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  1. Hi all, I was trying to stay away from Heer stuff, but this one came up locally, so grabbed it, nice to see some Signals colours around... Bob
  2. Hi All, I took this shot a while back, and thought I would post it here, I have shown the M40 over on the GHW forum, but if anyone wants to see more of it, I can post some more shots up.... (helmet is an NS and size 62) bob
  3. Here is a nice example of an officers all bullion cape eagle..... Bob
  4. A tan Luftwaffe M42 NS 66 helmet, the tan camouflage was sprayed on, probably at unit level, and with the chin strap marked to Flak Regiment 26. This unit served in Italy early 1945, so if the chinstrap is original to the helmet, then this one saw service in Italy late in the war.... Bob
  5. The photos are from some old UK based 'Regimentals' catalogues I still have lying about, they all look like nice originals to me... Bob
  6. Some photos of the Australian Army Tank Museum, situated at Puckapunyal Army base, near Seymour, and about an hour and a half drive north from Melbourne. Entry to the museum is free, some rare armour to be seen here, as well as some nice militaria. Bob
  7. My friend Laurence "Laurie" H., from Western Australia is currently on a tour of Moscow, and sent me these photos of some of the things he has seen on his trip, I thought I would share some of his photos..... Bob
  8. Another Luftwaffe sun helmet, maker is C. Pose. The sand goggles are the standard Allied type, there was a heap of these goggles captured by the Germans when Tobruk fell, and they issued them to their own troops, This is the type of sand goggles that Rommel famously wore on his visor cap in many desert photos. Bob
  9. And another flight Schellenbaum Flagge, this one for Luftflotte 3 Headquarters.... Bob
  10. definitely a relic helmet, but I wouldn't write off the eagle as a replacement, Bob
  11. Looks like a good one to me.... Bob
  12. From the 'Time/Life' series, a great colour shot of Deutschland Erwache standards on parade.... Bob
  13. Found a nice shot of a Schellenbaum being marched along by a Luftwaffe band, thought I would add it here.... Bob
  14. Here is a basic OR/NCO sidecap, this one is a wartime manufactured cap, and is RB numbered... Bob
  15. Hans, you have a lovely white top, congratulations ! Cheers Bob
  16. The cap has certainly seen some service ! Bob
  17. Thanks again guys. Hans the tropical cap is manufactured by a fairly hard to find maker, August Schellenberg. Bob
  18. Very attractive, and yeah I agree, would be better suited on a more filled out mannequin. Nice cap too. Bob
  19. Hi Hans Great photo, yeah I agree, an officer candidate, and that is a superb piped cap with full bullion insignia and officer chin cords. Fantastic photo mate Cheers Bob
  20. Heer M42 by HKP, size 64, batch number 3228, a 1942 dated liner, and size 57 leather. It has an RB numbered chin strap and the helmet also has a dome stamp. I picked this one up from Terry Goodapple in the US, he obtained it directly from a returned US serviceman in 1980, named Henry Brown. Hope you like it.... Best wishes Bob
  21. And another Heer example, this one an early Heer with both decals intact, and by SE size 64. Bob
  22. And another Q, this one a 64, and for a change, it isn't Luftwaffe ! A nice Heer M40 combat example Bob
  23. One of my favourite helmets, a nice early Luftwaffe 3 colour cammo with 1st pattern eagle peaking through the paint. I suspect this one was probably used in the Italian theatre, but that is only a guess.... Bob