produced spanish medals, was Meybauer from Berlin, they are really scarce and it's very difficult to find them. This one was mine, a 3th class star, for generals:
  10. Eickhorn

    Finnish Order Cross of Liberty 1939

    Hello Hans! this 4th class cross is the same model for sale in Finnmedals (and it's the best place for buy Finnish decorations!), if you take a look all 4th class looks like this one, but anyway, in Finland at the end of the war they continue the production of medals...so could be.. .
  11. Eickhorn

    Finnish Order Cross of Liberty 1939

    A "mourning cross" 1939
  12. Eickhorn

    Finnish Order Cross of Liberty 1939

    another 4th class
  13. Eickhorn

    Japanese China Incident War Medal