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  1. Rogge16

    Miami Vice

    That was the show to watch back in the day. I think everyone had that soundtrack! To me now it's not as good as I thought it was but still definitely worth watching. Luke
  2. Rogge16

    Hello all,

    Hi Marcel. PM sent! Luke
  3. Way to go, Jerry! Not only a great find at a bargain price but your father serving with this division makes it priceless. Love it! Many complain about ebay but if you know what you're looking for you can find great things. I've had a lot of luck on there and especially on ebay UK. Thanks for sharing and congratulations. Luke
  4. Rogge16

    Luftwaffe Autobiographies

    Thank you guys! I had asked Mr. Spoden if I could get a signed photo of him and was pleasantly surprised when I received this signed copy of his book and a few photos. Luke
  5. Rogge16

    Luftwaffe Autobiographies

    Hey Richard. Here it is. Luke
  6. Martin: Thanks for posting these fantastic photos. Luke
  7. Rogge16

    Luftwaffe Autobiographies

    I enjoyed Enemy In The Dark too. It's a good read and I was fortunate to receive a signed copy directly from Herr Spoden. Luke
  8. Rogge16

    Bernhard Rogge

    Great signatures guys! Good stuff! Thanks for showing. Hey Joe. Great photo and nice to hear from you. Luke
  9. Rogge16

    Artur-Becker Neetz

    Hello Bart. Nice score! I just received a reply from him today and he included the same four signed photos. I'm really pleased! A very generous man. Luke
  10. Rogge16

    Eberhard Heder

    Great to see that you guys received a signed photo! Thanks for sharing! I wrote to him a while ago but haven't heard anything back. Luke
  11. Rogge16

    KM Collection - Display

    Hey John. Love that inclinometer! I think I may have mentioned that before. Luke
  12. Rogge16

    Hello all,

    Marcel: I can't believe you worked with Tom G! That's awesome, I'm very jealous! I hope that you got him to sign some things for you. I've never heard his new band. Any good? I'll try to find music from some of those bands that you mentioned and I'll let you know what I think. Thanks! Luke
  13. Rogge16

    Hello all,

    Hey Marcel, besides Maiden and Megadeth I have unfortunately not heard these bands before. I'll check them out. That's great that you were able to work with them. Gwar, Nocte Obducta, Carcass, Devian, Celtic Frost,Agrypnie, King Diamond, Rammstein, and Carnivore are some of my favorites. Take care, Luke
  14. Rogge16

    Hello all,

    Marcel: Hi, who are some of your favorite bands? Thanks! Luke
  15. Rogge16

    KM Collection - Display

    John: Hello, it's been a while. I'm so glad to have that grouping in my collection! I'm actually finally getting ready to have it framed. I'm really happy with the Deutschland tally too! Thanks! Luke