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  1. Mark P

    Bits of stick grenade 24

    Hello Rich, I get out with a detector in my own area, but not the same volume of history here. We have some wild pigs around here as well. Good luck with your future endeavors and that's for sharing your collection. Regards Mark for Australia
  2. Mark P

    Bits of stick grenade 24

    Cool finds especially the porcelain ring/bead. Regards mark
  3. Mark: 

    I see you visited my post, but I do not see your comment about 1960 reissued Cross. I vale feedback, hope to read your comment soon.

    Best regards,

    John R.

    1. John R.

      John R.


      I just figured it out; I greatly appreciate the "like" regarding reissued RK. 

      Thank you,


  4. Mark P

    My Little room

    WOW; very impressive selection and you have a MG 34. Thanks for showing your collection. Regards Mark
  5. Mark P

    A special plane in the end

    Very nice group, thank you for saving and sharing. Regards Mark
  6. Mark P

    EK s

    WOW I would very happy to find that tray. Regards Mark
  7. Mark P

    Crashed BF 110

    Thanks for showing these pieces Richard. Did you find these yourself? Regards Mark
  8. Thanks for sharing; very impressive Regards Mark
  9. Mark P

    Iron Cross

    WOW DKiG , Knights Cross with ribbon and EK1. Very nice. Regards Mark
  10. Mark P

    My Little room

    Great display and I really like cabinets for the daggers. You have an MP40 as well? Regards Mark
  11. Mark P

    Eric-Jan Bakker

    Rest peacefully and condolences to his family. Mark
  12. Very impressive collection, thanks for sharing, Regards Mark
  13. Mark P

    Spanish Awards

    Hello Belles, Thanks for sharing your collection. There is some very nice awards shown and the Medalla sufrimientos por la Patria`` are very interesting; especially with the wound bars. Regards Mark
  14. Thanks for sharing your photo's; they're great. Planning a visit to the UK next year so hopefully I may be able to visit.. Regards Mark
  15. Bremer Hanseatenkreuz and Ek2 mm ED