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  1. Max Williams

    Heinrich Himmler

    Yes, of course, a typo. I had just been reading an article on Streicher and his name was on my mind.
  2. Max Williams

    Heinrich Himmler

    Michal, This is a photo of the early Landshut SS. Between Himmler and Streicher is Pfeffer von Salomon. Max.
  3. Max Williams

    16 SS - Simon signed doc

    I understand what you are saying, but the general appearance of your document signature indicates it was not signed, but drawn. Some people describe this fault as "hesitant." The award document example I posted is only 1 year apart. As for the content aspect, it never ceases to amaze me the lengths some forgers go to in order to convince the prospective buyer that it is real. Some even type a copy of a genuine document. Small wonder when you consider that a couple of hours work can produce rich rewards in many cases. I wish I was mistaken with your document, but somehow I doubt it. I even approached another SS autograph specialist with your example and I'm sorry to say they also voiced serious doubts over its authenticity. Sorry. Max.
  4. Max Williams

    16 SS - Simon signed doc

    Hello Antony, I'm sorry to say that I do not like the signature on your document. It has all the appearances of being copied from an authentic example. If you compare it with original examples you can see it has faltering upward and downward strokes which give the indication that it was drawn rather than signed with a flourish. The unsteady stroke is always present in a drawn example. When a signature is drawn it is being copied. Sorry about this, but in my opinion your document is a forgery. I hope I'm wrong. Max.
  5. This one is a gem. The sad thing is that it has attracted several buyers and is currently achieving over €100. Not only is the Rommel signature and greeting an obvious total fabrication, but it also comes with a fake provenance letter! Comments welcome. Max.
  6. Here's an obvious fake Himmler document being offered for sale. Himmler and Hitler signatures are the most commonly forged Third Reich signatures, closely followed by Rommel and Goebbels. Max.
  7. Max Williams

    Himmler signature

    Can you explain further please for the benefit of everyone? Thanks, Max.
  8. Max Williams

    Unknown SS-Sturmbannführer

    Unfortunately, no other information as stated. There was a period when SS troops were ordered to remove any recognisable rank insignia. The strange thing is that the Stubaf. is wearing his. I doubt he is SD or Sipo as he appears to be wearing SS runes on his right collar. Max.
  9. Does anyone know this SS-Sturmbannführer please? No other information available. Max.
  10. The following photo postcard was offered for sale by a militaria dealer. The dealer's name has been obliterated. There is an obvious major fault with this particular signed photo which indicates that the signature is almost certainly a forgery. It also illustrates that a dealer in general militaria is not a specialist in autographs, no matter how well known or experienced. Anyone see the fault yet? The signature purports to be that of Gauleiter Hinrich Lohse and in my opinion is a fairly good copy of his real signature. The problem with this photo is that it depicts Gauleiter Alfred Meyer. Max.
  11. Here is a personal letter ink signed by Gauleiter Wilhelm Kube. Max.
  12. One of the more interesting Gauleiter, Wilhelm Kube. Assassinated in his bed by his housemaid who left a small mine under his mattress. His pregnant wife, asleep in the adjoining bed, was shaken, but unhurt. Kube received serious injuries and quickly succumbed. The housemaid escaped arrest and was declared a hero of the Soviet Union. She later stated that she had befriended the guard and smuggled the device into the bedroom secreted down her blouse. The following photos are of Kube (one a very rare photo of him in SS-Gruppenführer uniform,) his assassin, his apartment and his family. Max.
  13. The following are bread and butter points to all experienced collectors and researchers, but many beginners may need a nudge in the right direction. Here are a few basic pointers to assist identification from photographs. First, the branch of service; Familiarity. Does he/she look like anyone known? Rank insignia; Any other insignia? Specific awards; Anything in the image that can date it? The photographer and location of his studio; Any other person or thing in the image to assist identification? Hope this is of help to someone. Max.
  14. Max Williams

    Himmler Family Photo

    Hello Erich, I believe this photo came accompanied by a signed Himmler visiting card. It appears in several books, including the photo chronology by Martin Mansson. Nice pic. Max.