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  1. I just admit, I've never seen this Monsun Uboat citations before. These are really very special. I usually don't say, "Thanks for sharing", but... Thanks for sharing!!
  2. Very nice citation, Erwin. A stuG document for bravery on the Western Front is quite special in my opinion.
  3. Very nice U-boat items, Gordon! I really like the addition of the photos that you were able to add via the U-boat archives. I recognize a few of these pics from the documents included in Torpedo los. Was the U-Boat arm the only branch to leave their soldbuchs back at base? Did they generally do this for security reasons or was it just one more thing to leave behind given the space limitations on these boats? Was this done at all among surface ship personnel as well? Best, Brian
  4. Very interesting, Kevin. Anotehr eerie reminder of war. As you know, I have an interest in SBs and WPs but have limited knowledge and lots to learn. That said, I am often amazed to see buchs like these - SBs to soldiers that were KIA. I would think WPs to soldiers KIA are much more common. This soldbuch was actually there when Gerner took the shots to the head and neck.
  5. Tremendous grouping. There are so many reasons to like it and the fact that he was never wounded in all that action is really extraordinary.
  6. Brian R

    U-442 Wehrpass

    Great write-up, Kevin!! A lot of history in one little book. It's always quite eeire to think about these boats going down with all hands. These guys really went through hell.
  7. Thanks so much, Ian. This is a huge help. Given the GWB, I would imagine he lost one or both of his legs as a result of that schrapnel. A sad story, indeed.
  8. This wehrpass belonged to a Gefreiter who served in a bridging unit. He was severely wounded on July 24, 1941 on the eastern front and, as a result, received a gold wound badge. Can anyone help me with a description of his wound?
  9. As a companion to this great thread... Urkunde Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse - 9./ Gren.Rgt. 6 Here's another great EK citation to a Sani. It is an award of the Iron Cross Second Class to Sani-Unteroffizier Alfons Schütte of Nachrichten-Abteilung 161. He served with 61. Infanterie Division as it fought the campaign in the west; the division pushed through Belgium to Dunkirk. I don't prefer EK documents that have been framed but I actually really like this one. It is framed in original EK2 ribbon and matted on a larger piece of board. It certainly looks like it was actually in a larger frame, and behind glass, at some point as the recipient took great pride in his award. It is signed by Generalleutnant Siegfried Hänicke, PLM and RK winner.
  10. Brian R

    LW/ KM group

    I have to say this is one of the best groups I have ever seen posted. A member of the LW who was aboard KM ships for the some the most interesting Kreigsmarine operations of the war. Very nice, Jeremy!
  11. I've been thinking about this ever since it was posted and have been torn as to what to decide. The citation is the item from the recipient's unit and commander - there must be a number of cases where a recipeint valued "his" citation rather than the medal. But, its the medal that was to be worn, and displayed for all to see. So, I would think its the medal that is the award. Looking at Gordon Williamson's book, The Iron Cross of 1939, the institution order of the EK includes Article 6, "The award will be accompanied by a certificate of posssesion". This further supports the notion that the citation comes after the physical award.
  12. Thanks Jason. This is interesting... and gives the group just a bit more of a personal feel.
  13. Great set, Kevin. It's cool to have von Bismarck and von Thoma sigs in the same group. And that portraits photo is superb.
  14. Excellent, Kevin. One of my favorite EK citations in your collection ! ;)
  15. This is great information, Jason. I wonder if this was soley the case with the EK2 or applied to holders of the EK2 that were eligible for an EK1. Also, I wonder if this was just the case for Heer troops in that a different scenario existed for LW survivors. The case of the potential for an automatic EK2 for the wounded who flew out of the pocket is interesting. It seems that there could have been scenarios where destroyed units were reformed in 1943 and processed awards for wounded survivors. Perhaps it depended on the units and I guess there is a chance that a survivor could have recived an EK2 from the Replacement Army as well as his original (but reforming) unit. Thanks again, Brian