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  1. definitely a relic helmet, but I wouldn't write off the eagle as a replacement, Bob
  2. Looks like a good one to me.... Bob
  3. From the 'Time/Life' series, a great colour shot of Deutschland Erwache standards on parade.... Bob
  4. Found a nice shot of a Schellenbaum being marched along by a Luftwaffe band, thought I would add it here.... Bob
  5. Hans, you have a lovely white top, congratulations ! Cheers Bob
  6. The cap has certainly seen some service ! Bob
  7. Thanks again guys. Hans the tropical cap is manufactured by a fairly hard to find maker, August Schellenberg. Bob
  8. Very attractive, and yeah I agree, would be better suited on a more filled out mannequin. Nice cap too. Bob
  9. Hi Hans Great photo, yeah I agree, an officer candidate, and that is a superb piped cap with full bullion insignia and officer chin cords. Fantastic photo mate Cheers Bob
  10. I had an M43 Lufty with the Statni film stamps in it a few years back, nice cap Timothy ! Bob
  11. Thanks gents, and hello Nick, you have been quiet for a while, nice to see you out and about.... Cheers Bob