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  1. Sonderbefehls

    Reichsbahn Lamp.

    Just been told that a container part, does indeed fit, into the botttom piece..
  2. Sonderbefehls

    Reichsbahn Lamp.

    How was it used? Can't see any thing to suggest it had a gas attachment, so it must be a simple candle holder? The underneath has a square metal piece, so may be a wall attachment fitted under this? Displayed on a wall:
  3. Sonderbefehls

    Reichsbahn Lamp.

    The inside:
  4. Sonderbefehls

    Reichsbahn Lamp.

    Three piece construction:
  5. Sonderbefehls

    Reichsbahn Lamp.

    Construction: The little screw on the back comes away, and the bracket slides down to get easy access to the inside.
  6. Sonderbefehls

    Reichsbahn Lamp.

    Nice little Deutsche Reichsbahn lamp. Can't find any info' on the maker's name "WG"? Made after 1937, it has the German Eagle and D R stamped on the top. Before 1937, it was just a simple D R.
  7. Sonderbefehls

    M16 German Helmet.

    Nice M16 helmet, just needs a liner and chin strap to complete it. The marking/stamp seems to be "ET6?" can't make out the last digit. Looking at the lugs, it looks like a "ET62". The helmet was "found" earlier this year (?) and should look super when finished.
  8. Here is the Tiger now, fenced off. I do believe it's to be moved to Saumur Tank Museum for a restoration project (?).
  9. Sonderbefehls

    Crashed BF 110

    Good luck Richard, with your findings. I doubt we will ever understand/estimate the violence of the impact a machine like this can cause. Keep looking mate.
  10. Sonderbefehls

    British WW2 Helmet.

    Hi Jerry, I am after a ww2 helmet net, this one was already on it. Got a original chin strap on the way
  11. Always wanted a "Tommy" helmet in decent condition. This helmet finally came my way . Just after a chin strap now. Nice addition to my helmet collection.
  12. Sonderbefehls

    My New Panel JU88 5J+ER

    This panel is quite simply not a forgery.. sorry! It was done by a friend to "replicate, yes replicate a panel I've always wanted. On my reply to the comments, I clearly say: "I'm sure this is what it more or less would have looked like, at the time of the crash". I haven't been ripped off, and have never, ever put this down as a original from the actual Ju 88, that crashed all those years ago. If the actual panel isn't from a Ju 88, I'm not going to start crying like a baby, I really don't care... It's a replica that I had made, pure and simple. Still love it. The reason? I was fascinated by the actual colours on the "nose art" and wanted to see what it "possibly may have" looked like to this day. I think we did a good enough job. I would still say, that this would be a fair representation, taken from those original pictures in Yorkshire. To the crew of the bomber who died, may you Rest In Peace.
  13. Lovely participation plaque, of a ride through the Bavarian mountains 1937. 2 x 3 inches and quite heavy. Stunning looking piece and I just love the green colour. Also, I believe there is a version in "Red", just wish I could find it. ?
  14. Nice and quite rare NSDAP lapel badge. Marked М1/72-Fritz Zimmermann - Stuttgart.
  15. Handed out personally by Albert Speer, to the most senior workers at the end of building process of the "new" Reichskanzlei in 1938. This is a damaged wall plaque with artist's signature "A. Breker" . Inscription: "In memory of the completion of the Reich Chancellery - Erstanden March 1938 to today Berlin the ninth January 1939 ". Foundry marks for the Prussian mining and metallurgical AG Gliwice. Size 26.5 x 13.5 cm. The damage just adds character to the plaque.