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  1. I would agree, the miss-spelling is the key here.
  2. Sonderbefehls

    Panzer Skulls.

    Cheers Justin, I've been told that the tabs are not correct, but the skulls are. Thanks for your input, appreciated.
  3. Sonderbefehls

    Panzer Skulls.

    Better pictures. Can any body help please?
  4. Hi, could any body have a look at these Panzer Skulls and give a honest opinion? It would be greatly appreciated if I could get some decent information from you fine chaps. Thanks in advance.
  5. Sonderbefehls

    Bullet Plane Trench Art.

    Another update. This plane now resembles the way it looked all those years ago. The rigging was attached to the holes in the wings, just as the original one would have had. A nice little trench art bullet plane, brought back to life after 100 years. Bullet is German 1915.
  6. Sonderbefehls

    Bullet Plane Trench Art.

    Pictures update.
  7. Sonderbefehls

    Bullet Plane Trench Art.

    Same letter, number and year and S67. These are the same as the ones on my bullet (picture 5, Bottom left). I believe these to be 7.92 Mauser bullets.
  8. Sonderbefehls

    Bullet Plane Trench Art.

    It has been sent away to be restored, with a new tail end added. Possibly too, it will get some wheels, there are two holes underneath, suggesting it did have wheels originally.. I'll try and remove the proppeller and see what the markings/stamps are on the end of the bullet. Should be interesting..
  9. I was about to throw out some stuff, when I decided to have a look inside, for a last minute check. I'm glad I did, this what I "found".
  10. Sonderbefehls

    Luftwaffe Skull Cap.

    It could even be: L.B.A. S 1940??
  11. Sonderbefehls

    Luftwaffe Skull Cap.

    I think it's 1940 Richard, when you look at it closely, you can see bits of the "40". I believe "19" can very, very slightly, be made out??
  12. Sonderbefehls

    Luftwaffe Skull Cap.

    I have been told yellow is for "flight over sea", if a plane was ditched in the sea, the yelow cap would be seen by a rescue plane/boat. The red side, is for tropical operations, and again, being seen against desert back drop from the air. It was designed to fit around the ear and neck microphones. Whether these were popular with aircrews or of any actual use, I have no idea. It does seem that the caps were worn earlier in the war, then discontinued. I don't have any idea where these caps were carried or stored.. I'm delighted to finally get to own, one of these rare caps.
  13. Sonderbefehls

    Luftwaffe Skull Cap.

    I also think that it comes as a "one size" cap, fitting all the flight helmets. I thought this cap would need stretching to fit the flight helmet, but it fitted quite easily. In fact, it's baggy in some places, meaning it could fit a bigger size helmet.
  14. Sonderbefehls

    Luftwaffe Skull Cap.

    It's a six part construction, made of a light denim style material. The four clips resemble scissors, with the ends bent inwards. I think the yellow side would have been much brighter, this cap is very faded. The stamps is I believe L.B.A. 1940 (?)
  15. After many a year, I finally "found" a item that I have always wanted: The Luftwaffe "survival at sea" skull cap. This cap was worn over the flight helmet via four little clips. It came as a reversible cap, yellow on one side and red on the other.