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  1. One of the better museums,great dioramas,allways a pleasure to see,its a must if you are in the area. Regards Schmidt
  2. The straps,early ones with number,one slip is missing,NCO Straps,not matching,but nice anyway
  3. Schmidt

    Frank und Reif

    Bronze Grade
  4. Hi Sorry No info about the soldier,but here is a few more photos of the lot. PAB is Frank Reif Stuttgart Schmidt
  5. I like to share this nice worn Silver Wound badge maker Assmann,one of the more rare ones. Best Regards Jørn Schmidt
  6. And the Collarpatches and sleeve eagle
  7. Hello Here is a nice little item I picked up some time ago,a nice Klein Funk Sprecher,also known as Dorette,sadly not complete. Best Regards J.Schmidt
  8. Schmidt

    Imme Para Type B

    Very Nice Badge. Here is my iMME,Type H according to Toms book,this badge is showed in Thomas book on page 310. Best Regards J.Schmidt
  9. Schmidt

    Who's there?

    Hello Everyone I was also invited by Bart,and joined as soon I got link,My name Jørn Schmidt,I'm living in Denmark,my interest are mainly german helmets,but I do also collect other stuff from wehrmacht,luftwaffe and Waffen SS. Regards Jørn Schmidt
  10. Thanks for posting these great photos,I have allways loved these then and now photos. Cheers Schmidt