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  1. Thanks for sharing your research and exploits. They are all very interesting ; the story of Roy Woolbridge is amazing. Regards Mark
  2. Hello Tim, Looks like a French Lebel Bayonet, Model 1886/1893/1916 manufactured without the quillion around WW1 era. Sorry can't help with identifying it more, Regards Mark
  3. Very impressive collection and interesting to see the flashes worn upon these helmets. thanks for sharing, Regards Mark
  4. Very nice additions Jim. The "dead mans Penny" are really interesting, and nice to see its carton Regards Mark
  5. Very nice display cabinet which the lighting has helped to show the items you elect to put in there. very clean looking. Regards Mark
  6. Very nice way to keep the group together Jim. The name plate is a nice touch Regards Mark
  7. The reverse. Regards Mark
  8. Hello All, Just thought I would add an EK2 MM "KM" for review.
  9. Thanks for sharing. That is a very impressive collection Regards Mark
  10. Congratulations Robert and thank you for showing the group. The bar is really in great condition. Regards Mark
  11. Merry Christmas to all, a hot day in the high 30's Cel. from the land down under. Regards Mark
  12. Thanks for sharing Bart, interesting reading and theme .They look so very young. Regards Mark
  13. G'day Jim, Nice to see you back again. That is a great group which I can only aspire towards. Very nice that the Hohenzollern cross is marked, and I think it is just a beautiful award. I would really like to see it mounted beside the EK 2 on the bar. This shall be very impressive when shown with your others and I look forward to the mounting display. Thanks again for sharing and your time, Best Regards Mark