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  1. Nice and heavy early piece with very good details. Unfortunately not with me anymore. /Bjorn
  2. Thanks! The eagle is made of two pieces of stamped metal that is carefully welded together. The eagle is detachable from the base. /Bjorn
  3. Another recent pickup, unfortunately broken but will still display well as soon as my "war room" is finished. /Bjorn
  4. Throphy catalog + a picture from a "Schreibstube" with a Göring bust and a LW eagle
  5. I would think that anyone could buy these as they are pictured in periodic "throphy" catalogs. So anyone that wanted to give someone a price or gift could most possibly get one of these. All the best /B
  6. Bjorn R


    Numbered Rudolf Karneth ''25''
  7. Thanks guys, I got the dagger and are very happy with it + It fits my SS caser perfectly The screws looks fine and the only thing that looks turned is the top nut All the best Bjorn
  8. Ok no hurry just curious. Thanks
  9. When browsing to this forum with my Samsung Tablet I got the suggestion that I should use Tapatalk to browse this forum unfortunately I cannot seem to find it when I search for it. Isn't this function enabled perhaps? Will it be in the future? All the best, thanks for a great looking forum /Bjorn
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    Who's there?

    Thanks for the invite Bart! My name is Bjorn I live in Sweden I have been collecting since 2005 and still have the same goal, getting one award of each. Most people say its a mistake made by most new collector but I still hope it can be done and I have (hopefully) 50 years of collecting left. I have some problem sticking strictly to my plan as I also like trophies, helmets and edged weapons.... Thats all folks
  11. One of my favorite helmets of all time. Unfortunately I had to sell it but still a nice one /Bjorn