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  1. Sonderbefehls

    Luftwaffe Schwimmweste Fl30154-2

    That's fine Richard, what you have is very desirable indeed. Good luck with a trade and please lets us know how you get on..
  2. Sonderbefehls

    Luftwaffe Schwimmweste Fl30154-2

    I'm sure they will be able to help, that Kapok is quality and don't sell your self short.
  3. Sonderbefehls

    Luftwaffe Schwimmweste Fl30154-2

    Try e-mailing these: http://www.oldnautibits.com/index.php
  4. Sonderbefehls

    Luftwaffe Schwimmweste Fl30154-2

    I'm sure there are a lot of collectors out that would pay good money for that Kapok vest. E-mail some militaria shops and may be they could trade for some thing more in to your personal taste? I'm sure you could easily get £1500/£2000 for that Kapok vest.
  5. Sonderbefehls

    Acquired after a 25 year search

    Very interesting group of pictures. Any pictures of the arm bands, as seen in the pictures?
  6. Sonderbefehls

    Day light trench raid at Tahure

    A very brave man. May he Rest In Peace.
  7. Sonderbefehls

    They just don't understand!!!!

    I've always said.. certain Religions/Races of people will never be friends. Flooding this Country with people with one certain Religious belief, will only cause tension with their long standing enemies. It's common sense and if you point this out? you are labeled a racist. And when it all kicks off? (and it will) what do you do? They won't listen.
  8. Sonderbefehls

    Unknown Helmet?

    I've been told this is a genuine unfinished (?) M42, quite rare in this state?
  9. Any ideas on this helmet? A friend in work gave it to me for £10.. told me it was crap! I think it's a post war copy? Would be grateful for your thoughts.. 🤣
  10. Sonderbefehls

    Gelatine Klapplaternen

    No problems Tony, I appreciate your views. I'm in no rush.
  11. Sonderbefehls

    Reichsbahn Lamp.

    My lamp is in original colour. Any pictures of the one in black?
  12. Sonderbefehls

    Gelatine Klapplaternen

    No, the catalogue picture is just to show how it was advertised. Regarding a restoration, the brittle panels are falling apart, once there gone, there gone. So, by trying to find a similar pattern to the original ones, I can at least preserve the original ones from further damage in the long term. I will only replace them IF a suitable type can be found.
  13. Sonderbefehls

    Gelatine Klapplaternen

    It's a genuine period piece, as proven by the NSDAP catalogue advertisement.
  14. Sonderbefehls

    Gelatine Klapplaternen

    The panels have a certain pattern on them, and as you can see they are in a very poor state. Hopefully, I can find a similar pattern and may be some how get that on some plastic card? Inside there is a small attachment to hold a candle?