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  1. Spanferkel

    A special plane in the end

    Nice grouping and interesting backstory. I really enjoy the recon flyers so nice to see!! Jeremy
  2. WP to Uff. Johannes Blauth who was a member of the Hermann Göring Div. . Not unique in and of itself but what I liked about this WP is that Blauth served with the surveying and mapping branch of the division due to wounds he suffered earlier in the war. References to this particular unit of the HG Div. have been difficult to find. Jeremy
  3. Spanferkel

    Interesting pilots license entry

    Nice group Ian. Must admit I wasn't aware they were using Ju87 for towing either. that WP is really well filled/ great selection of units. Jeremy
  4. Spanferkel

    Fighter Pilot over Italy

    Beautiful group!! And as noted by others great SB photo and nice Leistungsbuch entries. Jeremy
  5. Richard Thanks for sharing, very interesting. Jeremy
  6. Nice group Ian - These combo KM/LW groups are truly enjoyable to see and this is a gem! I must admit being a bit jealous I have yet to land anything comparable, but not surprising you have one (or perhaps others) in your collection. Nice items. Jeremy
  7. Ian I've got to imagine the connection Jersey is quite rare. Even soldiers serving there are unique to come across and construction personnel even more so. I'd be curious to know the size of these construction units or did they press military construction units into service?
  8. Interesting piece Ian and nice back story!
  9. I would agree with this document not being good. Like Kevin I only have LW examples in my collection but this appears to be intentionally obscured across the most important signatures, etc.. Jeremy
  10. Here is my V./KG40 Soldbuch and documents on my website. http://aufhimmelzuhause.com/id138.htm Melzer had an interesting history as well serving with V./KG 40 as a crew member of Gruppenadjutant Lothar Wolf and ending up in the Fallschirmjäger. Cheers Jeremy
  11. Nice Soldbuch! I'm a big fan of KG40 myself and have one to V Gruppe as well. Overall nice range of units and as Ian noted the SKG210/ZG1 listings are really nice! Jeremy