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  1. Generalleutnant Gotthard Frantz. J-
  2. Generalleutnant Theodor Spieß. J-
  3. Generalstabsarzt Professor Dr. med. et Dr, phil. Ernst Koschel. J-
  4. Generalleutnant Erwin von Romer, J-
  5. Oberst Torsten Christ: SK, DK, RK, and Blood Order recipient. J-
  6. Here's the Oberstleutnant of the bar I had posted previously. Likely a doctor. J-
  7. Hi Gary, Thank you! Glad you enjoyed seeing this. The 9th decoration is the Romanian Star. This version of the ribbon denotes a wartime battlefield award. J-
  8. Hi Gary, Indeed you are correct. TR-era only bars are hard to find with many decorations. Usually they are not more than six awards in length at the most. Also partially why Pierce's bar is a rare one. This is the longest I've seen. A superb ribbon bar to a southern front fighter. Quite long for an all-WWII bar, and if taken at the first five decorations, would have been a relatively common combo. The longer bars are usually relegated to those with some sort of Great War service. Other than that, you would have to see at least a few foreign awards as you do here. J-
  9. You're welcome, Pierce! I know you have seen most, if not all of these before, but it's nice to be able to share them online. Bart - thanks so much. Things are well, just supremely busy with work and life. I hope all is well with you, too. I'll try to continue to post slowly over time. Best, J-
  10. This one came to me identified. I'm still trying to verify the research. But a great officer's bar - love those foreign awards and devices! J-
  11. Here's a wonderful bar to a Luftwaffe officer. The grouping was split up a while ago, unfortunately, but at least his photo had remained intact with the bar. J-