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  1. Hi guys! Just for Your interest: 1) Luftschutz-Ehrenzeichen 2. Stufe in Zinc + case: 2) Luftschutz-Ehrenzeichen 2. Stufe in Aluminium + case 3) Membership-pin for "Reichsluftschutzbund" (RLB) 4) Small documents-lot with LS-Ehrenzeichen 2. Stufe The 2 cases are nearly equal, second one is a little bit smaller in size. Kind regards, Peter
  2. That seems to be so because Imperial Austria had no bravery awards with needles on the back, only medals and crosses with ribbons. Best, Peter
  3. Hi JoTo! A lot of high-quality-items shown in Your threads! Seems that You own a very nice collection! Kind regards, Peter
  4. Fantastic grouping! But: No hero? Who knows! Not every soldier got the awards he should have got! Kind regards, Peter
  5. PeterM

    Close Combat in Gold.

    I have to agree: Fake! Kind regards, Peter
  6. Hi Jorn! Very good condition for a Bandenkampfabzeichen! I like it a lot! Kind regards, Peter
  7. A copy, I'm afraid! Matches not one of the accepted and known originals. Kind regards, Peter
  8. Hi! Very nice "Kreis- and Gausieger"-badges in Your threads! Kind regards, Peter
  9. PeterM

    Signum Laudis medal

    Hi Jim! A nice "Militärverdienstmedaillle -Signum Laudis" FJ I. in bronze with swords. Although the case has seen better days, it's always nice to have one. I'm with Pierce, I also love Austrian cases of the Kuk area. Kind regards, Peter
  10. Hi Fischer! I really love Your grouping! Thanks for sharing. Kind regards, Peter
  11. What a beautiful badge! Kind regards, Peter
  12. Hi guys! Does anyone of You know, what happened to Ernst Jünger's decorations and award docs? He is one of my favorite authors since many, many years and for sure was a great soldier! Kind regards, Peter
  13. Hi Bart! Just saw this thread and love the idea! Many thanks to everybody for this excellent work! Kind regards, Peter
  14. I really like this Wehrpaß. Nice photo too! Kind regards, Peter
  15. Like it too! Kind regards, Peter
  16. PeterM

    Demjansk soldbuch

    Nice Soldbuch! Thanks for posting! Kind regards, Peter
  17. Very,very nice picture! Kind regards, Peter
  18. This entry means: "Am 15.8.43 Belehrung über Aufrechterhaltung der Manneszucht auf dem Gebiete der Versorgung erfolgt". Kind regards, Peter
  19. Hi! For me at least the "Blue divison medal" is not orignal (see reverse "N" in the word "division"). Kind regards, Peter
  20. Beautiful and rare! Kind regards, Peter
  21. PeterM

    My RZM Marked Mess Tin

    Most likely SA in my opinion. I once had 3 or 4 of these and they all came from SA-men. Kind regards, Peter
  22. All three awards are very desirable to me! Thanks for showing! Kind regards, Peter
  23. Hi Sebastien! Have read it now. Childish decision in my opinion! Kind regards, Peter
  24. Hi Lee! SS-Stammkompanie zbV. = unit for military training ("Ausbildungseinheit"). Medical notes: "Sprengkörperverletzung im Gesicht, beide Augen, beide Hände und Brust" (face, both eyes, both hands and also the chest had been hurt). Sorry, can't read the name oft this Hauptsturmführer! Would be nice to see the whole Soldbuch! Kind regards, Peter