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  1. Incredibly nice Alu Juncker! The early case just adds to the overall beauty of the pair! ERIC
  2. A little late here, but a very fine Brehmer Flak - congrata!! ERIC
  3. Eric S.

    Early Assmann Pilot Badge

    A beauty - A1 Eagle on an A2 wreath, the pattern just after egg shaped wreath! Superb!! ERIC
  4. Can only agree with the others Peter - nice example!! ERIC
  5. Eric S.

    Luftwaffe P/O Badge.

    Agreed!! A 100% reproduction! ERIC
  6. Eric S.


    A very nice duo Alberto!! ERIC
  7. Eric S.

    RCC Cancer spread to brain

    Stay strong my old friend and keep fighting this dreaded disease! - We are all with you! ERIC
  8. Eric S.

    the house of '40-'45, my collection

    A very nice collection Brecht. ERIC