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  1. On fist two photos is General der Infanterie Rudolf LÜTERS and I belive he is on this last one too. Lado
  2. Sorry but this is not Richter but Leo-Hermann Reinhold, receiving KC for his successes during allied operation Market Garden. Lado
  3. Er ist spätere Ritterkreuzträger Curt Rechel. Lado
  4. Please correct his name - he is Hartmut von Hößlein. Lado
  5. Jaime you are right and I stand corrected. I've checked my files and on the same picture I have him as MUFF and on others as unidentified. I guess he must have been once wrongly identified as MUFF and I forgot to check or correct it on those pictures. Thank you for pointing this out for me. Lado
  6. Another two are - behind in the middle is General der Landespolizei Walter WAHRBURG and behind on the left is Generalleutnant Georg POTEN. Lado
  7. I mean In front of Holle is Fiebig. Lado
  8. He is oaks holder General der Flieger Martin FIEBIG. Lado
  9. On 11. 7. 2015 at 6:05 AM, Beobachter said: "Ritterkreuz award ceremony for Hauptmann Theodor Rossiwall, Staffelkapitän 5./ZG 26 "Horst Wessel". Walter Grabmann presents the award." It is not Walter Grabmann but Generaloberst Alfred Keller as it can be seen on the second foto. Lado
  10. Georg von Bismarck with glasses on far right. Lado
  11. He is Generalmajor and later KC holder Karl ROTHENBURG. Lado
  12. LaSi69

    Blood Order holders gallery

    SA-Brigadeführer Heinrich Gerlach, Loeper, SA-Obergruppenführer Adolf Kob, Lutze, SA-Gruppenführer Erich Reimann in Bernburg May 1935. Lado
  13. He is Michael Fischer. In the middle is Otto Stams. Lado
  14. Sorry Ian but the epaulets(with two pips) of this KC holder are more of an oberfeldwebel(Gebauer) than a feldwebel(Hubers rank when awarded KC) and he looks more like Fritz Gebauer than Karl Huber. Fritz Gebauer was awarded just EKII and EKI before he was awarded KC and that fits too. Lado
  15. With Lincke is PLM holder General der Infanterie Rudolf SCHNIEWINDT. Lado
  16. On left is Generalmajor Bodo von WARTENBERG. Lado
  17. Mink is awarded by Karl-Gottfried Nordmann. Hi John. About foto on page 60 (an image of the award to Wolfgang Skorczewski) hairline for shure seems like that of Josten's. But I miss his DKg he was awarded before beeing awarded KC as an oberfeldwebel. Maybe this is foto when he recived oaks to his KC. Lado
  18. Jaime there is only a foto of Wolkewitz on that site and beeing awarded by Höcker is what forum member Denis said on page 347. Höcker reached final rank of Generallleutnant (one pip no shoulder boards) and he is hardly seen without his glasses. That is why I don't think it's him. I have checked this a little bit and at the time Wolkewitz was awaeded KC he was with GR478 under ID250 and XXXXVI PzK. Kommanding General of XXXXVI PzK was Hans ZORN who I think is really on this foto. Please check if you have the foto when Jaschke was awarded his KC by ZORN. It is very simmilar situation with foto of ZORN taken from behind and do pay attention at his ear. And I agree that with Diekwisch is Keller rather than Löhr. Thanks John. Lado
  19. At the back is Arthur FINGER. Lado
  20. It can't be Höcker as the shulder boards are of one full General. Awarded by Alexander LÖHR. Lado
  21. I'd say Generalarbeitsführer Karl von Wenckstern. With oakswinner SS-Gruppenführer Max SIMON. Lado