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  1. StuG III

    Mother Crosses in Gold

    I like this one, Dave. Pitty someone who really knows these crosses hasn't done an in depth study of them like Jo did with the Party badge. I've always wondered about crosses where the white enamel border is wider or almost equal in width to the blue centre. If you view your silver cross you'll note that the outer white border is narrower than the blue centre. Could that be down to individual maker, or did they also work from a master die (again like with the Party badges)? Tom
  2. StuG III

    Unknown Cap Badge?

    It is a normal Heer wreath with a plastic WHW Tag der Wehrmacht badge. They definitely do not belong together, although it does look quite cool. Tom
  3. Dave's right. Jo's book explains it all. http://bdpublish.com/The-TeNo-Ehrenzeichen Tom
  4. Hi Saber Had a looksee at Don's badge, seems to me to be the same type fake discussed in this thread. Tom
  5. I had one too, but sent it back for a refund. Tom
  6. Lovely set, Stewy! Finish on medal is fantastic, don't often find that much of the silver left. Tom
  7. Unfortunately this Osang badge is now viewed as being a fake due to the beveled edge on obverse, a trait seen only on post war manufactured badges. Thanks to Jo Rivett's book a lot of the old hype has now been debunked. Tom
  8. Mine's a bit damaged, yours is much nicer......want to swap?
  9. StuG III

    M43 Cap T Insignia

    Isn't black for Panzer? It is black isn't it? Tom Mine still has some Cap material attached
  10. StuG III

    Some 1:72 Scale Models

    Thanks for the kind words guys. Tom
  11. StuG III

    Some 1:72 Scale Models

    Thanks Eric-Jan
  12. StuG III

    Some 1:72 Scale Models

    Some more... And my favourite, after learning more modelling techniques Tom
  13. I love 1:35 sclae, but nothing beats building in 1:72 scale if space is a problem. Hope you enjoy my simple attempts at military modelling. Excuse the old photos. Tom
  14. StuG III

    Buttonhole Ribbons

    Yes, and thanks to you for some of them. Tom
  15. Silver DRL - marked Wernstein DSB - Various