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  1. Great Luftwaffe display
  2. I bought a Kriegsabzeichen off them and posted it online and it turned out to be a poor fake! But, I contacted them and they immediately refunded the payment as soon as the Medal was returned. So, no real problems really.
  3. Just hope they can get this Wartime Typhoon flying again..
  4. Yes, RIP mate, "Allo Allo" was good for a laugh!
  5. Please check before you go.. I'm sure all the tickets have been sold for this event. I'm not sure really, but it is worth it to save disappointment.
  6. I've now been told that they are still "hopeful" of the Sturmtiger arriving..
  7. I got these quite cheaply to be honest, I don't know what attracted me to them
  8. Soviet Tank Commander Winter Jacket from the Afgan war 1979 - 1989. Colour: Black Sheepskin with Black Denim Liner and Fur Collar. Size: Russian 50-3 Very heavy, lovely and warm.
  9. NSDAP badges in different states of Manufacture..
  10. I've heard the "SturmTiger" will not be there??...
  11. Very interesting programme, also very sad, that you had young kids writing home asking for more supplies of Pervitin.
  12. Cheers Justin, completely forgot about this buckle
  13. No problems Richard, it's well worth keeping
  14. It's a great "find" Richard.. why can't I find these Luftwaffe pieces in local flea markets? Do you know what it's worth is mate?