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  1. Here's one of mine. A "Falkenburg & Richter, Coblenz" example. Unissued. Oberjäger
  2. Here is my insignia from that regiment. The Litzen are for the simplified M1907 tunic (gray center strip) and the other pair are for the Bluse. The shoulder straps are the 1915 pattern.
  3. It seems like the right forum to me. Your relative was not in the 50th division. He was in the Hessian Landsturm infantry, which would have been appropriate for his age. The number 50 on their collars indicate the Brigade they were formed from. This insignia was ordered changed in 1915 when Roman numerals for the army corps were added and the battalions were numbered consecutively within the corps. If he was 55 years old when this photo was taken, then I am assuming that he is one of the gray haired men in the center and right in the first row. All others appear too young. Most likely his was an immobile unit, which meant that it performed duties inside Germany. Such units were involved in guard duty and training type activities. They wear the Hessian pattern belt buckle and Hesssian state cockade (red and white on the bands of their caps. I hope this helps get you started. Regards, Chip
  4. Oberjäger

    Austrian Bravery Medal with Award Document

    That document that started this thread is really nice and unusual. I had not heard that such "Schmuck" type documents were given. I'm assuming it was a unit thing and had nothing to do with the government.
  5. Oberjäger

    Sturmtrupp Austrian badge

    Here's mine and a few others from my collection.
  6. Oberjäger

    Legitimation for the Tapferkeitsmedaille

    That's a nice "document" for the silver award (II). I have a similar Legitimation (bronze class) to a German NCO from machine gun company #601 that served alongside the Austrians.
  7. Oberjäger

    Pocket watch

    It's marked to the Kaiserlich Marine (navy) with a property number below. This would be an issue watch. Very nice!
  8. I would just add that he could also be a sergeant, as this is the first rank with the collar configuration.
  9. Here are my three navy flight sleeve patches.
  10. Nice tally! I have some Marine flight branch sleeve rates, but no cap bands. Oberjäger
  11. Oberjäger

    My M16 sturmtuppen helmet

    It appears to be a good wartime camo, but I'm curious about the title of your thread. What, in your opinion, makes this a Sturmtrupp helmet? Of course, it could have been worn by someone in a Sturmtrupp, but it also could have been worn by anyone else. Oberjäger
  12. No doubt about your document. Oberjäger
  13. Oberjäger

    German WW1 displays

    Here's an impromtu display.