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  1. Robert S.

    Eric-Jan Bakker

    RIP Eric-Jan. A good friend, and a man with the courage to stand up for what he believed! Thank you for all the help and good talks by email. You will be remembered, my friend. Bon voyage on life's last journey.
  2. I tried posting here today, and apparantly I was not allowed to post pictures in my post. I went into my profile, and I saw that I had demoted to Enlisted Member. Off course, I though, my yearly subscription has expired. But, when I try to buy the platinum contributor package again, I get an error message, saying I already have it? What am I doing wrong? Robert :)
  3. Excellent Wehrpass, Polux :) Thank you for sharing
  4. Thank you for the kind replies, guys :D I have one more grouping to post, but there are so many documents it will take some time to go through them.
  5. Robert S.

    VGAD Personal-Buch

    Really looking foreward to getting a closer look at the Personal-Bücher in your collection Thank you for sharing!
  6. Next up, Zollassistenten Hans Schmitt As you can see from the documents, Schmitt was in the army before and after his Customs service He was promoted to Wachtmeister in 1934, while serving in 2./Eskadron Fahr Abteilung 5. In 1936, he had moved on to 2. Battr. Beob. Abt. 5, where he was awarded the 4 year Long Service Medal. In 1938, he was awarded the 12 year Long Service Medal, while serving with Beobachterabteilung 6. Some time after this he was transferred to the Zollgrenzschutz, where he was awarded his Ehrenzeichen on the 30th of March 1942. Next move is back to the Army, where he was awarded KVK2 and EK2 in 1944 while serving with 3./ H. Art.Abt. 602. He had been promoted to Stabswachtmeister at this point. Pardon my bad pictures, as I do not have my scanner available :)
  7. I will be posting the different document groups of my collection, where the soldier was awarded the Zollgrenzschutz Ehrenzeichen. I hope this will be of interest to you :) First up, we have Zollassistenten Rudolf Galke Awarded the Zollgrenzschutz Ehrenzeichen 31st of March 1943
  8. Thank you very much, Pierce :D I had a feeling they might be a bit uncommon, with the non combattant ribbon. But my knowledge on this is quite limited. I only need a 2. Class cross with the "Vor Dem Feind" bar now. Is this difficult to obtain?
  9. Hello all :) A somewhat rare treat I have to show you today. VGAD Personal Buch, belonging to Hilfszollassistent Valentin Grimm. He served in Nantes, and Pont Aven, France. These do not come up for sale often, and I am very happy to have been able to obtain it. Too bad the picture is gone, but it is still a rare piece. Enjoy
  10. Had to have one with non combattant ribbon aswell :-) I have been bitten by the bug
  11. Robert S.

    The First One

    Paul Patzschau. MIA 17.06.1944 by Piegaro, Italy.
  12. Robert S.

    Langemarck Cross

    Very nice decoration! Never seen one like it before
  13. I bought this some months ago, from a reputable swedish dealer. When posting it on another forum tonight, I get the comment "I am not a fan of the open type wreath". Nice original medal though. I was surpriced by this, as I did not know there were different types, What do you guys think? Have I been tricked? Thank you all in advance
  14. Robert S.

    R.I.P Gordon Kaye

    The Collector's Inn avatar passed away.... Thank you for all the good laughs and funny memories, "Bluetit, over and out".
  15. Thank you very much, Pierce :-) Yes, it is indeed in very good condition. Almost looks like the bar was hardly used at all. I have not been able to identify the name on the receipt. Maybe someone here can help? And, I normally don't ask for value. But I have no idea of the prices for imperial medals, so it would be good to know if I was taken for a fool or not :-)