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  1. They are Jerry, especially in this condition. The only other ones I have seen, are either missing the contents or are in a very poor condition. I believe the rarest item, is the Asprey Trench lighter. (in with the smokers version of the 1914 Princess Mary tin).
  2. Non smokers version of the 1914 Princess Mary Tin Christmas Fund tin, came with a khaki Writing wallet. Inside there were two compartments, the front contained 2 packs of envelopes, and the rear had the writing pad and guide line sheet. A pencil was attached to a loop on the side of the writing pad. This one is in great condition, the press stud is in good working order. The front of the wallet has a clear crown and Mary monogram.
  3. SS Allach Candle Holder.

    Allach Candle holder with the new Red Candles..
  4. WW1 German Brass Plaque?

    Not sure on this to be honest.. Nice brass plaque of a Helmet with wreath. 16 x 11 cm.
  5. Not really sure on this Cap, but I'm told it's a M36 Reichsbahn overseas version. Only a size marking inside that I can find, seems a decent Cap? Not my normal field of knowledge, the Reichsbahn..
  6. Eric-Jan Bakker

    Very sad indeed, may he Rest In Peace.
  7. My new rusty helmet.. Lovely and damaged!
  8. M-40 Helmet Relic.

    Lou, I've had some pictures of the Liner on another Forum and this is what I've been told: "Look at the liner rivets - they are the FLAT aluminium type used by the Germans and NOT the DOMED brass ones the Norwegians put in after dying the leather". So it could well be a genuine Liner
  9. bragging

    Just put a Red background behind it..
  10. M-40 Helmet Relic.

    Cheers Lou, it didn't cost much to be honest and I wanted the "worn" look more to add the helmets age. I'll keep an eye out for a genuine "old" liner, I'm in no rush. I'm getting another chin strap and it's a very old one too, and cheap
  11. M-40 Helmet Relic.

    It's not a problem Lou, thanks for your help. It's a lot darker than in the pictures, may be it's the flash that makes it brighter. These are about the best I can do, in normal light you can't see the reddish colour, as in the first picture here.
  12. M-40 Helmet Relic.

    Cheers Lou, is this picture any help?
  13. M-40 Helmet Relic.

    Liner now added with out the pins.. for now
  14. Just hope they restore the Panther to a decent condition, magnificent beast.. Some great restoration projects for the future
  15. M-40 Helmet Relic.

    Liner has been bought..