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  1. The award in wear on the Heer uniform.
  2. This is the only one I have to a crewman who served on a Blockade Breaker. Cheers,Martin.
  3. Dad recalled that he remembered grandad wearing one of the these badges in his lapel later in civilian life. This one is not his but I managed to find one online. A nice addition I think. Cheers,Martin.
  4. I agree Graham. Having just talked to dad he thinks he served at least two years at Woolwich Arsenal and then transferred to a "desk job" at Greenford,Middlesex ? I wonder if the Defence Medal was an award you applied for in some cases,and maybe grandad just never bothered to apply ? I wish I had a way of checking his WWII service records,if they exist. Thanks for the input. Cheers,Martin.
  5. Well,i thought I was done with collecting awards but I just had to get this rare Hilfskreuzer award in zinc that is attributed to maker Wilhelm Deumer. It is the only example by this maker that has surfaced so far. Good hunting in 2017. Cheers,Martin.
  6. That's a beauty Hubert and indeed it does fit this thread. A very rare badge. Thanks for posting this one. Cheers,Martin.
  7. Indeed Hans. As i mentioned i know of only two others to date. Cheers,Martin.
  8. Thanks for the comments guys. As Hubert mentioned I have pretty much stopped collecting awards now,but I just could not pass this one up,especially for the price it was going for. I also have to extend a big thank you to Norm F for the lead on this one. Cheers,Martin.
  9. Just picked this on up. A zinc award of two piece construction but the globe is adhered to the badge and not riveted. Right now the maker is unknown but certain features of the reverse hardware suggest that this badge may be a product of Wilhelm Deumer ? Anyway,it's the only example we know of to date. Cheers,Martin.
  10. You could get a replacement? Try the Worcestershire Medal Co. Cheers,Martin.
  11. It looks like there was a Mons Bar attached to the ribbon of the Star in the first set you posted Jim. Pity it's missing. Cheers,Martin.
  12. Very nice indeed.Boxed examples are hard to find Cheers,Martin.
  13. Indeed a great find. As posted above I have Kuhn's awards and the "Atlantis" book signed by Rogge. Regards,Martin.
  14. Yes. The Kormoran was equipped with two Ar.196 aircraft. Cheers,Martin.
  15. That is a great photo. I'm Jelous. Regards,Martin.