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  1. Hello nice document, I did not spot this post, while working abroad. the description of this diensbuch is as precise at it is well explained, with history of OBLs leading Normandy and Brittany. Cheers, Pierre
  2. Coloprimus

    My "collection" :)

    hello, an outboard-motor propeller ? Nice... Cheers, Pierre
  3. Hello Pete, thanks for your kind comment, yes both optics used for survey and I still am searching for proper tripods to fit them on...
  4. Thank you for your kind comments, gentlemen ! I'm awaiting to add an OT officer schirrmütze... to be followed, I hope !
  5. nice legit armband. The Teno was involved a lot in the building of atlantikwall on this side ot the channel...
  6. did you say "let me see more of this stuff " ?
  7. capitaine Piron, not doubt. Very nice and scarce pic !
  8. the upper part finishes by "...en avant". Must be a figure of a french trooper charging... nice relic, congratulations !
  9. Hello Bart well, I'm fine, hope every one on the forum is the same ! merry 2017 to all !
  10. am I the one and only collector of OT stuff over here ? Please post your items following these...
  11. referring to that scarce pic, the French NSKK shield looks on the wrong arm, or is it ?
  12. Coloprimus

    What do I have here?

    Bart Is right. A truppführer in the Organisation Todt. You can't see the armband on the left arm. Nice picture !