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  1. Mark Carter

    Knights Cross Tell me it's bad

  2. Mark Carter

    Help with genuine or repoduction items

    Bart V. your assessment of caps is spot on correct
  3. Bart V. Spot on assessment of all 3 caps
  4. Mark Carter

    Swastika badge

    Like all these so called Nazi Poker chips bahaha, has nothing to do with Nazis, Germany,WW2 or Tr
  5. Mark Carter

    Swastika badge

    Yes, this has nothing to do with germany, or TR, or WW2. I is an American 1920's era Good luck everyday costume jewelry type thing, not rare, can be found on regular basis at antique shows, militaria shows that has the piece mislabled, etc
  6. Mark Carter

    WW2 machete?

    sounds like a CD (Civil Defense) machete. As the blue circle.white triangle with red . Of course no one can give an opinion with out the required pics, ok?
  7. Quite common French Bayo, was made over a long period of years, and the inscription does NOT MEAN the date of manufacture.I have had many of these, on alot of tables at any given militaria shows for avaerage of $40.00-$60.00
  8. If not, go to the site, click on copy, then come hr and paste the link
  9. http://militariasale.us/,, this site??? Chris Maddox
  10. Mark Carter

    What is your experience with WAF?

    here are my quick thoughts. Do not question those crap BS relics some of the (over counted regulars post as genuine)because they will get their other scam buddies to gang up on you. That is for sure in the SS-Flags-M-1 helmet(Vietnam relics)the visor and hat-cap chapters, .Lots and lots of BS stuff being shilled and propped up by a small click or the very r3egular regular posters. Lots of good threads also, but the BS scammers who are the well known dealers/collectors of the TR collecting hobby crowd out the honest small fry guys with their Piss-Assery crap.YOu have the *flag guy* who collects fake movie crap, the SS guys (daggers-visors-insignia passing off fakes as genuine, and alwayds with the same *last ditch made BS* and when they do not get the response they think the POS deserves, he passess of f the pics to his *bud* who posts it as a *just out of the woodwork shit!! Lots of outright faked/fantasy Vietnam stuff, all being posted by those hotshot dealers with fancy www sites, ( they all over on USMF as well!!! Cannot begin to say how many times a exact helmet/flag/visor has been posted over the last few years by multible dealers trying to pump up a sale to some clueless want-a be player of SS relics
  11. Pre war British edition, pencil markings alot of nothing to do wit the book. Hundreds of thousands of these are around, cheap.
  12. Go over to AHF (Axis History Forum)join, there are several threads on this exact topic
  13. Mark Carter

    Identify canon