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  1. WW1 German Brass Plaque?

    Not sure on this to be honest.. Nice brass plaque of a Helmet with wreath. 16 x 11 cm.
  2. Not really sure on this Cap, but I'm told it's a M36 Reichsbahn overseas version. Only a size marking inside that I can find, seems a decent Cap? Not my normal field of knowledge, the Reichsbahn..
  3. Eric-Jan Bakker

    Very sad indeed, may he Rest In Peace.
  4. My new rusty helmet.. Lovely and damaged!
  5. M-40 Helmet Relic.

    Lou, I've had some pictures of the Liner on another Forum and this is what I've been told: "Look at the liner rivets - they are the FLAT aluminium type used by the Germans and NOT the DOMED brass ones the Norwegians put in after dying the leather". So it could well be a genuine Liner
  6. bragging

    Just put a Red background behind it..
  7. M-40 Helmet Relic.

    Cheers Lou, it didn't cost much to be honest and I wanted the "worn" look more to add the helmets age. I'll keep an eye out for a genuine "old" liner, I'm in no rush. I'm getting another chin strap and it's a very old one too, and cheap
  8. M-40 Helmet Relic.

    It's not a problem Lou, thanks for your help. It's a lot darker than in the pictures, may be it's the flash that makes it brighter. These are about the best I can do, in normal light you can't see the reddish colour, as in the first picture here.
  9. M-40 Helmet Relic.

    Cheers Lou, is this picture any help?
  10. M-40 Helmet Relic.

    Liner now added with out the pins.. for now
  11. Just hope they restore the Panther to a decent condition, magnificent beast.. Some great restoration projects for the future
  12. M-40 Helmet Relic.

    Liner has been bought..
  13. M-40 Helmet Relic.

    It's too badly pitted to see Lou, I've measured both the inside and outside of the helmet and I'm almost sure it's a 64". Thanks for your help mate
  14. M-40 Helmet Relic.

    Sorry, that's a 64" shell.
  15. M-40 Helmet Relic.

    Any one know what size liner for a 642 shell?