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  1. Coloprimus

    My "collection" :)

    hello, an outboard-motor propeller ? Nice... Cheers, Pierre
  2. Hello Pete, thanks for your kind comment, yes both optics used for survey and I still am searching for proper tripods to fit them on...
  3. Thank you for your kind comments, gentlemen ! I'm awaiting to add an OT officer schirrmütze... to be followed, I hope !
  4. nice legit armband. The Teno was involved a lot in the building of atlantikwall on this side ot the channel...
  5. did you say "let me see more of this stuff " ?
  6. capitaine Piron, not doubt. Very nice and scarce pic !
  7. the upper part finishes by "...en avant". Must be a figure of a french trooper charging... nice relic, congratulations !
  8. Hello Bart well, I'm fine, hope every one on the forum is the same ! merry 2017 to all !
  9. am I the one and only collector of OT stuff over here ? Please post your items following these...
  10. referring to that scarce pic, the French NSKK shield looks on the wrong arm, or is it ?
  11. Coloprimus

    What do I have here?

    Bart Is right. A truppführer in the Organisation Todt. You can't see the armband on the left arm. Nice picture !
  12. Hello, GC on the collar tab stands for "guard along the line of communication". French uniform. Cheers, Pierre