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  1. Thought I share some photos from this impressive book. This is one of the 10 books I decided to keep from a big lot of over 150 books I bought a few month back. Enjoy this great artwork /Bjorn
  2. Bjorn R

    Take a look at this mans BLOG

    Thanks Patrick My own favoritest are these two http://www.brmilitaria.com/2014/01/silberne-medaille-fur-rettung-awarded.html http://www.brmilitaria.com/2012/10/american-b-17-lot.html well and this one http://www.brmilitaria.com/2012/08/great-lot-from-nc.html Cheers, B
  3. Bjorn R

    Take a look at this mans BLOG

    Thanks alot for the nice feedback.I enjoy buying small collections through newspaper adds as you never know what kind of items will turn up next:-) Cheers Bjorn
  4. My first post over here. This is a small desk eagle that I bought a couple of weeks ago, not a design I have seen before but still very nice All the best from a rainy Sweden /Bjorn
  5. Was hoping to buy this dagger but would like to know that its 100% authentic before doing so. In my opinion it looks authentic but the thing that bugs me is that the handle looks almost to good, no dents bruices and it got a strange satin/dull look to it.I Are there any SS collectors out there that could help me out?
  6. Don't know if this is the right place, but I see these as pices of art :-) I added some of my original photos of RR eagles as a bonus Hope you enjoy /Bjorn
  7. Thanks guys, Steve T feel free to use them as long as you give me the credit. Cheers Bjorn
  8. Hi Guys Any thoughts on this one? It was bought as a reproduction but it has some great details. Thanks Bjorn
  9. Very nice eagle and as a bonus I found a periodic publication with my eagle. By far my most favorite eagle. /Bjorn
  10. Nice little eagle with a great looking marble base /Bjorn
  11. Hi Guys Whats your thought about this one? I bought it thinking it was an Austrian helmet but it seem the color is wrong, any ideas? Thanks Bjorn
  12. Another item up for review. So far I dont think its correct but its hard to find image of genuine 1st class awards. 1, The eagles claws are not very noticable as seen on 2nd class awards, here they seem more like part of the wreath. 2, Swaz is also not so defined and looks a bit small. 3, The ribbon loop resembles the 1957 award loop 4. Rivets dont match, they are punched unlike the others I have seen, I have seen one -57 award with the same rivets. Info that checks out 1. Number of feathers on wings is five oposed to 4 on 2nd class awards 2. Number of lines(logs) is 10 under wreath, instead of eight as of a 2nd class award. So is anyone here specialized in these and would like to help me out? Any pictures of originals would be greatly appreciated! I cant find any discussion threads on these so if there is any please post them here or drop me a PM. Thanks Bjorn
  13. One of my favorite helmets of all time. Unfortunately I had to sell it but still a nice one /Bjorn
  14. IMO the best designs of the Third Reich
  15. I just bought this nice looking soldier on ebay.de It will look great with my ww1 soldiers :-) Will upload better pictures as soon as it arrives /Bjorn
  16. Some more picture of the soldier in question. Does anyone has any idea regarding the dedication? Cant make it out. Best regards Bjorn
  17. Got the soldier today. not the same quality as the two bronzes but still a nice WW2 edition We'll start off with the guys here
  18. Got these in the mail today. If I understand correctly these are pages from Luftwaffe week calendar that was sent to Officers of the Luftwaffe. I don't know if these are reprints or originals They are very nice either way Best regards Bjorn
  19. Thanks! And I think they could be original as many of them has a perforated lower part as they would have when in the LW Calendar I'll attache some images on how they would have looked if complete in calendar /Bjorn
  20. My latest helmet, bought this one from an gentleman that has had it since May 1945, it look almost unissued. Where these Police helmets not worn as much as the Army helmets? it looks like there is alot of nice almost mint Police helmets out there. Enjoy
  21. Bjorn R

    Nuremberg Eagle

    Wow thats one nice looking eagle! If you do you have any more for sale drop me a PM Bjorn
  22. Thanks that was the only picture I had with the soldiers. Unfortunately not everything is as good as it look on that last picture the KCs and the DKiG is reproductions high end but neverthe less reproductions. /Bjorn