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  1. Mbizy

    LW CCC Bronce

    Two VERY nice LW CCC's Patrick! Congrats on two GREAT finds!!!
  2. Mbizy

    Apologies .....

    Chin up old friend! I've been through what you describe TWICE and it's VERY difficult. We are resilient creatures though and we adapt. It's not easy to do so, but I've known you for some time now and your good heart and great attitude will be seen by potential employers and you will be fine. I'll ALWAYS have a job waiting here for you in the states. You above all people can say, like Wilhelm Canaris - " I have a clear conscience" about your life. That's a great quality that few can honestly say.
  3. All amazing collections my friends and nicely displayed!
  4. Mbizy

    .... on a lazy Sunday

    Excellent Deumer's! Nice pieces in any 57er collection!
  5. Mbizy

    Deumer PAB bronze

    Sweet Deumer PAB buddy! WOW!
  6. Mbizy

    but now.....OLS by S&L

    Congrats on achieving this milestone Rüdiger! A wonderful and textbook set!
  7. Thanks all! Hans, this very badge was shown in Tom Durante's excellent book on para badges. It is believed this eagle is made from wartime dies.
  8. Mbizy

    Wide Pin CCC's by S&L

    Thanks friends! I appreciate your kind words. Believe me, it was NOT EASY assembling these two sets!
  9. Thanks friends! Your displays look GREAT Rüdiger and Jan! Excellent pieces!
  10. Here is a rare Assman made and maker marked Glider badge.
  11. I'm pleased to share two complete sets of CCC's or Nahkampfspangen by S&L. One each for Heer and Luftwaffe. Enjoy...
  12. Hi guys, I thought I'd ask for examples of how you display your treasures. Here are mine. They hang on the wall in custom made, oak framed, shadow boxes.
  13. I also share a post war copy of a wartime photo, also signed by Herr Witzig, seen here awarding his men for bravery.
  14. Here is my photo of FJ, RKT Rudolf Witzig from his BW days. The photo was taken sometime before 1962. The postal code on the back of the dates before 1962. The photo is hand signed by Herr Witzig. A good view of his mini-medal bar with 1957 version awards is seen also. This very same photo was used in the book - "Die Ritterkreuztrager der Deutschen Wehrmacht 1939-1945 -Teil II Fallschirmjager" on page 371. I hope you enjoy it. Herr Witzig served Germany with distinction both during and after the war. Rudolf Witzig joined the 16th Pioneer Battalion in Höxter on April 1, 1935, as an officer candidate. Two years later, on April 20, 1937, he was promoted to Leutnant and served as a platoon leader in the 31st Pioneer Battalion. Witzig volunteered for service in the Fallschirmjäger on August 1, 1938, and joined the Parachute Infantry Battalion under the command of Major Richard Heidrich. A year later, after transferring to the Luftwaffe and then holding the rank of Oberleutnant, he was leader of the Sturmabteilung Koch pioneer platoon. This unit was named after Hauptmann Walter Koch.[1] Witzig's greatest military achievement was the capture of Fort Eben-Emael in the Battle of Fort Eben-Emael on May 10, 1940; that same day, OberleutnantWitzig was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross. A special announcement of the Wehrmachtbericht on May 11 lauded the accomplishments of Witzigand his airborne landing group. On May 16, Witzig was further honored by an early promotion to Hauptmann.[1] Rudolf Witzig led the 9th Company of the Parachute Assault Regiment during the Invasion of Crete. Wounded in the course of the battle, he was transferred from the Luftwaffe hospital in Athens to several other hospitals.[1] On May 10, 1942, Witzig was placed in command of the Corps Parachute Pioneer Battalion. He received promotion to Major on August 24, 1942. From November 1942, he and his battalion served in Tunisia under the command of Oberst Hasso von Manteuffel, General Friedrich Freiherr von Broich, and General Alfred Bülowius, incorporated into the Barenthin Luftwaffe Regiment. The defensive successes in the northern sector of the Tunisian Front are closely linked with Rudolf Witzig. Witzig served as the commanding officer of I. Battalion, 21st Parachute Pioneer Battalion, from June 15, 1944, and simultaneously as commanding officer of the regiment. Witzig and his unit were mentioned a second time in the Wehrmachtbericht on August 8, 1944, after the destruction of 27 enemy tanks near Kumele. His last service in World War II was as commanding officer of the 18th Parachute Regiment, from December 16, 1944. With his regiment, he went into captivity on May 8, 1945. Witzig's last honor of the war had come the previous day, when his name was placed on the Honor Roll of the Luftwaffe. These two paragraphs are the direct translations of the Wehrmachtbericht - 1) Saturday, 11 May 1940 - The strongest fort of the fortress Lüttich, Eben-Emael, which dominates the crossings of the Maas and Albert-Canal near and west of Maastrich surrendered Saturday afternoon. The commanding officer and 1000 men were taken prisoner of war. The fort was already rendered defenceless and the garrison pinned down on 10 May by a specially selected unit of the Luftwaffe under the leadership of Oberleutnant Witzig and deploying new combat means. The garrison dropped their arms when an attacking unit of the Army, after heavy combat, established contact with the detachment Witzig. 2) Tuesday, 8 August 1944 - 1st Battalion of the Fallschirm-Pionierregiments 21 under the command of Major Witzig distinguished themselves and showed exemplary fighting spirit in the combat area west of Kauen. The Battalion destroyed 27 enemy tanks in close combat on one day.