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  1. Sorry but this is not Richter but Leo-Hermann Reinhold, receiving KC for his successes during allied operation Market Garden. Lado
  2. Er ist spätere Ritterkreuzträger Curt Rechel. Lado
  3. Please correct his name - he is Hartmut von Hößlein. Lado
  4. Jaime you are right and I stand corrected. I've checked my files and on the same picture I have him as MUFF and on others as unidentified. I guess he must have been once wrongly identified as MUFF and I forgot to check or correct it on those pictures. Thank you for pointing this out for me. Lado
  5. Another two are - behind in the middle is General der Landespolizei Walter WAHRBURG and behind on the left is Generalleutnant Georg POTEN. Lado
  6. I mean In front of Holle is Fiebig. Lado
  7. He is oaks holder General der Flieger Martin FIEBIG. Lado
  8. On 11. 7. 2015 at 6:05 AM, Beobachter said: "Ritterkreuz award ceremony for Hauptmann Theodor Rossiwall, Staffelkapitän 5./ZG 26 "Horst Wessel". Walter Grabmann presents the award." It is not Walter Grabmann but Generaloberst Alfred Keller as it can be seen on the second foto. Lado
  9. Georg von Bismarck with glasses on far right. Lado
  10. He is Generalmajor and later KC holder Karl ROTHENBURG. Lado
  11. Blood Order holders gallery

    SA-Brigadeführer Heinrich Gerlach, Loeper, SA-Obergruppenführer Adolf Kob, Lutze, SA-Gruppenführer Erich Reimann in Bernburg May 1935. Lado
  12. He is Michael Fischer. In the middle is Otto Stams. Lado